Get set for your trip to Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino with these photo galleries highlighting the beautiful interiors, signature exteriors, extensive amenities and activities, and unmatched dining experiences.

Main Gallery

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is a majestic landmark in legendary Las Vegas, NV!

Interior Gallery

Experience a visual sample of the luxurious interiors to our spacious rooms, complete with breathtaking views of the jewel of the Nevada desert.

Exterior Gallery

There's no mistaking the breathtaking profile of Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, a building that helps define the magic of Las Vegas.

Amenities Gallery

Whether you're visiting Las Vegas for business, thrilling games, luxurious relaxation, or dining like Las Vegas royalty, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino has something for you.

Dining Gallery

World-renowned chefs, trademark restaurants, and magical Las Vegas atmosphere make Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino a destination for whatever type of dining experience you seek.