4 Reasons Why Galactic Nights Hollywood Studios is Sure to Raise Your Midi-chlorian Count!

Apr 17, 2018

Galactic Nights Hollywood Studios | Disney Star Wars Events | Westgate Resorts
By John W. Mills

Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Galactic Nights Star Wars Event at Hollywood Studios may be over, but you can still join a celebration to make an Ewok blush even after the awe-inspiring projection show, special live events, and family-friendly moments have succumb to normal life again. This May, if you're looking for things to do in Orlando, you can grab your wookiee and hop through the hyperspace lanes for an unforgettable offer that might just make George Lucas raise an eybrow! But first, Let's review everything that WAS awesome about Galactic Nights, one year later.

  1. Fuel the Force with Galactic Snacks

    From Padawans to Masters, to Sith and every acolyte in-between, energy is key to a Force user’s focus. Disney’s Galactic Nights Star Wars event kept our taste buds in tune with specially-themed treats and delicious snacks for your navigate through a spectacular experience. The blue milk is particularly good,... the green? Well, you be the judge.

  2. Peer into the Future of Star Wars

    Jedi Master Yoda told Luke the future was always in motion and Disney’s certainly got a lot in motion for Star Wars’ future. We saw into that future at Galactic Nights with an exclusive preview of Disney’s hotly-anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which has now opened to the public in full FORCE (no pun intended, but hey - it came out that way).

  3. Demonstrate Your Jedi Moves

    Many a would-be Jedi tested their conditioning at an epic dance party in the Rebel Base event hub that evening, and helped their younglings advance their training as they engaged with Star Wars heroes in the “Trials of the Temple”! And for those of us like me) that needed a breather, we hit up Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular – a show with pyrotechnics, music, and exciting action…just like you'd expect from a galaxy far, far away. What a night!

  4. Become One with the Force

    All through Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we stepped into authentic recreations of favorite scenes and took photos with memorable characters – from quirky droids to scruffy scoundrels – all while letting the force (or something) Force flow through us. And for those fortunate enough to gaze upon the dark lord, you might have gotten a chance to tell Darth Vader or Kylo Ren what you thought about them, as well!

Clearly Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Nights event was one to remember, even one year later…but the party doesn't have to stop here! Join Westgate Resorts with our May The 4th Be With You Party offer this year...get a FOURTH NIGHT FREE when you book three!

Now hurry! You'll need Jedi reflexes since this offer is available for a limited time!

Still Craving Some More Theme Park Action?

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