6 Reasons Kid Friendly Hotels with Water Parks Are Hotter (and WETTER) Than Ever!

Feb 18, 2021

6 Reasons Kid Friendly Hotels with Water Parks Are Hotter (and WETTER) Than Ever!
By John W. Mills

Waterpark Hotels in Orlando

Unbelievable Fun in the Sun

When you’re looking for a great vacation destination, top of your list should be everything that the resort hotel offers. From the pirate-themed Treasure Cove Water Park at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa in Orlando to the indoor Wild Bear Falls Water Park at Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Water Park, there's no better way to have fun while saving on your vacation than with a stay at a water park hotel! If you’re going to pack your things and get moving, consider it time well spent to discover 6 reasons why kid friendly resort hotels with water parks are hotter (and wetter) than ever!

Afloridable Adventures

Why worry about wait times, parking spots, or the dreaded drive back? Stay at a luxury resort hotel with a water park on site.
Luxury Resort Hotel with Water Park

1. Your Whole Vacation is in One Place
Your vacation time is precious. Save yourself the extra time and expense of having to pack up and drive off to an attraction by booking your time at a spacious resort hotel that offers one of the family-favorite places of all time: A water park!

Numerous Westgate Resorts offer water park attractions, with options from fresh-air adventures in Orlando to a world-class indoor water park attraction right in the Smoky Mountains. And even if water parks aren’t your specific thing, we have wonderful indoor and outdoor pools at most locations nationwide.

Capture magic moments and unforgettable smiles just steps from your room with splash pads, fountains, slides, and the occasional giant bucket of water.
Kids Love Water Park Fun

2. Perpetual Motion + Perpetual Water = Perpetual Fun
If there’s one thing kids dislike, it’s boredom. If there’s something they love, it’s playtime. A water park at your hotel gives them the opportunity to burn off that curiously excess energy when you finish your family adventures and gives you the opportunity to enjoy some personal time while they splash through imaginative adventures.

Shoulder-to-shoulder spacing? Never. No matter how many people join you poolside, we'll make sure you have the space to rest and relax between games of water tag.
Spacious Westgate Resorts Poolside

3. Plenty of Personal Space
Maybe you just want plenty of room to soak up the sun while the fam splashes into tons of fun adventures. Well, water parks are great for that too. And it’s especially great when it’s at your destination because it’s a little easier to relax knowing that no one is ever too far away.

And maybe you can sneak a refreshing beverage without having to worry about driving back when it’s time for dinner…you just have to choose which one of the wonderful on-site or nearby dining options to walk to.

Your inner wild child will enjoy permission to splash and play all day at our on-site water parks.
Splash Pads Water Slide Fun

4. Born to be Wild (& Wet)
Why should you settle for a boring old room somewhere that just offers a bed and maybe some room service? Westgate’s resort hotels with water parks offer the perfect opportunity to embrace the energy of being away from your everyday cares and remember why you’re working so hard in the first place – to be able to enjoy the best things!

If you don't want to rocket down a water slide...well, we can't blame you. Drift down a lazy river and leave the world behind.
Indoor Water Park Lazy River

5. Something for Everyone
Moms and Dads love to play just as much as anyone else, so our resort hotel water parks cater to what everyone enjoys most. Like a lazy river? Join us at Cocoa Beach. Love the twists and turns of a slippery slide? We’ve got a lot of options.

Enjoying a quiet getaway and just want to swim around and let your cares float away? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got that too at our resort hotels nationwide with indoor and outdoor pools.

Spend time with the family sharing laughs and fun, making memories at our open air water parks that will drench you with fresh air and sun.
Family Water Parks at Westgate

6. Fresh Air & Free Play
Priceless moments come from unbound imaginations and terrific bonding time. Find your inner pirate and help your kids overthrow the Splash Bucket on the way to fun family memories you’ll never forget. When your resort hotel features a themed water park attraction it’s your opportunity to show the kids how they used to play in your day, and enjoy the way they play in theirs.

So don’t delay – a water park attraction adventure awaits you at a number of Westgate Resorts destinations across the nation. So grab your suit, pack some lotion, and let’s get wet!

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