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Photos of Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort

Preparing for a trip to Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort or curious to see inside? Take a peek with our virtual tour or view the photo gallery with shots of the remodeled suites and modern upgrades, restaurants on the water at nearby Cocoa Beach Pier, Wakulla Water Play Experience, fabulous amenities, and so much more. This is just a glimpse, so come see for yourself!

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Welcome to Westgate Resorts in Cocoa Beach

Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort has been completely reimagined with $15 million in renovations.

Renovated Hotel Suites

Experience a visual sample of the luxurious interiors to our spacious suites, complete with easy access to the beach and Atlantic Ocean.

Cocoa Beach Restaurants on the Water

Just a mile from Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort, the Cocoa Beach Pier offers the best selection of Cocoa Beach restaurants on the water for locals and travelers alike!

Wakulla Water Play Experience

After a fun-filled day of sun and sand, let the kids splash through Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort's amazing Wakulla Water Play Experience.

Explore with a Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour through Cocoa Beach's premier luxury resort. Peek inside the many different room types available via our sophisticated interactive, virtual tour.

Westgate Resorts Cocoa Beach Resort - Beverages on a beach - waterfront dining options

Restaurants & Refreshments

Historic Cocoa Beach Pier

Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort Overview


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Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort

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