The 20 Best Coffee Shops Las Vegas Has To Offer

Apr 27, 2020

The 20 Best Coffee Shops Las Vegas Has To Offer
By Erik Sandberg

The 20 Best Coffee Shops Las Vegas Has to Offer

Las Vegas is a vibrant city with lots of activities and experiences to offer. You cannot possibly be bored in a place like Sin City. There are so many things that have been put in place to satisfy your every possible need. From world-class restaurants to intriguing games and rides, funfaires and popular shows, cinemas, museums, classy hotels, and suites – you just name it – anything that would make your stay in the Strip memorable. So why would finding a coffee shop be any different?

Up until a few years ago, Las Vegas didn’t really have a thriving coffee shop scene similar to what one would find in the great coffee meccas of the world like Melbourne, Rome, Vienna, London, Singapore, Hanoi, and even Seattle. However, with the arrival of specialty cafés and coffee shops in recent years, all that is changing.

If you’re ever in the mood for some breakfast coffee or coffee at any other time, Las Vegas is home to many fabulous coffee shops. Keep on reading to know more the best coffee shops Las Vegas has to offer and have an easy time selecting the ones that you’re most interested in.

Best Coffee Shops

Congratulations – You kept on reading – Now you get to know my choices of the top coffee shops in Las Vegas. Slowly but surely, a burgeoning coffee culture is being nurtured in Las Vegas, and these new shops are now at the forefront of not just serving world-class coffee to the city’s growing number of coffee lovers with discerning tastes, but also in opening up Vegas to the joys of coffee drinking as a communal experience. In this list, we’ll introduce you to some of the best coffee shops and cafés in Las Vegas.

1 | Skimos Coffee Shop | The Skimos coffee shop has almost all 5-star ratings on Yelp. Their staff here are well skilled in making amazing lattes. This coffee shop is well known for its Basil Latte which has a basil extract that adds a refreshing taste to the coffee. The shop, located in Henderson, is only about 20 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. Skimos Coffee Shop delivers great quality to all its guests and customers. The shop also offers an “avocado everything” toast that’s among the best of its kind in Las Vegas. The “avocado everything” toast is an integration of hemp seeds, flax seeds, sea salt, chili powder, and sesame.

WHERE: 1533 W. Sunset Rd., Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89014 | WHO: 702-910-3659


2 | Va Bene Café | Just as the name implies, you can be sure to get excellent coffee from the Va Bene café. They serve a wide range of coffee drinks like Cappuccino, Americano, or cold brews. They do not have lattes and black coffee on their list of served drinks. Regardless of those omissions on their menu, you can still confidently visit the shop and not be disappointed by what you get. For those at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, they offer you the option of being charged for Va Bene’s meals and coffee together with the room. The café offers you fast services and a professional staff to attend to your needs. When you order for your coffee, you could also try their coconut milk with it rather than regular milk. Feel free to try whatever catches your eye when you’re in the café. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

WHERE: The Chelsea Tower, 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd., NV 89109 | WHO: 702-698-7881


3 | The Perq | The Perq coffee shop is a very stylish and classy café that was among the earliest third-way coffee brewing shops in Las Vegas. It is inside the SLS Las Vegas Hotel. You can always turn to these guys to give you whatever you might need or crave in a coffee shop. They serve some of the best coffee the city has ever seen or tasted. The interior of the café is well decorated with unique long tables and dark wood. The staff here is friendly and they work hard to give you a great customer experience in their shop. For those who love drinking sweets, the café’s menu has drinks like the Almond Milk Caramel latte. The drinks are properly prepared to have a nice smooth flavor and they are never too acidic. The Perq patiently awaits your arrival so that it can give you all the sweetness it has to offer. Tell your friends or family about it too and you guys can plan a nice breakfast at the café.

WHERE: 2535 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89109-1137 | WHO: 702-761-7609


4 | Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge | At the Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge, there is a wide option of organic espressos, homemade syrups, purees, and tea to meet your needs. As you sip some coffee, the shop also plays some nice music to help you enjoy your stay better. The coffee shop is owned by Richie Liu and is probably the simplest coffee shop in Las Vegas. The shop owner was running the Tea Time Café before he later opened up Aware Coffee & Tea Lounge – Thank goodness! The shop serves different seasonal holiday drinks such as the Valentine’s Day Hibiscus dream latte. This drink is made with hibiscus syrup, coconut milk, passion fruit syrup, and edible rose petals.

