5 Tips for Traveling Safely with Electronics

May 23, 2017

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By N. Huggins

To many of us, the idea of leaving our cell phone, laptop, tablet, camera or prized electronic device behind even to go on a vacation is an unbearable thought - the resulting void would be equal to missing a dear friend. And whether your idea of a good time takes the form of Disney vacations, Las Vegas vacation packages, or an Orlando vacation of a lifetime, one thing is for sure,... as you travel to your vacation destination, you can follow these 5 tips to keep your cherished devices safe and secure:

Storage. NEVER stow electronics in checked bags. Keep in mind that during transport, your checked luggage will be tossed, stuffed, shoved and squeezed, so fragile devices can be damaged. Instead, depending on the size of your devices, cushion well with soft clothing in your carryon or store in a sturdy case. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that as you go through airport security, you will be asked to remove the devices for inspection so quick access will be important.

Bring legitimate electronics only. Limit your electronics to well-known mediums such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and portable games. Unusual devices will trigger red flags and you may be subjected to lengthy delays and questioning from TSA officials.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi. Resist the urge to use the free Wi-Fi offered at most airports. Hackers are always waiting to exploit vulnerabilities and will intercept your information. This means if you log into your e-mail, check Facebook or pay a bill, you will give the hacker possession of your “digital key” to use later.

Add Labels. In the unfortunate event that you are separated from your electronic device, a label that includes contact information will increase the likelihood that your property will be returned to you. Engraving is the best method, so check with your local police department prior to departure to find out if this free service is available.

Create an Inventory and Backups. Always leave a backup of important files at home. By doing this, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can still have access to your files, photographs, contacts and other important information if your device is lost or stolen. Creating an inventory of the electronics you plan to take on your trip is also important. Include serial numbers, copies of purchase receipts, replacement cost and other information which may be needed in the event that a claim must be submitted to your insurance company.

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