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Westgate Resorts SuperContest® & SuperContest Gold®

The Ultimate Pro Football Handicapping Contests.

SuperContest® & SuperContest® Gold

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest® is The Ultimate Football Handicapping Challenge™! The contestant who correctly earns the most points for the entire pro football season will be declared the champion and collect at least one million dollars. This year we will be paying the top 100 contestants.

In addition, the SuperBook has added “SuperContest Gold®". This $5000 contest is separate from the SuperContest and the winner will walk away with 100% of the entry fees. This winner-take-all contest will have contestants selecting 5 pro football games each week versus the Westgate contest line. The contestant who correctly earns the most points for the entire pro football season will be declared the champion and collect the entire prize pool.

Non-Nevada Residents

Don't live in the state of Nevada? No worries! You can still enter the biggest pro football handicapping contest in the world! Out of state registrants may select a local proxy* to place their weekly SuperContest® selections.

All registrations must take place in person at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook®, and registrants using a proxy service must have their proxy with them. Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is not affiliated with any proxy service.

Westgate SuperContest® Weekly Contest Information

Check back during the season for the Weekly Card, Weekly Selections, Overall Standings, Mini Contest and Prize Payouts.

2018 SuperContest® Fast Facts

  • $1,500 Entry Fee & contestants must be at least 21 years of age

  • Contestants pick 5 pro games against the contest spread each week

  • Prize money is based on number of entries less $120 admin fee per entry and the top 100 receive a prize payout

  • $15K bonus to 1/4, 1/2 and Mini-Contest Winners

  • Proxy's are accepted and must enter in person with contestant

  • Weekly selections are due at 11 AM each Saturday

  • Past winners have collected $1.372M (2017), $906K (2016), $895K (2015)

2017 SuperContest® Summary

  • 2,748 contestants vied for a share of $3,792,240

  • GRANNYS BOY clinched the big check by selecting 72% winners with a 58-22-5 record and collecting $1,327,284!

  • HOWDOIPLAY XX and SCHEMATIC ADVANTAGE tied for 2nd with 57-24-4 and 58-25-2 repsectively, and collected $398,185.20 each

  • The "Mini-Contest" which includes the best record over the last three weeks of the season was won by PROPHETS OF PROFIT with a 14-0-1 record

SuperContest® Downloads

We're currently refreshing and updating the downloadable documents for SuperContest® and SuperContest Gold®, including updated rules for 2018.