The Top 3 Aquariums to Visit on Your Next Vacation

Sep 04, 2017

People petting a shark at Sea World Aquarium While on Holiday | The Best Aquariums to Visit on Vacation | Westgate Resorts
By N. Huggins

Turn your next vacation into an Aquatic Adventure! Explore coral reefs, watch divers maneuver amidst sharks, rays and exotic marine life, catch live shows with dancing mermaids and be amazed by the mysteries of the oceanic world – all at the Aquarium. Don’t miss out! While visiting these top spots, be sure to stop by these famous aquariums that are well worth a trip!

Myrtle Beach

Aquarium: Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach (2.6 miles from the resort)

Closest Resort: Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort

Best Experiences: Dangerous Reef, Dive with Sharks, Stingray Experience, Sleep with the Sharks, Ray Bay Dive, Rainbow Rock Dive, Mermaid Show, Shark Feeding, Jellyfish Feeding, Behind the Scenes Tours Time to spend: 2 hours – half day

Tip: Great alterative to the beach. Located in the Broadway at the Beach complex and surrounded by lakes, shops and plenty of restaurants.


Aquarium: SeaLife Orlando (up to 10 miles from the resorts)

Closest Resorts: Westgate Blue Tree Resort, Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa, Westgate Leisure Resort, Westgate Towers Resort, Westgate Vacation Villas Resort & Spa, Westgate Town Center Resort & Spa, Westgate Palace Resort

Best Experience: Stingray Bay, Rainforest Adventure, 50 aquariums and 6 sanctuaries, Interactive Rock Pools, Turtle Fest, Behind the Scenes Tours, Aquarium Talks & Feeds

Time to spend: 90 minutes

Tip: Great family attraction. Food not allowed but aquarium is located in close proximity to food eateries.

Aquarium: SeaWorld®, Orlando (up to 9.6 miles from the resorts)

Best Experiences: Mako™, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins®, Manta®, Journey to Atlantis®

Wild Arctic® Ride, Pets Ahoy®, One Ocean®, Manta® Aquarium, Shamu® Underwater Viewing

Time to Spend: 8 hours

Tip: During severe weather, the park may close outdoor attractions temporarily but there are plenty of indoor alternatives to keep the fun going.


Aquarium: Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Closest Resort: Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa

Best Experience: Tropical Rainforest, Shark Lagoon, Ocean Realm, Penguin Playhouse, Coral Reef, Discovery Center, Stingray Bay, Splash with the Stingrays, Gallery of the Seas, Touch a Ray Bay

Time to Spend: 2 hours or more

Tip: Tickets are good for one year from the date of purchase

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