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Have questions about the World of Westgate Loyalty program? We've got answers!

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We've done our best to answer your questions about our exciting Loyalty program. If you have additional questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to us at the following numbers: 888-852-2959 (Guests) | 800-925-9999 (Owners). You may also review the complete WOW Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions.


Q. How do I enroll in World of Westgate?

A. Owners and Non-Owners can enroll in the program via the Westgate Resorts Mobile App or Online Account Management. You must have an online profile. Once you login or create your account profile, follow the prompts for Loyalty enrollment.

Your eligible tier level will display when enrolling.

Q. Is there a cost to join World of Westgate?

A. The World of Westgate Loyalty Program is completely free to join! Non-Owners do not need to make a purchase to participate in the program.

Q. What are the membership tiers?

A. There are five membership tiers: Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. Member Tier is open to any guest. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite are available to Westgate Owners only.

Q. How soon after I enroll will I receive my member number?

A. Members are assigned a Loyalty number upon enrollment.

For Owners: the Loyalty number is a new number and not the same as an Account number. The Loyalty number will be displayed within the World of Westgate Loyalty section on the Westgate Online Account Management website at and within your account on the Westgate Resorts Mobile App.

Q. If I don’t have my phone with me and I can’t log into the Westgate Resorts Mobile App, how can I receive my discounts while on-property?

A. To receive the appropriate discount for your Loyalty tier level you must present your QR code in the Westgate Resorts Mobile App. This is the only way to receive benefits while on property. Be sure you have the app on your phone before you check in! The app is available for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Q. How do I update my account information?

A. All Loyalty members, whether, a Guest or Westgate Owner, can update account information by signing into their account at or the Westgate Resorts Mobile App.

  • After signing in, click on “My Profile.”

  • Update your contact information, communication preferences, and additional information.

Q. If I send a Guest, will they receive benefits?

A. Owner and Member Guests will not receive on-property discounts and privileges. If booking an Owner’s Guest, the Owner will receive the benefit(s) available at the reservation level only based on tier level.

Q. What are the benefits at each tier level?

A. You can find a complete listing of all benefits per Member tier level via this link.

Q. Where can I review the complete WOW Loyalty Terms & Conditions?

A. The complete WOW Loyalty Terms & Conditions are at

Q. I’m a Member, but I joined the Loyalty Program after I booked my reservation. Will I receive benefits for my existing reservation?

A. Yes! If you booked your reservation directly through Westgate, you can log into the Online Account Management system or Mobile App to link the reservation with your Loyalty Account. So long as this is completed prior to check-in, you will receive benefits.

Q. How does the discounted Resort & Destinations Fees privilege work?

A. It’s easy! To receive this discount, you need to book your reservation directly through Westgate Resorts and you need to enroll in the WOW Loyalty Program prior to your check-in date. If you enroll on the day of check-in or anytime thereafter, you can enjoy this privilege on your next stay.

Q. If I’m an Elite Tier level Owner, will I receive Daily Maid Service throughout my stay?

A. Daily housekeeping is suspended for the time being, as a result of safety precautions.


Q. What are the different Member Levels for Westgate Owners?

A. The membership tier level is based on the combined purchase price(s) for active timeshare accounts purchased directly from Westgate Resorts. Active accounts are defined as those associated with an active timeshare account in good standing. Restrictions may apply.

Q. Can any Owner receive WOW Loyalty benefits?

A. Only Owners who enroll can participate in this program or receive benefits. While being assigned to a tier level is automated, there is no automatic enrollment for Owners.

Q. How do I unlock each Member Level?

A. Loyalty tiers are assigned based on combined purchase price for active timeshare accounts purchased directly from the Developer. Simply put, the more you own, the more benefits you unlock on every vacation! To explore Ownership options, please contact a team member at 855-591-8147 or 561-593-0849.

Q. Why can we only use up to $25 per day (Gold & Platinum) or $50 per day (Elite) for our Annual Credit?

A. The Annual Resort Credit is the ultimate way to give yourself a little extra pampering throughout your stay. With your Loyalty Membership, Westgate wants you to be able to enjoy your benefits throughout your entire stay, rather than just in one day. By giving a maximum spend amount on your annual credit, you’ll be able to get more use out of your credit by being able to spend it on multiple services and activities while on-property.

This credit can be used in maximum increments of $25 per day for Gold and Platinum and $50 per day for Elite Members. The value you put on your Annual Resort Credit is determined by how you want to spend per day: a bottle of wine to toast, a spa treatment for mom-to-be, or a massage for yourself.

Q. Can I enroll as an Owner if I purchased through a Resale company and not directly through Westgate?

A. This program is a developer benefit for Owners. Resale Owners are not eligible to participate in WOW on an Ownership level but may enroll as a Non-Owner Member. You cannot use your resale week to go higher than the Member tier.

If an Owner has multiple accounts, only the non-resale accounts would determine their tier level. Family to family and other approved resale transfers do not apply to this exclusion.

Q. Does everyone on the deed need to enroll?

A. The Loyalty Membership is assigned under the first name or signature on the contract. However, if the Owner wants to change the name on the Loyalty account, they may request the change via the Owner Contact Center at 800-925-9999 or 407-355-1105 or via chat.

Q. Can I transfer my Loyalty Membership tier and benefits?

A. The Primary Owner can assign their Loyalty Membership level and benefits to the Secondary Owner on the account by contacting the Owner Contact Center at 800-925-9999, 407-355-1105 or via chat.

Q. What if I have multiple Ownership Accounts?

A. The system will automatically aggregate the purchase price on Active accounts when the names, birthdates and Social Security Numbers are exact.

If the information is different, the accounts will not be automatically aggregated and kept separate. However, if an Owner wants to change this, they may contact the Owner Contact Center at 800-925-9999 or 407-355-1105 or via chat.

Q. What if my benefits are suspended?

A. If an Owner becomes more than 60 days delinquent on payments, their Loyalty Benefits will be suspended. If multiple accounts are owned, all accounts must be current. Benefits will be reinstated, and tier level will return once the account(s) are made current.

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