Team Building Course

Team Building Ropes Course near Orlando, FL | River Ranch Resort & Rodeo | Westgate Resorts

The newest and one of the most popular team-building activities, the Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo Team Building Course provides a great opportunity for team members to work together and determine the most effective ways to solve physically and mentally challenging problems. As an ultimate, low-elements outdoor adventure, the state-of-the-art Team Building Course will provoke you and your team to new heights as it tests your strength, endurance and balance. The Team Building Course guarantees to be a perfect venue for team building. Located in a relaxing tree-covered area are seven Team Building Course elements that include "Dead Man's Fall" (the classic trust fall where your teammates catch you from a raised platform), "The Tombstone" (all teammates must pass over the wall) and various challenging elements that focus on communication, leadership and problem-solving skills.