10 Reasons White Castle Orlando is ALL You've Heard of and MORE!

Jun 03, 2021

10 Reasons White Castle Orlando is ALL You've Heard of and MORE!
By Wes "Cravin" Sliderski

10 Reasons White Castle Orlando is ALL You've Heard of and MORE!

The next time you’re in sunny Florida staying in the best Orlando hotels and checking out the amazing things to do in Orlando we all love, you’re going to want to check out the City Beautiful’s latest import, the world’s largest White Castle! To some, White Castle is just another fast food joint, somewhere that you go to end a late night out on the town to help soak up whatever libations you’ve attended to earlier in the evening. Now, while this is most certainly an apt reason to hit up White Castle, it by no means is the only reason. No, my friends, the 100 year old White Castle is more than a restaurant to dine in and get your fill, it is a religious experience filled with so many reasons to visit and sink your teeth into their itty bitty, extra delicious sliders, and after just one visit it’ll be forever…what you crave!

Afloridable Adventures

White Castle Orlando Florida

Now, with a cult following that makes the McRib jealous, let’s dive into what makes this world-famous restaurant known only as White Castle a cut above the rest, a kingdom unto itself, and even “CraVier” now that it has staked its claim here in Orlando!

1 | It’s Called a Slider | That’s right, the Slider, White Castle’s Original Gangster! Made with 100% beef, steam grilled on a bed of onions and served with a slice of pickle on their oh so good signature bun, and the reason, especially if you’re hooked, why you set off to siege the castle walls when that impossible to fight craving hits! Small in size, but large on flavor, these itty bitty burgers pack a punch that will bring your taste buds to…(Sorry Mr. Fieri) FLAVOR KINGDOM!!! Feel free to order as many as you like, the White Castle doesn’t judge, but odds are you’re going to have a hard time eating just one. Nope you’re going to need more, so order up! No matter how many you choose to enjoy, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll feel like the King of the Castle!

2 | You Can Buy ‘em by the Sack! | My personal favorite reason to make the trek to White Castle is the All American classic White Castle 10 Sack! What’s a 10 sack? Well, it’s simple, it’s a paper to-go bag filled with 10 White Castle sliders, each perfectly placed in their own little cardboard home just waiting to be devoured! Word to the wise, 10 sacks are best bought in pairs, one for you to enjoy in the regal confines of White Castle and the other to give you sustenance on your not so long journey home.

3 | How Late Is It Open? | Another fantastic reason to journey to White Castle is the fact that is open very late, if not 24 hours. Most locations are open 24 hours, but for now, here in Orlando, we only have 'til midnight to satisfy the craving (Orlando will change to 24 hours soon). But that’s plenty of time to get your fix of miniature burger perfection and complete your regular pilgrimage to White Castle.

4 | This place has history? | Recently celebrating their 100 year anniversary, White Castle originally lowered the drawbridge and welcomed guests to its first location in Wichita, KS on March 11th, 1921. By 1932 savvy White Castle ownership owned its own paper subsidiary to produce paper products not only for the White Castle restaurants but also for competing restaurants. In 1934 ownership continued their business savvy ways with the Porcelain Steel Buildings subsidiary, which produced not only all of the building materials for the restaurant structures, but also, during the war effort, built the amphibious vehicles that carried the brave U.S soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy during D-Day.

5 | Oh, the Onions! | Always finding new ways to improve and speed up the process of making their delicious sliders, White Castle, devised a way in which their burgers no longer needed to be flipped, but instead steamed on top of an aromatic bed of onions, which ended up being a quicker way to make them. The onions, in turn, give the sliders their world-famous flavor that keeps you coming back, craving more and more! Don’t worry though, if onions aren’t your thing, White Castle will gladly make your sliders without them.

6 | The Sideshow! | A commonly overlooked piece to the perfect White Castle dining puzzle is their sides. Everything from their perfectly cut crinkle fries, mouthwatering onion rings, all the way to their deep-fried to perfection clam strips, it’s not hard to find the yin to your slider’s yang with so many great side options! Plus, feel free to up your White Castle ordering game and have your sliders topped with any one of their epic sides!

7 | It’s In The Movies | White Castle has in fact made its way into Hollywood lore, most notably with its integral part in the comedy franchise that took off with Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Never in the history of movies has a fast food restaurant played such an important role than when White Castle played itself in the Harold & Kumar flicks. With such resonating lines as, “We gotta go to White Castle.”, “We've been craving these burgers all night” to “I want 30 sliders, 5 French fries, and 4 large Cherry Cokes,” it will always befuddle me why White Castle didn’t take home an Oscar for its role in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

8 | Did Someone Say Chicken Rings? | You’ve heard of onion rings, but have you heard of…Chicken Rings??? No chicken nuggets here, in fact, the White Castle scoffs at chicken nuggets. How can a royal tenant of White Castle expect to wear a chicken nugget on their finger, it’s impossible! You need Chicken Rings to wear about the land and show everyone that you are White Castle royalty. Plus, when you get hungry you just slip off your delicious chicken ring from your finger and enjoy!

9 | The Recipe Has Never Changed | In over 100 years White Castle has stood by what it does best and not changed a thing. 100% beef, steam grilled on a bed of onions and served with a slice of pickle on a bun, that’s it, why mess with perfection. Sure, you can add cheese or show off and throw on one of their epic sides in the mix, but is any of that truly necessary? No, not at all, but that’s what makes White Castle so great, you can have the Original and it will taste exactly the same each and every time, or you can make your very own Original, like I said, White Castle doesn’t judge.

10| What’s A Crave Case? | I mentioned the 10 sack earlier, well the Crave Case is the 10 sack times 3! For those of us who still count with their fingers, that’s 30 tasty White Castle Sliders!!! Now what puts the crave case over the top is how each of the 30 scrumptious sliders are meticulously packed into a miniature burger briefcase ready to hit the road in Burger 007 fashion! But get this, you won’t need to handcuff this briefcase full of “dolla, dolla, burgers y ’all” to yourself very long since your own “craging” hunger will devour them all soon after opening… sending you straight to White Castle nirvana!!! In short, the crave case is the final form of all that is White Castle.

If Your “Crave-dar” Is Down, Use This Trusty Map!

Trouble With Sliders?!?!?

The trouble is... there is no trouble, White Castle sliders are amazing, nutritious, delicious, full of freedom fighting spirit, they are truly the perfect food. So, the next time the craving hits you, head on out to your nearest White Castle, grab a 10 sack or a Crave Case and remember if it wasn’t for White Castle, who knows, we might all be speaking German and covering our precious sliders in… sauerkraut?!?!


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