5 Summer Travel Tips for Families to Help You Beat the Heat

May 31, 2017

Happy Family Frolicking on a Hilltop | Westgate Resorts
By N. Huggins

As summer continues and the scorching weather ramps up, follow these helpful tips to stay cool during your vacation.

Hydration is Key: It’s easy to become distracted by excitement as you explore the sights in your vacation destination, but hydration is critical to minimize the effects of the summer heat. Travel with your water, drink frequently, and refill whenever possible. Not only will these measures prevent serious issues like heat stroke and dehydration, but you will stay comfortable so you can enjoy your time out.

Frozen Water: This will extend your supply of cold water so you can get as many cool sips as possible. The cold bottle can also be applied to major arteries close to the skin and keep the body temperature down. Splashing water on your head and neck will also help the release of body heat.

Spicy Food and Minty Gum: Eating spicy food while you are out and about in the summer heat will induce sweating without causing body temperature to rise. Minty gum will also create a cooling effect that can be intensified by drinking cold water.

Cotton clothing: Cotton clothing provides supreme breathability and ventilation so be sure to wear these threads to help stay cool - the difference will be unmistakable throughout the day and night!

Cool Shower before Bed: To get nice comfy sleep, take a cold shower before going to bed. This will bring your body temperature down and promote sleep faster.

Stay cool and have fun on your Florida or weekend getaway!

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