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Things To Do In Gatlinburg in Winter

Looking for things to do in Gatlinburg in winter? Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a Winter wonderland all of its own, with skiing and snowboarding a'plenty as well as a variety of other powder-play sports to go along with your hot chocolate and highballs. Here, you can explore a mix of great outdoor and indoor winter activities, from tubing and snow biking to bowling and making the most of a late-night city-crawl, this city wraps up the Winter scene in a way no other can!


Gatlinburg's Winter Wonderland

Gatlinburg, with its snow-capped peaks and frosty air, transforms into a winter wonderland come the colder months. The Great Smoky Mountains glisten under a blanket of snow, offering a serene backdrop for winter activities. Whether you're a fan of snow sports or prefer cozying up by a fireplace, Gatlinburg in winter is a destination that promises unforgettable memories.

Skiing and Snowboarding

The slopes around Gatlinburg beckon winter sports enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned skier or trying snowboarding for the first time, the region's ski resorts cater to all skill levels. With well-maintained slopes, professional instructors, and stunning mountain views, it's a winter sports paradise waiting to be explored.

Winter Wildlife Watching

The Smoky Mountains, draped in snow, offer a unique opportunity for winter wildlife watching. Animals like deer, elk, and even the occasional black bear can be spotted against the white landscape. With fewer tourists around, it's a tranquil experience, allowing you to connect deeply with nature.

Gatlinburg's Winterfest Celebration

Every winter, Gatlinburg comes alive with the Winterfest Celebration. The town is adorned with millions of twinkling lights, and festive events are held throughout the season. From parades to concerts, it's a festive extravaganza that captures the spirit of the holidays.

Ice Skating Rinks

Glide on ice and feel the winter magic at Gatlinburg's ice skating rinks. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, ice skating is a delightful activity that brings out the child in everyone. Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa afterward and relish the winter vibes.

Winter Hikes in the Smokies

While winter may seem like an off-season for hiking, the Smoky Mountains offer some of the most picturesque winter trails. The snow-covered paths, the silence of the woods, and the crisp winter air make for a refreshing hiking experience. Just ensure you're well-prepared with the right gear.

Cozy Cabin Retreats

Gatlinburg is renowned for its cozy cabins that offer a perfect winter retreat. Nestled amidst the woods, these cabins are the ideal place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the snowy landscapes. With a fireplace to keep you warm and panoramic windows to admire the views, it's a winter dream come true.

Winter Fishing in Gatlinburg

Believe it or not, winter is a great time for fishing in Gatlinburg. The rivers, with their clear and cold waters, are home to trout that are active during the colder months. With fewer crowds and serene surroundings, it's a peaceful fishing experience like no other.

Holiday Shopping in Downtown Gatlinburg

Downtown Gatlinburg, with its festive decorations and holiday spirit, is a shopper's delight in winter. From unique handcrafted gifts to holiday treats, the local shops offer a plethora of options. It's not just about shopping; it's about soaking in the festive atmosphere and enjoying the holiday cheer.

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