4 Proven Benefits of Going on Vacation

Nov 29, 2017

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By N. Huggins

Are you longing to take a vacation but keep putting it off because there is never a good time to get away? With so many great last minute vacation deals out there, it's no wonder that making an escape from daily life has become easier, and more accessible than ever to many people. But going on vacation is actually much more than taking a simple sabbatical from everyday work and life,... it's actually good for you! Here are 4 proven reasons to take that much needed getaway.

1. Happiness: Scientific research now shows that there is a direct correlation between happiness and vacations! A study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life, showed that anticipation from the simple act of planning a vacation, boosted happiness for approximately eight weeks. The study also showed that after the vacation ended, “happiness” returned to the baseline level for most people.

2. Health Benefits: Leisure activities such as vacations are known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and create a state that has a restorative effect on the human body – bottom line; vacations renew and rejuvenate the body.

3. Building Bonds: Fleeing distractions from everyday life to spend quality time on vacation with loved ones, builds family cohesion. Sharing new experiences creates commonality while, positive memories linger and strengthen bonds even after the vacation ends.

4. Stimulates Creativity: Relaxing in a new environment offers a shift in perspective and innovative out-of-the box thinking. Vacations are a great time to recharge and refresh brain cells.

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