10 Reasons to Go to the Cocoa Beach Air Show this Year to See the Best Lift Offs!

Mar 18, 2021

10 Reasons to Go to the Cocoa Beach Airshow this Year to See the Best Lift Offs!
By N. Huggins

10 Reasons to Go to the Cocoa Beach Air Show this Year to See the Best Lift Offs!

Calling all airplane buffs and aviation geeks, the Cocoa Beach Florida Air Show is coming to town! This year’s show promises some sweet surprises and old hair-raising tricks too. Ever felt the ground shake as your favorite plane buzzed overhead or watched jets fly so close their wings almost touched? Like we said, the show this year will be the hottest ticket on the Space Coast!

If you’re a local, turn the event into a fantastic family outing – better yet, jazz it up with a weekend staycation at our Cocoa Beach Hotel. You can’t beat an aerial show complete with luxury accommodations and the same comforts of home, a water park for added entertainment, plus food choices galore at a Cocoa Beach Pier restaurant nearby! Need we say more?

Cocoa Beach Florida Air Show

What makes this year so special is the Cocoa Beach Florida Air Show will be returning April 17-18 for the first time in ten years. This makes it one of the most anticipated events of the year! Expect to see the return of the Air Force Thunderbirds, the Air Force’s air demonstration team fly high in the sky…corny pun intended…. showing its impressive capabilities powered by the skills and professionalism of the United States military. And this is just one of the biggest thrills to see! Keep reading for 10 more reasons to visit the Cocoa Beach Air Show this year.

1 | More Acts and Planes | The lineup promises 11 acts including the U.S. Airforce Thunderbirds, F-22 Raptor Demo Team, B-52 Bomber, Geico Skytypers, Douglas C-47 Tico Bell, Socom Para-Commandos, Mike Wiskus, TBM Avenger, North American SNJ-4, John Black, and N2S Steerman. Whether you’re an undercover flying fanatic or already all in on the action, the impressive list of air show planes is not for the faint of heart and will get plenty of oohs and ahhs!

Fun facts to get your heart racing: The B-52 Bomber is a strategic heavy bomber that can carry up to 35 tons of weapons and fly nearly 9,000 miles without refueling. The F-22 Raptor is the world’s fastest and most maneuverable all-weather tactical fighter jet plane. It can “supercruise” at 1.5 times the speed of sound and outmaneuver any aircraft. Imagine that!


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2 | Awesome Family-Friendly Thing-to-do | Turn the air show into a fun family outing! This is what quality time and fond family memories are made of – it could even make an impression and inspire another generation of pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, or Avionics rock stars. Don’t forget to take plenty of videos and lots of Insta-pics to share so the family can always remember this fantastic day.

Tip: Wagons and strollers are allowed at the official viewing area, Lori Wilson Park – but you’ll have to leave Fido behind as pets are only allowed at these dog-friendly beaches near Orlando.

3 | Excellent Hotels | Coming into town and searching for Cocoa Beach hotels? We have the perfect spot in mind. It doesn’t get better than staying at the luxurious seaside hotel aka Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort just a mile away from the Lori Wilson Park, the official airshow viewing area. Each two- and four-bedroom unit comes with a full kitchen (should you wish to make your own food), more than enough space for 6-12 guests, an onsite water park, and a quick shuttle ride to the long list of restaurants at the famous Cocoa Beach Pier.

4 | Treat for Flying Enthusiasts and AvGeeks | There are many among us who have a calling to fly and a passion for aviation living in their heart. If this sounds like you, well, you’re in for a treat. Get your ticket from the official event website, grab your lounge chair or beach tent, choose your favorite spot on the sand, and watch the perfect weekend come together!

Tip: Shade is limited, so we recommend that you bring sunscreen, and an umbrella or tent for coverage if you have a Drop Zone ticket. Seating is provided at the Flight Line Club VIP or VIP Penthouse for these ticket holders.

5 | Many Places to Watch | The official place to watch the air show is Lori Wilson Park and depending on your budget, you can purchase tickets for the Drop Zone, Flight Line Club VIP, or VIP Penthouse at different prices. Another option is to find your own spot with a good view in a free public area on the north or south coast. This will help you save a few dollars, so be sure to head out early and begin your search before the excitement begins.

Tip: In the interest of safety, security personnel will close certain roads leading to the location to keep the flow of pedestrian traffic clear, so keep this in mind if you opt to find a vantage point outside of Lori Wilson Park.

6 | Not one - but 2 days! | Whether you choose one day that fits your schedule or double the pleasure by attending on both days, the major acts are set to perform in their glory on Saturday and Sunday. The beach area will be open from 10:00 am with the aerial portion running from noon to 3:30 pm.

7 | Jaw-Dropping Maneuvers | Buckle up and hold on to your beach chair, you’re in for the flight of a lifetime. See impressively built, expertly controlled aircrafts flown by professional pilots who stun with gravity-defying feats. And, as if these maneuvers don’t get your heart pumping and adrenaline soaring enough when you witness planes flying too close for comfort – watching the elite Para-Commandos of the Special Operations Forces from the United States Special Operations Command Parachute Team jump out of the aircraft, will be downright terrifying and exciting!

8 | Chance to see for yourself – not just watch from your couch | For most of us, our interaction with planes is limited to commercial flights and TSA lines, but the air show gives firsthand and real-life exposure to the awesomeness of aviation technology. It’s also a chance to bond with the family, get some fresh air or ocean breeze, and enjoy a treat outside of our everyday routine.

9 | Cocoa Beach Pier | The Cocoa Beach Pier is an attraction in and of itself! After the show ends and everyone’s longing for a meal or want to keep the excitement going, head over to a certain well-known pier that has fabulous seafood restaurants, delicious drinks, tasty desserts, beach volleyball, fishing, and the best surfing on the East Coast!

10 | Bucket List Worthy Adventure | An air show is the kind of bucket-list exploit and timeless conversation piece that can fuel tales of a day you saw amazing spellbinding feats. Whether as a networking subject, bragging piece, or cool addition to life experiences, this topic is sure to get a few raised eyebrows and fascinated stares.

Final Thoughts About the Cocoa Beach Airshow

Longer days and cooler weather are even more reasons to go and check out the excitement. Even better, this is expected to be an epic production with something that everyone in the family will be thrilled to see. If you’re still not sold, or the iron bird is not your cup of tea, check out these free things to do in Cocoa Beach and other vacation ideas from our Travel Blog!


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