6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Next Owner HOA Meeting

Oct 05, 2020

6 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Next Owner HOA Meeting
By Deborah Bell

HOA Meetings for Westgate Owners

“HOA meetings are GREAT!” has probably never been a sentiment that has crossed your mind (or anyone else’s, for that matter). But there ARE some great things that can come from attending your HOA meetings. It’s your chance to suggest things that need to happen or be one of the first to know what’s coming, and that’s just one marvelous motivational reason to consider making it to one.

1 | Know Why We Have an HOA | An HOA is created to ensure resident rights and to enforce rules set for the entire community. Since each Westgate resort is owned, in part, by all of the different timeshare owners that stay for a certain period each year, an HOA is organized for each location. YOU are part of that community, and so you’re a part of the HOA. Your dues, also known as maintenance fees, keep the place running and cover property maintenance and upgrades like any other.

2 | Learn About Our Plans to Maintain and Upgrade Your Experience | You know that we work year-round to ensure that your Westgate Resorts vacation destination is the best and safest experience it can be. But what exactly are those maintenance and upgrade efforts? When you attend an HOA meeting you’ll be one of the first to know! We’ll give you updates on current projects and those that are coming up on the horizon. You can get first-hand knowledge and understanding of how those annual fees are used to make your stays better each year. You can even make your own recommendations.

3 | Meet and Greet | It has to be asked – have you ever met other members of your Westgate community? They’re HOA members just like you. Your vacation schedules may not always line up, and you may have only ever exchanged a friendly wave, but why not come out to an HOA meeting and greet some of your fellow owners? This is your chance to meet that long-lost best travel buddy that you never knew was out there! We already know our Owners are terrific, but you may find some pretty cool people to meet up with during your next stay at the resort. It’s your chance to put a name to the faces you’ve come to see over the years in our little community.

4 | Be an Informed HOA Member | Did you know you can log into your Owner account online and view the HOA budget, past meeting notes, updates, and more? That’s right, you can log in and see all sorts of notices from your HOA when you open the ‘Documents’ tab under ‘Account Details’. Get informed on what’s been happening so you know all about. how we’re using your maintenance fees; it’s right there in the posted budget! If you need an assist breaking down and understanding all the pieces of your HOA statement, log into your Owner account! Take a look at those documents so you can know ahead of time all the things that will be discussed at the next HOA meeting you attend!

5 | Stand Up and Be Heard | Once you learn about what’s going on at your home resort and what the HOA has planned, you might want to share your opinion about it all. Or maybe you have some great ideas that could benefit everyone in the community. If you’re able to attend an HOA meeting, you’ll be able to share your thoughts, ideas, feedback and experiences. Remember that one path you love, but just might need a little more light for a better twilight walk? Let them know. You may just get your wish!

6 | Because There’s Donuts? No, We Said DISCOUNTS! | That was the magic word, eh? Perhaps we should have opened with that one…but to be fair, it’s not really about attending meetings. It’s our friendly reminder that we offer discounts for paying your HOA fees early. Your dues do a lot, but we appreciate an early payment as much as the next person. This way you can your part to keep things functioning smoothly, get a discount, and then remove another item from the To Do List and focus on what you really love: planning your next great vacation at an amazing Westgate destination.

(And don’t forget you can also get great discounts and earn money toward fees, mortgage payments, and vacations when you apply for and use a Westgate Resorts Mastercard!)

But there also may be coffee and donuts at the meeting…you’ll just have to show up and find out!

Your HOA is Here for You

No matter what you do, you can rest assured your Westgate Resorts HOA will always be there for you. We’d be happy to see you at one of the meetings if you can make it. If you want to attend and schedule your trip so you can, be sure to look at the Owner Specials page for current deals, or to book some nights with your special Owner Nightly Rental Discount.

We understand if you can’t make the meeting. You can keep tabs on the latest HOA developments through the Owner Account Management website and eat donuts at home if that’s more to your liking.

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