Where to find tender, flavorful dry-aged beef in Las Vegas

Jul 14, 2017

At Edge Steakhouse, one of the few Las Vegas restaurants that dry-ages their own meat, [Steve Young of Edge Steakhouse] starts with Black Angus cattle from Kansas. For cuts, he says he wants “bone-in, lots of fat — so we chose the rib-eye and the strip loin.”

Westgate Completes Securitization of Timeshare Loans

Apr 10, 2017

On April 6, 2017, Westgate Resorts completed a securitization through Westgate Resorts 2017-1 LLC (the "Issuer"). The Issuer sold $175 million of notes (the "Notes") to various capital markets investors, including a number of investors that have participated in prior Westgate securitizations.