The 6 Best Escape Rooms in Orlando Off I Drive

Sep 12, 2018

The 6 Best Escape Rooms in Orlando Off I Drive | Escape Rooms Orlando, FL | Westgate Resorts Orlando
By Rich Weidman

The 6 Best Escape Rooms in Orlando Off I-Drive

“My brain is the key that sets my mind free.” – Harry Houdini

Dying for some things to do in Orlando that involve more than just a mouse and a light show? Good news! World-famous International Drive in Orlando boasts more escape rooms than just about any other place on the planet! Experience the six best escape rooms in Orlando, FL off I-Drive that are ideally located in the heart of Central Florida’s theme park territory and just minutes from your resort. Join the escape room craze and put your mind to work coming up with innovative strategies to solve intricate puzzles and riddles that would stump the likes of Penn & Teller. Make plans to channel your inner Houdini and become an expert escape artist at one of these amazing escape rooms Orlando, FL has to offer:

1 | The Escape Game Orlando | Experience a live 60-minute adventure in a completely immersive environment at The Escape Game Orlando, which lies directly on International Drive and offers such memorable escape room experiences as planning a prison escape, stealing back a piece of art in a museum and repairing a spaceship on Mars while times runs out.

Escape rooms at The Escape Game Orlando include:

  • The Heist (“There’s an Art to Crime!”)

  • Mission: Mars (“Getting to Mars was the Easy Part”)

  • Gold Rush (“You’re on the Hunt for Gold”)

  • Classified (“This Message Will Self-Destruct”)

  • Prison Break (“A Million Ways In, One Way Out”)

WHERE: 8145 International Drive, Suite, 511, Orlando, FL 32819 | WHO: (407) 501-7222

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2 | America’s Escape Game Orlando | Another escape room gem located on International Drive, America’s Escape Game Orlando has earned a reputation as the “#1 destination in Central Florida for Corporate and Team Building Activities!” Successful “escape artists” at America’s Escape Game Orlando rely on their sense of observation and problem-solving skills, as well as effective communication among the entire group. One of the facility’s escape rooms, The Caretaker, is actually billed as “One of the Hardest and Scariest Escape Rooms in the USA!”

Escape rooms at America’s Escape Game Orlando include:

  • Asylum (“Navigate the madness of the remains of the Oakridge Lunatic Asylum”)

  • Crisis at 1600 (“Stop a missile attack before it’s too late!”)

  • The Lost Tomb of Monthu (“Find the mysterious red ruby”)

  • The Caretaker (“Locate the hermit caretaker and save him from a pack of mutated wolves”)

  • Pandemic (“Can you stop a deadly pathogen?”)

WHERE: 8723 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 | WHO: (407) 412-5585

3 | Lockbusters Escape Game | Another immensely popular Orlando escape room along International Drive, Lockbusters Escape Game features “real-life” escape rooms full of “brain-teaser activities.” Each of the five themed escaped rooms at Lockbusters offers its own unique, immersive adventures.

Escape rooms at Lockbusters Escape Game include:

  • The Collector (“Will you save the soul of a miserable wretch or will you fail?”)

  • Bank Heist (“Forced into the unthinkable, can you and your team get away with millions?”)

  • Pirate Adventure (“Set sail … on an adventure to find Captain Bonefish’s lost treasure.”)

  • Chopper Down (“Can you escape enemy territory to freedom?”)

  • Cremlocke Manor (“Survive a night of ghosts and ghouls.”)

WHERE: 8326 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 | WHO: (407) 930-0822

4 | Escapology Orlando | EDITOR'S CHOICE! | Known as “International Drive's original premium real-life escape game experience,” Escapology Orlando lies in the heart of International Drive and features seven uniquely challenging escape rooms – ranging from creepy murder mysteries to thrilling spy missions.

Escape rooms at Escapology Orlando include:

  • Narco (“You only have one hour before your fate is sealed forever!”)

  • Cuban Crisis (“Do you have what it takes to complete your mission?”)

  • Antidote (“Solve the riddles and unlock the secrets to find the antidote”)

  • Budapest Express (“Do you have what it takes to find the killer before they find you?”)

  • TH3 C0D3 (“You must find that code, kill the program and escape within the hour.”)

  • Under Pressure (“Oxygen is already running out!”)

  • Mansion Murder (“Failure means a life behind bars …”)

WHERE: 11951 International Drive, Unit C3, Orlando, FL 32821 | WHO: (407) 278-1515

5 | The Escape Effect | Nestled along International Drive and less than a mile from Westgate Leisure Resort, The Escape Effect promises “the most unique escape games in Orlando!” The Escape Effect offers custom escape room challenges, as well as the novelty of extended 75- and 90-minute games.

Escape rooms at The Escape Effect include:

  • At Odds with the Gods (“Will you conquer it all and become immortal?”)

  • Sherlock Studies (“Pick up where Sherlock left off.”)

  • Encore (“Will you make it out before the wrecking ball?”)

WHERE: 11701 International Drive, #420, Orlando, FL 32821 | WHO: (855) 426-3372

6 | Breakout Escape Rooms | With a prime location just off International Drive on Vineland Avenue (across the street from Orlando Premium Outlets), Breakout Escape Rooms features three diverse escape rooms that will appeal to all ages. Breakout Escape Rooms can accommodate large groups, including team-building excursions, birthdays, family reunions, holiday parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Escape rooms at Breakout Escape Rooms include:

  • The Ringmaster’s Den (“Can you escape before the ringmaster … transforms you into one of his circus freaks”)

  • Game of Espionage (“You have 60 minutes to complete your mission or be caught for corporate espionage!”)

  • Zombie Roadhouse (“Survive the Zombie Apocalypse!”)

WHERE: 8155 Vineland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32821 | WHO: (407) 778-4562

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