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Things to Do Near Our Grand Central Station Hotel

grand central station midtown manhattan - westgate nyc

Things to Do Near Our Grand Central Station Hotel

grand central station midtown manhattan - westgate nyc

New York History and Activities at Grand Central Station

On the lookout for things to do near our Grand Central Station hotel? Westgate New York Grand Central is uniquely positioned just two short blocks from the most famous terminal in the world! And with history and mystery around every corner, it's no wonder that Grand Central Station is a wonder even unto itself, with more than 750,000 people (almost the population of San Francisco) moving through its immense 48 acre expanse each day as they explore its hallowed halls or embark to destinations near and far on its 33 miles of self-contained track! Literally packed with sights, history, architecture, food, and shopping delights, Grand Central Station has a bit of New York City all under one incredible roof. So if you're looking for things to do in NYC, Grand Central is your ticket to ride!

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A Great Hotel Near Grand Central Station
main concourse ceiling grand central station


Once you've seen one decorative ceiling, you've seen them all right? You might think differently after taking in this amazing zodiac themed ceiling located in the massive, cathedral-esque Main Concourse that features 12 constellations all painted in gold leaf with around 2500 stars adorning the expanse (59 of them are illuminated by LEDs - see if you can find them all). Also, seeif you can find the 'secret', unpainted dirty brick, from before the ceiling's renovation!

Historic NYC in Midtown
grand central station oyster bar


As the oldest restaurant in Grand Central Station, Grand Central Oyster Bar has been mentioned in virtually every food & beverage publication known to humankind. With purportedly the freshest seafood menu in New York City, you can shuck and suck down over 30 varieties of oysters, along with other delicacies that feature the denizens of the deep. Call 212-490-6650 for more information or to reserve a table.

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information booth clock grand central station


Probably the most talked-about featured at Grand Central, this timeless timepiece is counted on for more than just telling time as many people simply use it as an easy meeting place, saying “meet me at the clock!” The information booth is also helpful, and the clock,... just like all clocks in Grand Central Terminal, is set by the atomic time at the U.S. Naval Observatory. This clock however, is valued at a cool $20 million.

  • Location: The Lawn

More Midtown New York History
market at grand central station - westgate nyc


Premium produce, incredible ingredients, and tantalizing treats all make their home at the Grand Central Market in a European-style food market layout that continues to bring smiles to visitors' faces, day in and day out. With over 10,000 visitors per day, this market is located near the Main Concourse around Track 19, and across from the 4/5/6 subway in the Lexington Passage.

Take a Bite of the Big Apple
whispering gallery grand central station - westgate nyc


Check out one of the great mysteries of Grand Central as you and a friend are actually able to 'whisper' to each other from the opposite corners of an expansive hall! Low ceramic archways covered in Guastavino tile create an acoustic phenomenon that allow you to have sneaky conversations,... but beware! You know know who else might be listening! Grab a friend and try it out! then hit Grand Central Oyster Bar for a some beer and cheer!

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campbell bar grand central station


Clamber up to a bar from a bygone era and clasp an old-school cocktail in this spectacular reception hall turned bar, infused with all the best elements of America's Jazz Age. Feel the Florentine-inspired grandeur and 13th-century architectural awe that will leave you breathless, such as soaring, 25-foot hand painted ceilings, a gigantic stone fireplace, and original millwork that's pushing 100 years old. Call to book something special at 212-297-1781.

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