Q: Where can I sign up for the Westgate SuperBook mobile sports app?
A: You may sign up in person at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

Q: What information is needed to sign up for the mobile sports app?
A: You would need to fill out an application in person, have a valid government issued photo ID, and provide a Social Security card or complete a W9 form.

Q: What is the minimum deposit?
A: Minimum deposit is one hundred dollars ($100) to open up an account. We accept cash or Westgate gaming chips. All deposits and withdrawals are made at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook during normal operating hours.

Q: What devices can I use?
A: Our mobile sports app supports iPhone’s and Android’s.

Q: Do I need a certain cell carrier?
A: No, however access is required through a cellular connection.

Q: How do I install the Westgate SuperBook mobile sports app?
A: IOS – Once you have signed up for an Account and deposited the minimum funds, the sports book team will provide you with an Account username and password. You can change the password when inside the application to something more suitable. Search for Westgate SuperBook mobile sports app in the Apple Store.
ANDROID – Open Google Chrome Browser, once opened, type Westgate SuperBook in the URL.

Q: Where can I place wagers from?
A: You may place wagers anywhere within the State of Nevada. The application will automatically disable itself if you are outside Nevada.

Q: What can I wager on?
A: You may wager all major sporting events offered by the Westgate SuperBook including straight wagers, parlays, round robins, teasers, in-play wagering and future wagers.

Q: Can I void a wager?
A: You cannot void a wager within the mobile sports app. Please review wager before you confirm.

Q: What are the betting limits?
A: Limits will be set by Westgate SuperBook management and will vary from sport and sporting event.

Q: How can I view my pending wagers?
A: You need to be logged into the app. Login is situated on the bottom bar ($). Enter your username and password. Once you are logged into the app. you will be taken to the Account Section where you can see “My Account”. Within this area there are wagering summary, pending, and history options.

Q: Can I submit my SuperContest weekly selections on the mobile app?
A: Yes. SuperContest contestants may submit their weekly selections via the SuperBook mobile app. Contestants must be in the State of Nevada to utilize and all mobile app selections must be made by the Saturday, 9:00 PM deadline. The weekly deadline for all SuperContest selections submitted at the counter are due 11:59 PM Saturday. All SuperContest rules are available at

Q: Who do I contact for assistance concerning my account?
A: Please visit the Westgate SuperBook for assistance with your account during normal business hours. You may also send an email to: We will respond as soon as possible during normal sports book operation hours.

Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook Mobile wagers are only accepted within the State of Nevada. Welcome to Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook Mobile Sports. By opening a Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook Mobile Sports wagering account you agree to comply with and be legally bound by these rules, as well as Westgate Las Vegas Superbook Mobile terms of use, privacy policy, and any house rules or specific event wagering rules that may apply to your Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook Mobile wagering account or wagering activities using the account. If you do not accept and agree to the terms of use, rules and privacy policy of Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook Mobile, you may not use Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook Mobile in any way.

SuperBook Direct Customer Service Line: 855-755-0155 | SuperBook Corporate Line: 844-726-7264 | E-mail Support:


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