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Tudor City Tavern

  • Nice Place to eat in Tudor City
  • Nice Place to eat in Tudor City
  • Nice Place to eat in Tudor City

Tudor City Marketplace & Tavern

Bend an ear to the secret chatter and welcome clatter of NYC's most bespoke vintage bar spot, Tudor City Tavern. Set away from the lounge in a crafted corner of the lobby, our twee Stella Bar tests the veracity of lip-stained pints, gilded age G men, and keen kittens. Be warned... mileage may vary.

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All You Need in One Location

When last night's boxed bakery impulses have adjourned, and more solid goods are needed to fuel the heart and soul of mid-morning ventures, your best defense against a hangry hangover are the grab n' go goods at Tudor City Marketplace. Fight the peckish pinch with Starbucks™ Coffee, cappuccino and espresso along with Tazo® teas, Frappuccino® blended beverages and daily fresh-baked pastries before heading curbside. If you’re not too squiffy after a few sips of giggle juice at Tudor City Tavern, you just may be in the mood to stomp through things to do after a great meal in NYC.

Tudor City Marketplace - Westgate NYC

Tudor City Marketplace

  • Location: Lobby Level
  • Hours: 7:00am – 1:00pm & 5:00pm – 11:00pm
  • Selection includes a Marketplace with grab-and-go food items & beverages and a Tavern with a fully-stocked bar.
  • Coffee/Tea/Speciality Drink Menu [PDF]


Lobby Lounge

Heading out on a shout with BFFs about the town? Rest your hocks with the day’s new on the hotel Wi-Fi before you earn your city stripes from a prime pickup location in Midtown East.

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