6 Secret Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Disney World Tickets Now!

Mar 22, 2019

6 Secret Places Where You Can Buy Cheap Disney World Tickets Now!  | Cheap Disney Tickets
By C. Alex Velazquez

Looking for places where you can pickup cheap Disney World tickets quick for the whole family? If you've been itching to get out to the House of Mouse lately, but you're looking for the best deal on Disney tickets to hit their theme parks and attractions, then this is the 2019 guide you've been waiting for! So don your mouse ears and get ready to hop on a plane, train or roadtrip to the happiest place on earth because Disney has just released some 2019 deals on tickets and vacation packages you won't want to miss! Gather the family together, put your out-of-office on, and start planning the family trip to Disney World you’ve always wanted with confidence, knowing this time you'll be saving a bunch right off the bat! So without further adieu, here are this year's most prominent (or hidden) deals on Disney World (and Disneyland) tickets to power your Orlando Disney vacation!

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1 | Get Your Mouse From The Warehouse | To lead off the list, Sam’s Club's recently added Travel and Entertainment service now enables its members to get discounted Disney World and Disneyland tickets to the theme parks, resorts, and shows you'll find in these premier Disney destinations. Currently, members can get up to $70 off of admission to Disney World, with their single-park tickets starting at $42 for Disney's 10-Day ticket packages. All of these ticket options include Disney FastPass, allowing visitors to jump lines at some of the most popular attractions in Disney Theme Parks, though a few might be excluded. These tickets grant entrance to Disney World’s four major parks: Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and (of course) Magic Kingdom.

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2 | Florida Residents Find Half the Price | Ready to drop 50% of the ticket price? You can if you happen to be fortunate enough to live in the Sunshine State! This summer, Florida residents can hit the Disney Parks for half the normal ticket price. Disney's “Discover Disney” discount lets lucky Florida residents purchare a 3-day ticket for just $175 plus tax, with the option to tack on a fourth day for an additional $20, which is a smokin' deal no matter which way you cut it! Of course, proof of Florida residency is needed to buy this particular ticket and there are som date limitations on it. “Discover Disney” tickets have to be used by June 30th and are non-refundable, BUT there's a little-known, hidden benefit built in even if you don't use the ticket right away! Even if you can't get around to using these Disney tickets by that magical date in June, you can still apply to cost of the ticket to the price of a NEW ticket with any value that is of an equal or higher ticket cost, so no matter which way you go on this, you win! Just another way Disney continues to support their local fans in the great state of Florida! If you're already staying at one of our family friendly hotels in Orlando, then this method might the best bet for you to source your Disney tix!

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3 | The Four For One Deal | This might be the best all-around Disney deal on the list, so if you're looking for a Disney getaway that's not completely over-the-top and just bite-sized enough to please everyone in the family, then this option is probably your jam! Disney has just released a brand new 4-Park Magic Select Ticket that lets you get into each Disney theme park over 4 days, at the rate of 1 park per day. Now, if you're okay with pacing yourself and doing only one park each day, then you'll find that the math really, REALLY works in your favor on this one, because (for ages 10 and older) the TOTAL cost for this Disney ticket for 4 days is ONLY $356, which brings your daily cost down to a mere $89 per day. And just to emphasize how much this can really help with getting your tickets at a discounted rate, just remember that a regular Disney World ticket costs around $109 per day when purchased normally, so the automatic $20/day savings times your four day Disney spree lets you saving aout $80 per person, which (for a family of 4) is over $300 in savings! What else could you do on your Disney getaway for an extra $300? A nice dinner at EPCOT World Showcase? A night out for you and your significant other at Disney Springs? The options are endless, and Disney is handing it you on a silver platter, so go and get it! Just a note on usage for these tickets - you must consume them from January 18, 2019 – March 14, 2019, or from March 27, 2019 – April 9, 2019, or from April 27, 2019 – May 27, 2019 or August 19, 2019 – September 30, 2019.

But, if these dates don't work for you, then Disney is actually making available a slightly more flexible options where the 4-Park Magic Summer Ticket comes at a slightly higher price point of $380, BUT also comes with a longer time period to use the tickets for you and your brood! This version of the tcket is valid from January 18, 2019 – March 14, 2019, or March 27, 2019 – April 9, 2019 and April 27, 2019 – September 30, 2019, so you have more time to get your Disney delight on!

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4 | A Salute To Military Disney Discounts | Once again, Disney World and Disneyland are honoring the troops by offering active duty and retired members of the U.S. military a great (and grateful) Disney discount on theme park tickets that let our men and women in uniform choose from a 4 or 5 day promotional ticket, with the Park Hopper pass already built in to the ticket price.

These fantastic Disney World promotional ticket prices for the military include:

  • 4-Day Military Promotional Ticket with the Park Hopper Option for $241 plus tax

  • 5-Day Military Promotional Ticket with the Park Hopper Option $257 plus tax

These awesome Disneyland promotional ticket prices for the military include:

  • 3-Day Military Promotional Ticket for $178 plus tax

  • 4-Day Military Promotional Ticket for $198 plus tax

Ticket purchasers can also add on a Disney PhotoPass for the lower-then-normal price of $49 plus tax from January 1, 2019 – December 21, 2019 if they want to go all in on getting memories to share from their Disney vacation. The pass includes a digital download of all of photos, a voucher for a Dining Print Package, and a Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc, showcasing more than 350 professional photos from around the Disneyland Resort and more. You can read more about Disney military tickets and how to access the best possible Disney military discount if you're active duty or a retired member of the United States military on our partner blog.

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5 | Get Your Savings (And Shopping) in Bulk | Okay price club members, this one's for you! If you’re anything like millions of other Costco members, you probably use your membership for bulk food pruchases, electronics, and sweet deals on everyday supplies and goods you need every month. However, did you know that you’ve probably been missing out on a bevy of incredible deals accessible only to members through Costco Travel? In fact, Costco has a whole area that's dedicated to Disney discounts and deals. You can check out Adventures by Disney to plan a quick itinerary or a party on Disney's world-famous cruises, and at the same time, you can rack up an additional 2,000 Costco Cash Card rewards per trip! If this is more yur speed, then hop in the car and cruise on over to Costco to take advantage of these deals before they end! You have until May 28, 2019 to get in on these Disney deals that apply (in most scenarios) to Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World, with ample opportunity for members to save big!

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6 | The Secret Orlando Ticket Connection | For those in the know when it comes to finding cheap Disney World tickets, you can source some secret (and steep) discounts on Orlando Florida Disney packages and Disney theme parks and attractions through Central Florida's most popular discount Disney ticket seller. Billed as the “#1 authorized seller of attraction tickets,” this long-time favorite of ticket purchases works only with trusted partners to secure the best discount Orlando attraction tickets and boasts free shipping, no hidden fees and a “100% Price Match Guarantee.” Discount Disney ticket rates are updated regularly, so Orlando visitors seeking discount Disney World tickets are encouraged to checkout this hidden page here often to view the latest Orlando attraction ticket deals (which actually include more than Disney tickets as well). In addition to the convenience of buying cheap Disney World tickets online, Orlando visitors can also visit the official ticket centers located off world-famous International Drive in Orlando and U.S. 192 in Kissimmee near the main entrance to Walt Disney World Resort. This secret site also offers the bonus of a printable online coupon book courtesy of their partners at I Love Orlando magazine that provides significant savings to many of Orlando’s most popular attractions, restaurants, dinner shows, specialty shops and more. So what are you waiting for? Jump in now and get your attraction tickets at near wholesale prices!

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