Loyalty Programs Rundown: Westgate vs. Wyndham vs. Hilton

May 11, 2022

Loyalty Programs Rundown: Westgate vs. Wyndham vs. Hilton
By Sydney Kleckner

Loyalty Programs Rundown: Westgate vs. Wyndham vs. Hilton

If you’re looking for a showdown greater than beach versus mountain vacations or traveling by airplane or car, prepare to be WOWed with our Loyalty Programs Rundown! Loyalty programs are now a staple of the hospitality industry, with each chain doing its best to stand out from the rest. These exciting programs have become an integral part of the hotel experience. They allow you to get rewarded for your loyalty to a particular brand or chain and have also become a way for hotels to offer exclusive perks to their guests, such as free upgrades or free nights. Loyalty programs were originally created for business travelers or what the industry calls “road warriors,” however, some companies like Westgate Resorts have shifted the loyalty program structure to focus more on families and experiences. The only question is, which loyalty program is right for you and your family?

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Loyalty Program

While searching for the best travel loyalty program, there might be a few items on your checklist. Some of your must-haves might include nightly rental discounts or benefits available immediately after enrollment. If you want a loyalty program that focuses on earning privileges and not points, look no further than the new World of Westgate (WOW) Loyalty Program! But don’t just take our word for it. Continue reading to learn more about Westgate vs. Wyndham vs. Hilton’s Loyalty Program and why the World of Westgate is your dream loyalty program.

Loyalty Programs Rundown

Loyalty ProgramsWorld of WestgateWyndham Rewards Hilton Honors
Free to EnrollYESYESYES
Online & Mobile App EnrollmentYESYESYES
Instant BenefitsYESNONO
Available to Owners & GuestsYESYESYES
Best for FamiliesYESNONO
Complicated Points StructureNOYESYES
Tiers Based On Amount You Spend at ResortNOYESYES
Tiers Based on Earning, Rather Than VacationingNOYESYES
Need to Earn BenefitsNOYESYES
Immediately Discounted or Waived Fees (including Resort Fees)YESNONO
Instant Discounts on Amenities including Water Park AdmissionYESNONO
Save While On PropertyYESYESYES
Less Stress, More SavingsYESNONO
Available on Award-Winning Mobile AppYESNONO

1 | The Enrollment Process | Are you looking for a loyalty program that’s simple and easy to join? But most importantly, FREE? Enrolling in the rewards program at any of World of Westgate, Wyndham Rewards, & Hilton Honors is easy. Simply visit the website for each program and follow the instructions to create an account. Once your account is created, you will receive a unique membership number and password. As a member, you can log in and view your account details or redeem points whenever you like. Or, as in the case with WOW, you can download the Westgate Resorts Mobile App and enroll for free while you’re on the go. One of the major differences between the three hotel programs is how long it takes to earn points. For example, World of Westgate Loyalty Members receive benefits within 24 hours of joining the completely free program. Hilton and Wyndham members, on the other hand, have to earn most benefits after completing multiple stays. Which sounds better: immediate benefits to you at no cost or gaining benefits after spending money on multiple vacations? We’ll let you decide!

2 | Membership Details | Even though loyalty programs are available to any traveler, not all of them are created equal! When loyalty programs like Hilton Honors and Wyndham Rewards were initially thought-tanked, they were created to reward business travelers for their frequent stays. However, the travel industry is propelled by family travelers who want to create new and exciting memories with their loved ones. The World of Westgate Loyalty Program is the first of its kind because it’s the first loyalty program created with all owners and guests in mind. All three programs are available to owners and guests, but only one rewards families and business travelers for simply traveling. This inclusive program propels the idea that every traveler deserves an enhanced vacation when they stay at Westgate Resorts. Why? Because when you vacation more—you get more!

3 | How to Access Rewards & Benefits | Suppose you're intimidated by complicated points structures implemented by programs like Wyndham Rewards and Hilton Honors but still want exciting benefits when you travel. In that case, the World of Westgate provides Loyalty Members with exclusive discounts and offers immediately after enrollment! With no tricky points system to navigate or pressure to spend more money to earn benefits, WOW Members are rewarded for simply traveling at Westgate Resorts! The five-tier point-free program was created to relieve stress for vacationers like you. All Loyalty Members are immediately assigned after the enrollment to one of the following tiers: Member, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. While non-owners, including Renters, VOA, Travel Club, and Specialty Marketing, are only eligible for the base-level Member Tier, Westgate owners are assigned to a tier based on their combined purchase price(s) for active timeshare accounts purchased directly from Westgate Resorts. The only points you should “earn” while on vacation is with your kids for booking an awesome trip they’ll love!

