7 Ways to Use Your Vacation Week You Never Knew!

May 02, 2018

7 Ways to Use Your Vacation Week You Never Knew | Westgate Vacation Ownership | Westgate Timeshare
By N. Huggins

7 Ways to Use your Vacation Week

Few things can top the excitement of going on vacation. The idea of throwing caution to the wind, experiencing new adventures and escaping from the everyday routine are opportunities most of us dream to experience.

As a Westgate Owner, you have exclusive ownership in incredible resorts located in many of the country’s hottest destinations. This means, there is a vacation week always waiting based on your ownership. Here are 7 ways to use your time and get the most out of each vacation week.

1 | Come “home” | Spend a delightful time at your Home Resort and enjoy the comforts that await. Each resort is unique with world class accommodations, and exciting amenities to make every minute of each vacation memorable. To make it easier for Owners to come “home,” priority is always given to those who reserve a stay at their Home Resort.

2 | Exchange your week to another Westgate property | Spread your wings and explore another Westgate Resorts property. With 27 amazing resorts in the Westgate portfolio, you will have many options to explore. Each unique property offers an experience that is different from the rest – get soaked at Shipwreck Island at the Westgate Town Center, wake up to sunrise at the Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort1 or make precious memories at another exciting resort.

3 | Exchange to see more of the world | Vacation in the world’s most sought-after destinations with our travel partners, Interval International or RCI - or cruise the high seas to get there with Westgate Cruise & Travel. Whatever your preference, you can use your banked week to access international locations and experience the world’s most sought-after destinations. Membership with the travel partner must be verified. A fee will also be charged by the travel partner.

4 | Lock off your unit 2 | If you own a Lock-off unit, you have the benefit of using portions of the unit for separate vacations. This means, the flexibility of turning one vacation into two separate getaways. For example, if you own a Three-Bedroom Lock-off, you may use the Two-Bedroom portion for one full week vacation and the remaining One-Bedroom for another getaway later.

5 | Split your week and book a short stay3 | Like Lock-off Unit Owners, Float Season Owners also enjoy the benefit of splitting a vacation week into two vacations. This is ideal for staycations as owners can split their week to use 3 days for one getaway and use the remaining 4 days for another vacation. The flexibility allows you to take two different vacations based on your schedule which is a fantastic benefit of Ownership. Keep in mind that Friday and Saturday can only be reserved for one of your vacations.

6 | Upgrade to a bigger unit.4 | Turn your vacation into a bigger trip and invite family and friends to come along. This option will provide more space so you can accommodate a larger party to join in the vacation fun.

7 | Send a guest | Can’t get away or would you like to gift your vacation to a loved one? Use this option to share your vacation week with a guest with no additional cost to you. For security reasons, please call ahead and provide contact information such as the name, address, phone number, and email address for your guest. Depending on the resort, your guest is required to be 185 years old and the reservation must be booked with their name. A security deposit along with a photo ID will also be requested at the time of check-in.

Outside of these benefits, Westgate Owners can also reserve nightly rentals. This option is perfect for a quick getaway and extending your vacation to make it longer if you’ve already used your week. Best of all, these come with savings of up to 25% off the Best Available Rate which means more fun and money left in your pocket. Resort fees usually charged for Wi-Fi, amenities and other resort services are also waived as an additional perk.

If you are a Westgate Owner, call 800-925-9999 option 3 or log into your owner account to learn more. Non-owners, call 407-992-7827 for additional information about Vacation Ownership.

1 Additional Fees may apply based on building/unit reserved.

2 Lock-offs are a deeded unit type that can be locked off or separated into two different portions. To learn more, Owners, call 800-925-9999 and Non- Owners, call 407-992-7827 for details.

3 Applicable fees may be applied.

4 Based on availability. Fees may be applied.

5 See Terms & Conditions for more details. Minimum age of 21 is required for check-in at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

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