World of Westgate (WOW) Loyalty Program Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Apr 02, 2024

World of Westgate (WOW) Loyalty Program Celebrates 2nd Anniversary
By Carmen Carroquino

Cheers to Two Years!

A toast to you, the devoted members of the World of Westgate (WOW) Loyalty Program! This year, WOW celebrates its second anniversary. It's been an incredible journey, transforming the travel and lifestyle experiences of over 360,000 members.

Launched in February 2022, the free-to-join program has rapidly expanded its footprint, promising an enriched journey for every member.

Whether you're basking in the luxury of a Westgate resort, jet-setting around the globe or just kicking back at home, the WOW program has something special for you!

WOW Savings

The WOW Loyalty Program goes above and beyond traditional perks to offer a comprehensive suite of rewards that touch every aspect of a traveler's life.

Let's talk savings because who doesn't love a good deal? To date, members have enjoyed over $3.8 million in savings through exclusive on-property discounts, complimentary resort credits and discounted resort fees, illustrating the program's commitment to delivering real, measurable value.

Furthermore, WOW Elite members have saved over $1 million in Developer Exchange Fees!

WOW Partner Deals

But the perks don’t stop there! With the introduction of WOW Partner Deals, WOW Loyalty members have been able to save big while they’re on the go and at home.

From seeing Usher, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in concert to catching an Orlando Magic, Tampa Buccaneers or New York Yankees game, WOW Partner Deals allows loyalty members to pay less without missing out on all the action.

From theme parks like Disneyland to Universal Studios Hollywood, families have explored world-class attractions and local entertainment options in their hometowns with less of a financial burden.

WOW Rental Car Benefits

When it comes to travel convenience, WOW has it covered! Through strategic partnerships with Enterprise Holdings' portfolio, including Alamo®, Enterprise® and National®, WOW members enjoy discounted rates on rental cars.

The program’s highest tier members, Elite members, receive the added perk of status match with National Emerald Club Executive®.

That means those members receive all their exclusive WOW benefits, plus all the added benefits that National® provides its Emerald Club members. The savings just keep on coming!

The WOW Loyalty program prides itself on partnerships that not only work to save guests and owners money but also to make their travel plans seamless and everyday day lives more fulfilled.

WOW Loyalty for Owners & Guests

Since the program first started, over 102,000 nightly stays were booked with WOW discounted rates. This shows not only the program's popularity but also its effectiveness in delivering value to even its basic tier members.

The tiered system of membership — Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite — ensures that all participants, from casual vacationers to owners, find a level of recognition and rewards that suits their engagement with Westgate.

The top four owner tiers open the door to an even more exclusive realm of perks and privileges.

The user-friendly nature of the WOW program is brought to life by the Westgate Resorts Mobile App. The award-winning platform makes accessing benefits a straightforward and intuitive process.

Whether it's applying food and beverage discounts or utilizing resort credits, the app ensures that WOW is integrated into every guest and owners’ experience.

Another Year of WOW!

In a world where loyalty programs are abundant, the World of Westgate Loyalty Program stands out.

WOW Loyalty is committed to enhancing the lives of its members in meaningful ways, ensuring the program transcends vacation experiences and embeds itself into every members’ daily life.

Here’s to another WOW-worthy year! Learn more and see for yourself what WOW Loyalty is all about at

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