4 | Let’s Get to the Point(s) | The only breakdown encouraged while traveling is our benefits breakdown! If you’re tired of high resort fees or are looking for a loyalty program that offers discounts on water park admission, check out the World of Westgate Benefits Chart! This chart breaks down each benefit tier by tier, making it simple and easy to see just how straightforward your rewards are as a WOW Member. With point-oriented programs like Wyndham Rewards and Hilton Honors, some benefits are hypothetical or based on a certain number of points (or money) you spend on property. For example, IF you spend seven nights with Hilton Honors, then you are a Silver Member and receive 20% points on stays. With World of Westgate, there are no confusing wordplay or “if” scenarios.

Another great example - resort credits at Westgate! Since there is no maximum or minimum daily limit, members can use the full amount of their resort credit in one transaction, on the same day or use just a portion and leave the balance for future spending throughout the rest of the year. This gives ease and convenience based on your needs! Check out below to see all the fantastic benefits instantly available to you as a Loyalty Member!


Access to Westgate Online Account ManagementYESYESYESYESYES
Access to Westgate Resorts Mobile App for Easy Reservations & Account UseYESYESYESYESYES
Complimentary Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection MembershipN/ASILVERSILVERSILVERELITE
Priority Phone Support N/AN/AYESYESVIP Line
Complimentary Developer Exchange (Unlimited)N/AN/AN/AN/AYES
Access to On Property Owner Parties (Subject to Availability)N/AYESYESYESYES
Food & Beverage Restaurant DiscountsN/A15%15%20%25%
Serenity Spa by Westgate DiscountsN/A15%15%20%25%
Show Ticket Discounts at Westgate Las Vegas ResortN/AN/A10%15%20%
Fitness Center AccessYESYESYESYESYES
Resort & Destination Fees Waived*up to 50% offYESYESYESYES
Complimentary In-Room Wi-Fi YESYESUltra High-SpeedUltra High-SpeedUltra High-Speed
Complimentary Westgate Resorts Water Park Admissions** 25%YESYESYESYES
Early Access Water Park Admissions (Subject to availability) N/AYESYESYESYES
Complimentary On Property Mini Golf & Sports Equipment RentalN/AYESYESYESYES
Pool Cabana Rental DiscountN/A25%50%75%Complimentary
Annual On Property Resort Credit (1 Per Year*)N/AN/A$50$100$200
VIP Check-In (Subject to availability)N/AN/AN/AYESYES
Guaranteed Early Check-in (Subject to availability) N/AN/AN/AYESYES
Daily Maid Service (Subject to availability)N/AN/AN/AN/AYES
Westgate Travel Partners Enrollment Fee Waived***N/A$99$99YESYES
Westgate Travel Partners Digital Marketing ToolkitN/AN/AN/AYESYES
Access to the Lowest Rates by Booking DirectYESYESYESYESYES
Exclusive Email Offers and Preview SalesYESYESYESYESYES
Discount on Rental Nights at Westgate Resorts & Hotels (Subject to Program Availability)***Up to 10%Up to 25%Up to 30%Up to 35%Up to 40%
Westgate Las Vegas Concierge Lounge AccessN/AVIP Owner LoungeVIP Owner LoungeVIP Owner LoungeHigh-Roller Diamond VIP
Limo Airport Pick-up & Drop-off at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino (1 Round Trip Per Year)

N/AN/AN/A50% offYES
Complimentary Annual Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Executive Meet & Greet EventN/AN/AN/AN/AYES
Discount at Westgate Owned Stores/Outlets10%15%15%20%25%
Complimentary W.H.O. Savings CardYESYESYESYESYES
Priority Tee Times at Las Vegas Country Club (Subject to availability)N/AN/AYESYESYES

5 | How to Use Your Benefits | It's simple: enroll for free before arriving at your reservation and take advantage of your amazing discounts and privileges while on vacation! With the World of Westgate Loyalty Program, don't just save more at an overpriced restaurant, attraction, and shopping when traveling off-property—experience more at your favorite Westgate Resorts destination than other competitors like Wyndham Rewards and Hilton Honors. All you have to do is show a Westgate Resorts team member your account on the award-winning Westgate Resorts Mobile App, and WOW—you've enhanced your vacation in seconds!

The Showdown Results

After carefully considering each program and its pros, it’s the clear winner of the Loyalty Programs Rundown: Westgate vs. Wyndham vs. Hilton is YOU! With vacation benefits waiting for you just clicks away, you have many options to choose from when considering your vacation needs. But there’s only one program that simply rewards you for vacationing and creating moments with your family!

If you’re ready to enhance your vacations and get more during your time on property, learn more about the World of Westgate Loyalty Program at WorldOfWestgate.com, by downloading the Westgate Resorts Mobile App or through Westgate's Online Account Management portal for owners. Or if you’re looking for more vacation inspiration, be sure to check out our Westgate Resorts Travel Blog to decide which resort you want to use your benefits at first!


6 Things About Westgate’s Loyalty Program That Will WOW You!

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