WHERE: 5590 Painted Mirage Rd., Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89149 | WHO: 702-538-8876


5 | Java Vegas Coffee | If you’re after a good café that offers a rich breakfast menu, the Java Vegas Coffee in Las Vegas is just the café for you. They offer wonderful items on their menu like oatmeal, sandwiches or croissants. They also have sugary treats like chocolate and blueberry muffins, doughnuts, and sweet yogurts. You can order up whichever one interests you when you’re there. Java Vegas Coffee is in the Orleans Hotel & Casino. The café is not really a shop on its own. It is built to fit into the hotel interior. It’s a small comfy spot in the hotel to meet your coffee-type desires. Regardless of its size, the café is arranged in a way that you feel relaxed and comfortable while trying out their excellent treats and drinks. Starbucks is Java Vegas café’s retailer, so don’t be surprised if the coffee here reminds you of Starbucks. The stuff you buy here may be a bit pricey, but it’s totally worth it.

WHERE: 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103 | WHO: 702-365-7111


6 | Sunrise Coffee | The veritable “original gangster” of independent coffee shops in Las Vegas, Sunrise Coffee has been serving the city since 2008 from its spot on Sunset Boulevard. The owners started the business—along with its sister shop Mothership Coffee Roasters in the same year—with the idea of bringing the neighborhood coffee shop concept to Las Vegas. In that regard, they were very successful. Today a favorite haunt of students, families, business people, couples going on dates, and many other types of individuals, Sunrise Coffee continues to serve world-class coffee while nurturing a community of coffee lovers. Their coffee comes from organic, fair-trade, and single-origin farms, while their breads and pastries are baked fresh daily. Make sure to also try out their assortment of vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free food items that are likewise made fresh every day. The Sunrise Coffee shop is a great place that offers you specialty drinks every season. They have special, holiday-dedicated drink menus. Tiramisu cold brew, tasty pancake lattes and more were made available during the last winter. The coffee shop is only a few minutes away from McCarran International Airport. They are also a vegan-friendly shop as they offer freshly made vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items on their menu. If you’re in Vegas and you’re looking for a place have some tasty pastries alongside a nice cup of coffee, Sunrise Coffee is just the place for you. Add it to your list of coffee shops in The Strip.

WHERE: 3130 E. Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120 | WHO: 702-433-3304


7 | Gabi Coffee & Bakery | The large, ancient-looking wooden doors that serve as the entrance to the Gäbi Coffee & Bakery are a preview to what newcomers can expect to see inside. Easily one of the most visually stunning coffee shops in the whole of Las Vegas, Gäbi Coffee & Bakery features interiors that mix modern industrial flair with the charm of the Joseon Dynasty, a Korean kingdom that lasted for nearly five centuries from 1392 to 1897. This coffee shop, located in Las Vegas’s chinatown, offers both single-origin options and signature beverages like The Gabi, a dry cappuccino with sprinkles of ground coffee and organic raw sugar, and the Butterfly Latte, which blends together butterfly pea tea, steamed milk, and banana puree. Gäbi Coffee & Bakery also has an excellent food menu composed of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. You certainly shouldn’t miss the Seo Bing Go, their unique take on the bingsu, a traditional Korean dessert made with ice flakes, milk, fruits, and nuts. Ever had a feel of what 19th century aesthetics is like? If you haven’t, Gabi Coffee & Bakery combines a wonderful interior with excellent coffee to make your stay at the shop glorious. You should know that this coffee shop doesn’t really show up on popular listings, like Yelp, and isn’t so visible from the outside – kind of like a secret comfy spot. It’s located in China Town, serves the best artisan pastries and craft coffee. You should definitely take out some time to stop here for a homely meal you won’t forget.

WHERE: 5808 Spring Mountain Rd., #104, Las Vegas, NV 89146 | WHO: 702-331-1144


8 | Baby Birds Café | There aren’t so many lakes in Vegas – As a matter of fact, there’s just a handful – but you can eat breakfast while having a view of The Lake in Las Vegas. This is all thanks to Baby Birds Café. Not only does it face The Lakes, but it is also a beautifully decorated café. Lots of vegan treats and dishes are made available here including their excellent Taro latte. It is a drink that you will always remember and recommend to others. You can also try their vegan caramel flan dessert, which is among the best in Las Vegas. They also serve avocado toast and Jackfruit tuna toast – prepared using the best ingredients – all of which are excellent dishes for you to try. Baby Birds Café is a shop you can trust for great coffee in Vegas.

WHERE: 2910 Lake East Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89117 | WHO: 702-202-3583


9 | Coffee Religion | What will immediately catch your attention when you visit Coffee Religion for the first time is the 11-foot-high sculpture of Padmasambhava, an 8th century buddhist master from India who came to be known as “the Second Buddha” and “the Lotus-Born,” responsible for bringing the Buddhist faith to Tibet. Created by a family of sculpture artists, the statue traversed oceans for 2 months before reaching the shores of the U.S. and finally making this coffee shop on West Charleston Boulevard its home in Las Vegas. Coffee Religion is a relatively new coffee shop that is now well-known for its top-quality coffee and delectable pastries. Their beans originate from the esteemed Mothership Coffee Roasters, which is renowned throughout Nevada for its high-quality roasted beans. Make sure to try Coffee Religion’s signature lattes, including Purple Rain, a concoction made with lavender and white chocolate; Mardi Gras, a sumptuous blend of bourbon caramel and blackberry; and Bonsai, an exotic mixture of organic matcha and agave.

