6 Ways the Westgate Resorts Mobile App Makes Your Life Easier

Mar 02, 2020

By John Mills

6 Ways the Westgate Resorts Mobile App Makes Your Life Easier

All the best parts of a Westgate vacation are now available whenever it’s most convenient for you with the safe and secure Westgate Resorts Mobile App. Everything that makes memorable vacation adventures is available now at your fingertips. Manage it all from your handheld device, wherever you might be.

After all, shouldn’t managing your vacation time be as easy as it is fun? We think so.

Here are 6 ways that the Westgate Resorts Mobile App makes your life easier:

Mobile check In - Westgate App

1 | Mobile Check-In

When you get to your vacation destination, one of the most important things you don’t want to waste is…time!

You go on vacation to relax and reconnect, not spend precious minutes standing in line checking into your resort. We love our vacations just like you do, so we knew one of the best ways we could get you to your room and your relaxation as quickly as possible was to launch Mobile Check-In. It’s one of our favorite features, because we wanted it, too!

Mobile Check-In on the Westgate Resorts App allows you to get a head start on the check-in process, so all you need to do is grab your keys and resort information from the Front Desk and get busy with the important business of not being busy at all.

Explore Exciting Destinations - Westgate App

2 | Explore Exciting Westgate Vacation Destinations

See all that Westgate Resorts has to offer at the vacation spots you love.

If you’re looking for somewhere other than your home Resort, swipe right to all the enticing Westgate Resorts options in Central Florida and Southern Florida, the exhilarating entertainment in legendary Las Vegas, Broadway-caliber showbiz options in Branson, natural retreats in the Smoky Mountains, living history in Williamsburg, family fun in Myrtle Beach, and midtown Manhattan with Westgate New York Grand Central! We have something for everyone, and the Westgate Resorts Mobile App puts it all in the palm of your hand.

When you’ve decided on the perfect vacation destination, the Westgate Resorts Mobile App is your way to book onsite restaurants, plan activities, and view upcoming special events…all from wherever you and your mobile device are.


3 | Plan Ahead with the Weather Forecast

Weather is one of the things we can’t control with the Westgate Resorts Mobile App (…yet). But what we can do is help you know what to expect when you get to your vacation destination.

We’ve loaded the 14-day weather forecasts & monthly average temperatures for your vacation stay, giving you a clear idea of how to plan for your adventures at a home away from home. When you know the outlook for weather well in advance, you can be sure to pack the right amount of sunscreen, the ponchos you might need at a theme park, or how many long-sleeved shirts to have on hand.


4 | All the Latest Exclusive Offers and Deals

The Westgate Resorts Mobile App is one of the best ways to learn about the offers that can save you money on your vacation getaway. When you want to find the best deals and options to book your Owner week, the Westgate Resorts Mobile App gives you the opportunity to book while the deals are fresh and the prices are hot.

We want you to make the most of your vacation, and there’s no better way than saving money that can be spent on all the fun souvenirs, savory snacks, and luxury items that turn a week away from home into a memorable escape from the pressures of everyday life.


5 | Learn All About Owner Benefits

Sure, you can see all the special offers and deals that Westgate Resorts has to offer in the Mobile App. But there’s so much more to Ownership, and it’s a little much for anyone to recall in a snap…even for us! We thought it would be great to make it so you could access the information from the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Owners wherever you might be.

The Westgate Resorts Mobile App is your resource for Owner hacks, tips and tricks that are your indispensable way to make the most of your Ownership of a lifetime of vacations. If you have a question just open the app, and tap your way into the tips for Owners.


6 | Make Payments & View Your Payment History

We live our lives increasingly “on the go,” and as we keep moving along, every moment gets filled with more to do! Gone are the days of sitting down with mountains of paper receipts and a pencil, reviewing invoices to see what’s coming due, and tallying up every single expense while tracking down transaction numbers. Our lives are tricky enough to manage without carving out an extra couple of hours for paperwork.

That’s why, on the Westgate Resorts Mobile App, we’ve made it easy to review your Resort Folio. See the history of charges & payments posted throughout your resort stay, from start to finish. If you ever have a question, you can just open the app on your mobile device and let us keep track of everything for you.

Like we said, we think managing your vacation time should be as easy as it is fun.

BONUS: One More Way the Westgate Resorts Mobile App Makes Your Life Easier

At Westgate, we pride ourselves on delivering more than you’re expecting. That’s why six ways the Westgate Resorts Mobile App makes your life easier isn’t enough…so here’s another way.

The secret seventh way the Westgate Resorts Mobile App makes your life easier is…it’s constantly improving! We’re always listening to users and updating with new and important features they tell us would make the app even easier to use. Whether it’s simplifying sign-in, adding Live Chat, or any of the upgrades we’ve already got on the way, we believe in make managing your vacation as simple as a few quick taps.

Download the Westgate Resorts Mobile App today to experience all the ways it makes your life easier…and discover all the ways we’re constantly improving for you.


Getting Started

The Westgate Resorts Mobile app is available for all major devices. To get started, DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free today!

After you’ve installed the app, log in to the Westgate Resorts Mobile App with your Owner Account Management (OAM) email address and password to get started. It’s that easy!

If you don’t have an OAM account, don’t worry! You can create one through the app in just a few simple steps.

Download the Westgate Resorts Mobile App today to take advantage of all these great features. A lifetime of vacation memories just got a whole lot easier for you!

For more information, please contact a Vacation Specialist at 888-852-2959. Westgate Owners: To book your week online please visit: https://my.westgateresorts.com.

* Westgate Resorts is in no way affiliated with the locations/markets featured in this article. Menus, services and products listed are current as of the publishing date of this article. Please call or visit the respective market for the most up-to-date offerings.


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