9 Eco Friendly Hotel Concepts We Love! Westgate Resorts Goes Green

Feb 28, 2017

Westgate Resorts Goes Green with Environmentally Friendly Hotel Ideas | Westgate Resorts
By N. Huggins

Westgate Resorts is known for memorable vacations, weekend getaways, world-famous theme parks, white-sand beaches, majestic mountains, local culture, amazing historic sites and even an authentic dude ranch. A lesser-known fact is the environmental contributions that the largest privately held timeshare company in the world makes toward preserving the environment. Learn all about how Westgate Resorts goes green!

Over the past few years, Westgate Resorts has embraced many eco friendly hotel concepts and made strides in adding green technology and cutting-edge energy conservation improvements to its 24 resorts all over the United States. The initiative to develop these green hotel ideas and innovative concepts was first developed due to concerns about energy wastage and the carbon footprint being left behind on the environment. Today, through eco-friendly renovations, preventative maintenance and energy saving improvements to lower power consumption, Westgate Resorts continues its commitment to being GREEN.

Westgate Resorts’ most notable environmental contributions:

(1) Energy efficient pool pumps in resort pools

(2) Widespread use of solar film on windows throughout the resorts

(3) Increased insulation in attics

(4) Conversion of light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs and LED lighting

(5) Lowering water consumption at each resort

(6) Timed public hot tubs at all pools – timers turn off at 11 pm when pools close and turn on an hour before they open

(7) Lighting timers have been added to all electrical, mechanical and housekeeping rooms to save energy

(8) Solar panels added to save electricity during the day

(9) Training provided to housekeeping and engineering personnel to promote energy consciousness

Future plans in the "Westgate Resorts Goes Green" initiative include the creation of more extensive water saving programs and greater investment into electrical and gas saving products to help further reduce energy usage.

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