The 10 Best Surf Lessons Cocoa Beach Locals Rave About

Jan 31, 2023

The 10 Best Surf Lessons Cocoa Beach Locals Rave About
By Westgate Resorts

The 10 Best Cocoa Beach Surf Lessons You Need to Try

There are so many things to do in Cocoa Beach, Florida, you probably won’t have time to do it all! It’s one of the best beach towns where you can test your surfing skills and learn new ones. After all, one of the world’s best surfers, Kelly Slater, was born and raised in Cocoa Beach. The world-renowned athlete still lives in Cocoa Beach today, and surf enthusiasts from around the world flock to this coastal community to ride the same waves that made the surfing legend famous.

Cocoa Beach’s soft, sandy coastline is a great spot to learn everything about surfing. And after you’re done riding the waves, you can always check out a seafood restaurant Cocoa Beach locals love. Who doesn’t love a good day out on the water and a great meal? You may also want to consider a bike rental Cocoa Beach locals swear by to get around and explore the area.

Best Surf Lessons in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Visitors to Cocoa Beach will find plenty of surf schools offering lessons for first-timers and those looking to beef up their skills.

The community of surfers in Cocoa Beach is friendly and welcoming, so don’t worry if you’ve never caught a wave before. Be sure to know your skill level before swimming out, wait your turn for a good wave and be respectful of your fellow surfers.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Here are the 10 best surf schools that Cocoa Beach has to offer.

1 | Flohana Surf & Fitness Studio | Challenge yourself with daily surf lessons or master the craft at a week-long surf camp. The crew at Flohana, a surf school, beach rental and fitness studio, are ready to cater to any need. It’s all in the name of this locally owned business. Fl=Florida, Ohana=Hawaiian for family is where the company gets its name. Flohana welcomes guests to “join the family” and embrace the island way of life with comprehensive instruction at its Cocoa Beach surf school. Beginner wave riders rave about standing up on the water for the first time. Get a lesson and an all-day board rental for just $60.

WHERE: 401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-506-2209



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2 | Ron Jon Surf School | Ready to learn how to surf from the Ron Jon institution, itself. The Ron Jon Surf School is a separate facility from the famous beach shop and offers lessons and surf camps led by surf experts. Book a private hour to have the instructor all to yourself. For real adrenaline junkies, check out the kiteboarding lessons, a high-flying combination of surfing, paragliding and wakeboarding.

WHERE: 150 E Columbia Ln, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-868-1980


3 | Nex Generation Surf School | CPR-certified instructions lead these fun and safe surf lessons at Nex Generation Surf School. Utilizing Cocoa Beach’s optimal breaks for beginners, lessons with Nex Generation are perfect for first-timers. Book a three-hour lesson to really get a good feel for finding the perfect wave and pay only $100. Nex Generation Surf School offers some of the best rates for lessons in Cocoa Beach.

WHERE: 899R+2G Cocoa Beach, Florida | WHO: 321-591-9577


4 | Shoreline Surf School | If you find yourself staying oceanfront in Cocoa Beach, then a surf lesson at the Shoreline Surf School is just a few steps away. Instructors are all CPR-certified and well-versed in the “wave behavior” of Cocoa Beach. An hour-long lesson will prepare first-time surfers with instruction regarding water safety, best paddling practices, wave timing and stand-up technique. For an extra $50, riders can receive photo and video coverage of their lesson, which is always good for posting online and showing off to your friends.

WHERE: 1550 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 407-538-6402


5 | School of Surf | School of Surf, also known simply as S.O.S, is a kid-friendly facility welcoming eager novice surfers. Led by professional surfers, a private hour-long lesson is just $65. Or, gather the extended family for a group rate of $50 per person. To really catch a glimpse into the surf culture, kids will enjoy the surf school’s summer camp. This intimate 4:1 instructor ratio allows children to expand their surf confidence over a longer period of time. Instruction extends to board maintenance, swell tracking and surf etiquette.

WHERE: 108 N Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-406-0433


6 | One Love! Surf Lessons Cocoa Beach | One Love! offers private, semi-private and group surfing lessons. You can easily book a lesson online and get started right away. Lessons can last up to two hours, so make sure you’re ready to commit. And once you get good enough, you can even book a surfing photography session with One Love! It seems like they do it all, including board, beach umbrella rentals and chair rentals. Check them out!

WHERE: 119 Surf Dr apt 2, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-693-1682


7 | Surfet 321 | This female-owned-and-operated business caters to the needs of aspiring female surfers. But instruction is happily offered to dudes too! You can find this small surf school on the south end of Cocoa Beach, away from the crowded waters of everyday tourists. A private lesson is only $50, with all equipment included. Ladies will love an easygoing surf experience with the weekend yoga/surf session, a combination of beachfront flow and time out on the water. Mothers and daughters will find the perfect class to bond over with Surfet 321’s Saturday Special, a one-hour class designed for women and girls. With the motto “Girls love surfing,” Surfet 321 is the perfect place for adventurous, brave young women to find confidence out on the water.

WHERE: 1600 S Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-345-9283


8 | Cocoa Beach Surf School | Learn to ride the waves in no time after a lesson or two with an instructor at Cocoa Beach Surf School. The company offers one, two or three-hour lessons for small groups up to eight people. Prices range from $50 to $500 depending on your age and the length of your lesson. This aptly-named surf school will have your paddling and standing up before you know it!

WHERE: 401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-419-7243


9 | Surfguys Enterprise Inc. | Surfguys has been teaching eager young swimmers how to surf since 1997. On the south end of Cocoa Beach, surfers learn on Cocoa’s flat breaks that make it easy for instructors to help guests pop up in no time. Surfguy’s instructors have a combined 100 years of experience, which shows in the ongoing success and awesome guest reviews. This surf school offers private, semi-private and group lessons to prospective surfers. Surfguy’s can even accommodate large groups wishing to stay together or fun corporate outings that will have coworkers bonding in no time.

WHERE: Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 | WHO: 321-956-3268


10 | Wave Masters Surf School | At Wave Masters Surf School, instructors have over 60 years of combined surfing experience and 20 years of instructing. The company offers lessons for beginners and intermediate learners. Wave Masters instructors recommend the two-hour lesson to beginners to maximize time learning the fundamentals. All of the company’s instructors are CPR-certified and very knowledgeable and comfortable in the open water. Check out Wave Masters Surf School for yet another option when wanting to learn how to surf.

WHERE: 1500 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 | WHO: 321-543-9283


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Best Surf Schools in Cocoa Beach

See, surfing isn’t as scary as it seems. You can definitely surf in Cocoa Beach, even if you’re a beginner. With some comprehensive, gentle instruction, even new surfers can hop up on a wave and ride it to shore in no time. Plus, think of the health benefits. Surfing is a great exercise activity. You use your whole body to get up on the board, so you’ll be letting off some steam and losing weight.

Cocoa Beach’s gentle breaks offer the perfect platform to practice the basics and feel like a pro, with the average surf lesson costing around $60 for an hour. Combine a love of surfing with other activities, like art or yoga, and round out a fun and exciting vacation experience that you won’t soon forget.

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