3 Ways to Exchange your Vacation Week Ownership

May 22, 2018

3 Ways to Exchange your Vacation Week Ownership | Westgate Timeshare | Exchanging Timeshares
By N. Huggins

3 Ways to Exchange your Vacation Ownership

Vacations are important! The 80s band Chicago, said it best in their hit song, “Everybody needs a little time away….” Science echoes the sentiment with research that proves the countless health benefits from taking regular vacations. The lesson, we all need to get away and recharge the mind and body to live a long and happy life!

As a Westgate Owner, you have taken charge of your vacation destiny by owning a share in the Westgate Resorts portfolio. This means, a vacation is always waiting for you based on the conditions of your ownership, and even better, you have the flexibility to explore other destinations beyond Home, by exchanging your week.

Here are 3 ways to exchange your Vacation Week to maximize your getaway options.

1 | Exchange with Westgate Resorts1 | Westgate Resorts has 27 incredible properties in the country’s most exciting cities. Wherever you choose, expect top notch accommodations, entertaining amenities and a vibrant local culture with something for everyone. To exchange your week with Westgate Resorts, log into your Owner account to make your reservation. Since reservations are based on availability, you may make your exchange up to 11 months in advance of travel.

2 | Exchange with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection | Cruise the high seas and explore exotic locations you have only ever imagined. Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection offers the flexibility of exchanging your time towards the purchase of a cruise. You can also book Getaway Weeks, save on airfare and enjoy discounted hotels. To take advantage of this benefit, membership with the Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection is required and you may exchange your week up to 2 years prior or at least 60 days before your travel date.

3 | Exchange with Interval International2 | Just imagine an entire world waiting to be discovered! Amazing cultures, incredible sights, and unbelievable experiences for vacation lovers. Be it beautiful resorts in the world’s most popular getaways or exotic locations, our travel affiliates offer the opportunity for you to see it all. To take advantage of this option, log into your Online Account which features a single sign into Interval International and exchange your week. Membership must be verified and a fee will be charged. Interval International also requires that exchange deposits be made 60 days in advance of your usage week.

If you are a Westgate Resorts Owner, log into your Owner account to learn more. Non-owners, call 407-992-7827 for information on Vacation Ownership.

1Exchange Fees will be applied.

2You may also exchange your week with RCI. Membership must be verified prior to the exchange.

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