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Bridal Party Hotel | Westgate New York Grand Central

A Hotel Wedding Venue With Accommodations On Site In NYC

It’s half past engagement with only a few months to spare and you suddenly realize that hunting down a hotel wedding venue with accommodations on site in NYC isn’t exactly as easy as getting him (or her) to pop the question! And hey we get it! Splitting up wedding parties between multiple locations and printing out lengthy logistics don’t play well when it comes to wedding guests with mobile-moment attention spans (and less than sober thinking on the heels of your reception). Bottom line, if you're looking for a tried and true Midtown location where your ceremony segways seamlessly into reception bouquets and overnight stays, Westgate has you covered!


Happily Married Wedding Day | Westgate New York Grand Central

Before & After the Wedding

When you book wedding accommodations at Westgate, you can get access to:

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Celebrate Your Big Day in the Big Apple

Whether you're searching for NYC Hotel Weddings, the #1 rated place to stay for wedding room blocks in NYC, or a world-class,">courtesy hotel room blocks with no hassle, Westgate New York Grand Central has everything you need to make your big day stay a success, in a big way!


Ceremony And Wedding Suites All In One!

When you book wedding guest rooms for your wedding party or out-of-towners at our Murray Hill hotel, you can narrow your search from venue to church with our handy local map of wedding churches in Midtown NYC, and sort out the best solution for an all-in-house, walking distance, and Uber-driven locale that can cut your research down from hours to minutes!

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Luxe Rooms

Wedding party and guests will want to be able to make a quick retreat after the reception into rooms tastefully appointed that offer them rest. We proudly offer affordable luxury accommodations with triple pane windows that seal off attendees from the outside city noise as they enjoy world-class amenities and unforgettable decor surrounded by unparalleled views of the city that never sleeps.

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