WHERE: 5191 W Charleston Blvd., Suite 185, Las Vegas, NV 89146 | WHO: 702-822-2292


10 | PublicUs | Located in what was once considered the epicenter of Las Vegas’s gambling scene, PublicUs stands out in Downtown Las Vegas as one of the trendier establishments in this part of the city. With its unassuming yet cozy and vibrant interiors, the café and coffee shop welcomes outsiders with open arms⁠—and rightly so, for “publicus” in Greek means “for the people.” Today, PublicUs is a thriving communal space that is well-known for its high-quality coffee options. The beans are roasted by the shop itself, and even their breads and pastries and baked in-house, meaning you’re always assured to have the freshest baked goods. But PublicUs does not only serve coffee and bread, they also have a full menu of breakfast and brunch selections, salads, soups, sandwiches, and bowls⁠—all inspired by culinary traditions from all over the world.

WHERE: 1126 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 891016 | WHO: 702 331-5500


11 | Sambalatte Torrefazione | Sambalatte Torrefazione is now found in four spots across Las Vegas, but its original location in Boca Park has been serving Las Vegas coffee lovers for quite some time now. Not only do they pride themselves on serving ethically sourced coffee from places like Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, and Ethiopia, they also specialize in what they call “the theatre of coffee.” Mixing the artistry of master roasters with the precision of state-of-the-art brewing machinery, the coffee shop provides a sensory experience unlike any other. Make sure to check out how they make their famous Rainbow Latte, which adds a color dimension to the usual latte art.

WHERE: 750 S Rampart Blvd., #9, Las Vegas, NV 89145 | WHO: 702-272-2333


12 | Makers & Finders | A bright and high-spirited café with a Latin American flair, Makers & Finders not only serves specialty coffee and a full menu of dining options, they also offer a lively space for communal connections, networking, and co-working. This means that they attract not just a fan base of hardcore coffee connoisseurs but also a varied crowd consisting of individuals that frequent the Arts District community. At Makers & Finders, you can grab a v60 pour over with your choice of roast and origin, and you can also sample any one of the scrumptious entries in their Latin-inspired food menu. Hork down an empanada, a sofrito burger, or a chimichurri steak sandwich, or go all-out with a plate of bandeja paisa.

WHERE: 1120 S Main St., Ste. 110, Las Vegas, NV 89104 | WHO: 702-586-8255


13 | Mothership Coffee Roasters | Just 5 minutes’ drive from Sunrise Coffee is another project by the same owners. Mothership Coffee Roasters has been around since 2008, and since then, they have used their coffee as “a vehicle to create communities.” Indeed, on | top of maintaining a shop of their own, Mothership Coffee Roasters also roasts coffee beans for other shops and restaurants around Las Vegas and beyond. But experience of their world-class coffee wouldn’t be complete without a visit to their beautiful shop on North Green Valley Parkway, where they serve freshly baked breads and pastries, as well as coffee and chocolate beverages from the beans they roast themselves. Mothership Coffee Roasters has also opened a glorious new shop in East Fremont, a bright and airy space that is accentuated by leather-upholstered seats, walls with alternating black and white tiles, and a marble counter with wood details.

WHERE: Green Valley Plaza, 2708 N. Green Valley Pkwy., Henderson, NV 89014 | WHO: (702) 456-1869


14 | Vesta Coffee Roasters | Vesta Coffee Roasters has built a reputation for being one of the top spots in Las Vegas for coffee connoisseurs to get their supply of beans. Indeed, the shop constantly maintains an enviable inventory of the finest single-origin and sustainable beans from all over the world. All of them are roasted according to their individual “sweet spot,” which Vesta Coffee Roasters says is meant to highlight the unique processing and terroir of each coffee variety. The coffee shop serves all standard espresso and brewed coffee preparations, but they also have specialties like Macadamia-Almond Latte and Hazelnut-Maple Latte. Their food menu, on the other hand, consists of a delectable range of tartine toasts, sandwiches, pastries, salads, soups, and parfaits.

