Digital Detox Retreat For Kids

Digital Detoxing Approved for Kids! • Group Rates • Fun Escape From The Screen!

Searching for a digital detox retreat for kids? Nothing beats the serene haven of Westgate River Ranch where children (and adults) can unplug from screens, enjoy offline fun and reconnect with nature the way childhood is meant to be.


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Digital Detox Activities for Kids

Put down the phones and open your imagination. At River Ranch, there’s plenty of room for kids to be kids. From learning archery to bumping along on a swampy buggy and skimming the water on an airboat, families can enjoy the great outdoors at the ranch.

  • With over 15 types of room accommodations, you can return to the Ranch each year and enjoy a new experience every time!

  • Dozen activities, including a rodeo, petting farm, Cowboy Adventure Park, trap and skeet shooting, fishing, and more

There’s nonstop fun for everyone! Channel your inner cowpoke for a round-up Saturday night rodeo and get messy making ooey-gooey s’mores by a campfire. You can even get up-close and personal with furry friends at the ranch’s petting zoo. At River Ranch, reconnect with the world around you and be present with the whole family!

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