5 Packing Tips to Help You Save on Baggage Fees

Dec 25, 2017

Luggage, and Vacation Items | 5 Packing Tips to Help Save on Airlines Baggage Fees | Westgate Resorts
By N. Huggins

Due to the rising cost of airline and baggage fees, packing for travel has become an essential factor in vacation planning. Follow these 5 tips to get the biggest bang for your buck so you can fit as much as possible for your vacation!

Roll to save space. Travel experts agree that rolled clothing takes up less space. An added benefit is a lower chance for wrinkles and creases.

Stay organized. Make a list of items you want to pack and check them off when added to your luggage. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of essentials being forgotten but it will also give you the opportunity to eliminate items that you don’t need.

Check baggage fee policy. Knowing weight and size restrictions before you travel, will not only help you plan the items to bring but also prepare you for any fees you may have to pay.

Recycle and bring less. If laundry facilities are available at your destination, wash and wear clothing again. This will also free up space to pack other things you may need.

Wear your weight. Avoid packing heavy and bulky items such as jackets, coats and boots and wear them instead. This will save space for other items and help lessen the load in your luggage.

Happy travels!

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