WHERE: 1114 S. Casino Center Blvd. #1, Las Vegas, NV 89104 | WHO: 702-685-1777


15 | The Writer’s Block | This no frills, unpretentious café and coffee shop in Downtown Las Vegas also has the distinction of being an independently owned and operated bookstore—on top of being an artificial bird sanctuary. Yes, you read that right. Hundreds of artificial birds have been scattered throughout the premises of this shop, awaiting the magnanimity of people who would “adopt” them. Moreover, thanks to its penchant for holding activities like young writers’ workshops, book readings, book exhibitions, this cherished communal space is frequented by bookworms from all over the city. The shop serves all standard espresso coffee preparations, as well as a number of drip, pour-over, flash-brewed, and cold-brew varieties. Here, you can also get tea, smoothies, lattes, cookies and pastries, and a variety of light meals (including vegan options).

WHERE: 519 S 6th St. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89101 | WHO: 702-550-6399


16 | The Jolt Coffee Co. | While the Jolt Coffee Co. is located within the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, you don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to fall in love with this homey local coffee shop. A sister café to TIABI Coffee & Waffle, another popular establishment in the city, Jolt Coffee Co. welcomes everyone with open arms. In fact, “Jolt” stands for “jump on the love train.” This coffee shop in Downtown Las Vegas offers a wide selection of beverages options from its espresso bar and brewed coffee menu, but what it’s really famous for are its breakfast, greens, and sandwich selections, which feature all-vegan items. Their “meats” pack a full plant-based protein punch, but that doesn’t mean they’re less enjoyable than the real thing!

WHERE: 401 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89101 | WHO: 702-844-8945


17 | Dark Moon Coffee Roasters | Opening just under a year ago the father & son tandem of Mark & Kyle Porterfield at Dark Moon Coffee Roasters have brought the entire process and experience of coffee making to the finger tips of sippers in nearby Henderson. With perfectly tempered and filtered hot water ready on tap, Dark Moon can produce some of the most deliciously fresh pour over coffee you’ve ever had. Roasting their hand picked coffee beans from some of the best coffee regions in the world such as Colombia and Ethiopia on their 12-kilo Diedrich IR-12 roaster; it is just mind boggling the flavor profiles they are able to achieve and it is quite a joy to watch them at work perfecting their craft. If just drinking the coffee is not enough, Dark Moon offers a wonderful intro to roasting class, how cool is that?

WHERE: 11041 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 115, Henderson, Nevada 89052 | WHO: 702-840-3300


18 | The MadHouse Coffee | Madhouse Coffee at Desert Inn & Durango is a charming little place to grab a cup of joe and some tasty grub. Filled with a menu full of delicious sandwiches, basil pesto gnocchi, and pastries to go along with all of your caffeinated needs, Madhouse Coffee isn’t just your standard local coffee stop, it’s so much more. If you fancy conversing about your latest progressive ideas (Mayor Pete made an appearance and spoke at Madhouse this past year while campaigning) along with a side of local graffihti art with your latte, then this is the place for you.

WHERE: 8470 W. Desert Inn, Las Vegas, NV 89128 | WHO: 702-360-4232


19 | Grouchy John’s | A favorite of UNLV students for years, Grouchy John’s owners John (yes, apparently he can be grouchy, but only when not caffeinated) and JJ have created a funky chill spot that anyone from the Jedi to the Sith (did I mention John is a huge Star Wars fan?) can enjoy a light side latte to a dark side coffee, black. Not only can you sip on some of your favorite caffeine laden drinks, you can also sink your teeth into some fantastic breakfast sandwiches along with fresh wraps through out the day all while possibley getting the opportunity to listen to some local musicians play their latest and greatest live.

WHERE: 8520 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89123 | WHO : 702-778-7553


20 | Bad Owl Coffee | At Bad Owl Coffee Roasters in nearby Henderson, the magical baristas need only speak out the enchantment, Espresso Patronum!!! And your hot espresso is instantly there right before your eyes…really? No, not really, but… this magical Harry Potter themed, seemingly straight out of a more modern Diagon Alley, provides coffee and cusine fit for both muggles and wizards alike. I recommend going “Wizard World” H.A.M and try their ButterBrew Latte along with their signature ButterBrew Cream Beligian Waffle…Nom nom nom, it is well worth the drive (or broom flight?).

WHERE: 300 S. 4th St. #007, Las Vegas, NV 89101 | WHO: 702-366-1380


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Last Tips on the Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

This list of the best coffee shops in Las Vegas is mainly a guide for you to follow. You can still try other cafés like the Purc Coffee shop, which offers really nice treats and drinks. You can get a slice of pizza there alongside a cup of latte, tea, milkshake, or tea.

There are other places like Café Darak, Illumilatte Brew society, and lots more. Do well to make personal findings about these places and see what they have to offer you. Remember that Vegas has more than enough cafés than you could ever need. So try not to get confused when searching for just the right one. You can always come back to my suggested list of coffee shops if you can’t get one on your own.

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