video of valet opening door of van  - westgate resorts
video of valet opening door of van  - westgate resorts
video of valet opening door of van  - westgate resorts

More than a Job, it's a Career, it's a Family

At Westgate we believe that to be successful you must posses Passion, Integrity & Work Ethic; and we lean on those three traits to support our core values as a company. Where many companies around the nation focus on the bottom dollar and treat their team as a number, Westgate truly encompasses the family mentality and takes great care to ensure each team member, new or seasoned, are happy and growing in their role. While others' mission is to watch the bottom dollar, our mission statement is to Love what we do, Love who we do it with and Love who we do it for. Welcome to the Westgate way.

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Who Are We?

Westgate Resorts is the largest privately held timeshare company in the world, yet still manages to holds onto it's family run values and charm. With 28 resorts nationwide, 60 food and beverage outlets and 4 spas there's truly something for every traveler and every prospective team member. Westgate was founded in 1982 as a dream of David Siegel. Through nothing but sheer will and determination, David was able to take an orange grove and sell a dream. Fast forward to 2019 and Mr. Siegel is known as one of the most elite self made time share moguls in the business. His drive to succeed, courage to develop the unknown and persistence to never give up have come to help shape our company's core values: passion, integrity and work ethic.


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Community Efforts

Westgate doesn't just take care of our guest, we take care of our team and our community. The Westgate Foundation is a completely not for profit organization that focuses on reaching out to our team and surrounding community. Be a part of the Westgate family and know that there's always someone to turn to when help is needed or things are going wrong. Being a part of Westgate enables you to be a part of something bigger. The Foundation organizes countless community outreach programs each year and there's always a way to give back to those around you. Whether you're the one in need or you're there to help, Westgate will be there for you.

Commitment to Our Service Members

At Westgate Resorts we value our military personnel and veterans. We recognize and appreciate the great sacrifice that’s made to keep us all safe and make us more secure.

Westgate's jobs for military veterans offer career paths, benefits, and military leave programs for veterans and active military. We thank you for your service and joyfully honor and give back to those who have given so much.

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