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Baby Otter Swim School

Everyone remembers where they learned to swim, make that memory be at Westgate! Learn how to swim while on vacation with Baby Otter Swim School! Offering the acclaimed Turn, Kick, Reach® teaching method, Baby Otter Swim School can have you and your child swimming in under 3 hours!

Learn to Swim at Westgate Vacation Villas Resort

A guest favorite at our Orlando resorts is the number of pools available to splash and swim in. If you or your child doesn’t know how to swim, you can sign up for swim lessons.

Baby Otter Swim School is a long-time partner of Westgate Resorts with over 40 years of experience and having taught tens of thousands of successful swimmers. Baby Otter Swim School is State & Nationally Certified, as well as an award winning program for all ages. Their focus is on saving children and adults from drowning by teaching them our proprietary five day “Turn, Kick, Reach”® private program of instruction. Being Florida’s Premier traveling swim school gives us the opportunity to reach the masses in a very rapid period of time.

To sign up for swim lessons or to learn more, please call 1-888-794-6543 or visit

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