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Orlando’s Premier Resort Wedding Venue

Up to 650 Guests | Starting at $XX | 15,163 Sqft

If you're in search of the perfect wedding venue that seamlessly blends relaxation, entertainment, and elegance, look no further than Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Experience soothing, onsite spa treatments for pre-wedding pampering, easy access to Universal Orlando and nearby attractions, as well as customizable ballrooms and event spaces that will make your wedding feel luxurious and as unique as your love story. Start your forever and turn your wedding dreams into reality.

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The Perfect Central Florida Wedding Destination
Amenities & Services

  • Custom menu planning

  • On-site wedding planners

  • Exceptional on-site catering

  • Access to preferred vendors

  • Wedding Blocks

Rose & Jack

"Things were superb! Not only by my account but also by guests account. Thank you for a wonderful memory.”

Wendy & Peter

"Our arrangements were beautiful and the bouquets and boutineers matched perfectly. She delivered and set up everything."

Nancy & Drew

“We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to both of you for a stunning wedding. The venue looked amazing (OMG – the detail!) beyond our wildest expectations."

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