The Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio at the Park City Utah Resort | Westgate Park City Resort & Spa | Westgate Resorts

Adjacent to Serenity Spa and across the hall from the fitness center is The Yoga Studio, which offers group and individual fitness workouts all year round. Our certified and experienced instructors will lead you through effective and safe Park City yoga classes or personal training sessions. Classes and schedules are subject to change throughout the year but include programs such as:

Hot Power Yoga

A yoga class lasting anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes in 85 to 90 degree heat.

All Levels Yoga

A 60-minute class that is perfect for the end of the day.

26 Poses of Bikram Yoga

A 90-minute yoga class in 100 to 105 degree heat.


  • For the current class schedule, rates or inquiries about a private park city yoga session, call 435-659-6950.
  • 2015 Park City's Best Award - Park City Record

    Westgate Park City Resort & Spa Yoga studio is honored to receive 1st Place in annual Best of Park City awards presented by The Park Record, Park City's illustrious newspaper. Nearly 1,000 readers of The Park Record voted in the inaugural online survey

    • Best Yoga Instructor - Trudee Sabonmatsu