20 Funny Tweets About Traveling with Kids

Apr 12, 2022

20 Funny Tweets About Traveling with Kids
By Rachel La Pointe

20 Funny Tweets on Twitter About Traveling with Kids

As summer approaches, you’re probably beginning your hunt for the top family vacation spots to transport your tribe to this year. From the classic family road trip to plane hopping to faraway lands, the possibilities for your family’s annual pilgrimage to rest and relaxation are endless. Although, if you’ve ever traveled with kids, you know that rest and relaxation might not necessarily be on the itinerary.

Funny Parent Tweets

Traveling with children can result in somewhat hilarious situations. Sometimes, the situations aren’t all that funny, but all you can do to get through it is laugh! Every parent has been there – public tantrums, unfiltered comments, breathless cries and bloodcurdling screams. If your kid has ever pulled out all the stops while on your family vacation, you’re sure to relate to these 20 Funny Tweets About Traveling with Kids!

1 | If tutus, ponies, and dolls are not considered vacation necessities then I’m not going!
🐴 😍

2 | When the kids whine, pour the wine.
🍷 🙃

3 | Sure, vacations can be expensive, but you can’t put a price tag on the memories you make yelling at your kids in unique and beautiful destinations!br🌴 😍

4 | Please do not actually pack your children into your checked luggage. Just laugh at the idea of it and pray they behave on your flight.
🧳 😆

5 | As if packing for yourself wasn’t hard enough, now you have to think of everything your little one could ever want or need while away from home. What could go wrong?! 🧳 ✈

6 | Nothing controls a travel meltdown like a good snack. This goes for the parents as well. #HANGRY 🍕 🍭

7 | Are we there yet? Are we there yet?! No, because you keep making us stop for bathroom breaks and snacks.

8 | Babies are the ultimate agents of chaos.

9 | When life gives you leg room! Admit it, if you were only 40 inches tall, you’d spread out like this on the plane too!
✈ 🦵 😉

10 | The question all parents ask themselves before embarking on a journey with little ones… Why am I doing this again?!

11 | No seriously, how do they go through so much so fast?

12 | Buckle up! With kids, it’s guaranteed to be a wild ride!

13 | A kid that doesn’t like ketchup?! Say it ain’t so! New level of picky eater unlocked.
😋 🙈

14 | All parents who travel with kids deserve an award.
❤ 🤣 🙈

15 | Travel is all about NEW experiences, right?!
🌏 🗽 😂

16 | We’re not saying kids should be glued to technology 24/7, just the entire length of the flight and the drive to the hotel.
🤭 🙊

17 | Uh, quick! Does anyone know any good road trip songs?
🤣 😆

18 | Praise be the iPad!
😉 🙃

19 | It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

20 | And the best thing about traveling with kids? It’s the simple things in life that make them the happiest! No fancy resort or five-star restaurants required.
😘 😘

And the best thing about traveling with kids? It’s the simple things in life that make them the happiest! No fancy resort or five-star restaurants required.

Final Thoughts About Traveling with Kids

All jokes aside, traveling with your kids can be super rewarding for you and them! You’ll learn to experience the world through the eyes of your child. Plus, experiencing new places and going on adventures helps kids learn and grow into better and more well-rounded humans. Just remember to laugh (not cry) when any of these tweets start hitting a little too close to home! Visit the Westgate Resorts Travel Blog for more family vacation ideas and travel tips.


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