The 6 Best Places for Mini Golf in Branson

Jul 10, 2024

6 Best Places for Mini Golf in Branson
By Westgate Resorts

Perfect Your Putt at These Top 6 Courses for Mini Golf in Branson (Outdoor & Indoor)

Whether you're looking for a fun getaway spot with friends, family, or your significant other, Branson, Missouri, is the place to go. This popular travel destination offers various types of entertainment, from captivating live shows to beautiful hiking trails.

If you're looking for an activity suitable for all ages, we have the perfect solution—a good old-fashioned game of mini golf! From traditional Putt-Putt to modern glow-in-the-dark courses, mini golf in Branson is a step away.

Best Places for Mini Golf in Branson, MO

  1. Miniature Golf Course at the Westgate Branson Wood Resort
  2. Greatest Adventures Mini Golf
  3. Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf
  4. Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf
  5. Brookside Mini Golf
  6. Coral Reef Mini Golf

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor courses, you'll find a perfect place to test your swing in Branson.

1 │Miniature Golf Course at the Westgate Branson Wood Resort │

What better place to practice your putt than the Westgate Branson Woods Resort? After a long day of relaxing by the pool or fishing by the lake on the resort grounds, try the nine-hole mini golf course as the perfect recreational activity. 

This challenging yet fun putt-putt course includes various obstacles, providing friendly competition and hours of entertainment for the whole family. It's suitable for both beginners and seasoned mini golf players. 

If you're up for more outdoor recreation, the resort also has a volleyball court, a basketball court, and ping-pong. Have some fun in the sun and create unforgettable memories. 

WHERE: 2201 Roark Valley Road, Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-334-2324


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2 │Greatest Adventures Mini Golf │

If you're looking for a themed mini golf experience both you and your kids will love, the Greatest Adventures Mini Golf in Branson is a safe bet. This course features 36 holes and two themes—medieval and jungle/Egyptian. 

There are two 18-hole courses, one for each theme, and both include incredible layouts and props that will transport you to another world! Swing your club surrounded by knights, waterfalls, dragons, or Egyptian artifacts. There's even a medieval castle and a smoking dragon for an immersive fairytale experience.

You can play a game or two as a leisurely afternoon activity or get an all-day pass. The latter leaves you plenty of time to freshen up with cold drinks or delicious sandwiches at the course after the game or during a break.

WHERE: 4800 Gretna Rd, Branson, MOWHO: 417-332-0888


3 │Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf │

Designed with family fun in mind, the Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf offers an 18-hole mini golf course that will make you feel like an 18th-century pirate! Their award-winning courses include fantastic props like parrots, mermaids, and treasure chests.

Besides captivating props, the course features a full-scale pirate ship and cascading waterfalls, as well as exotic fauna. This elaborate decor turns a classic putt-putt game into a true pirate adventure your whole family will remember for years to come.

WHERE: 2901 Green Mountain Drive, Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-336-6606


4 │Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf │

If you want to feel like the star of your own mini golf game, the Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf can make your dreams come true! This 18-hole course provides true VIP treatment for the whole group as you get to walk by palm trees, parties, and paparazzi.

With Marty McBooster, a wisecracking agent, as your guide, you'll have a blast laughing at hilarious words of advice at each hole. For a real Hollywood feel, each hole features various Hollywood landmarks like Capitol Records, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and the Hollywood Bowl.

This mini golf course is also a great place to take selfies with your friends and family. You can snap Instagram-able photos next to various props, including a life-size Oscar statuette. Plus, you can find out if you're an overexposed or a legendary celebrity at the Star-o-Meter.

WHERE: 3110 W 76 Country Blvd., Branson, MO 65616 WHO: 417-337-8700


5 │Brookside Mini Golf │

If you're looking for a relaxing miniature golf game against a stunning background, you'll enjoy practicing your putt at Brookside Mini Golf. This course offers a tranquil environment for lowering stress and ramping up the fun!

As you walk from hole to hole on this 18-hole course, you're surrounded by babbling brooks, waterfalls, fountains, and loads of greenery. The grounds feature two golf courses, so you can double the fun!

The course is located near popular attractions like the Promise Land Zoo and Sight & Sound Theatre, so there's no shortage of fun activities for the entire day.

WHERE: 2925 Shepherd of the Hills Expy, Branson, MO WHO: 417-334-1262


6 │Coral Reef Mini-Golf │

Whether it's rainy, sunny, hot, or cold, you can take your family or friends for a game at the Coral Reef Mini-Golf! This indoor course brings a beach vibe to cloudy days with its tropical-themed decor.

Enjoy an 18-hole game with island-inspired props like palm trees and sea creatures. If you're a golf enthusiast and want to put your swing to the test, you can even apply for a mini-golf tournament. 

If you wish for a change of pace, foosball or arcade games are also an option. The course is a great place for birthday celebrations, family reunions, and unique get-togethers you won't forget! 

WHERE: 200 S Wildwood Branson, MO 65616 WHO: 417-320-6214


Use Our Handy Map To Find These Amazing Mini Golf Courses

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Golf in Branson

Coral Reef Mini-Golf is among the cheapest mini-golf courses in Branson. While its prices for adults for an 18-hole course are similar to most other courses (around $12), kids under five can play for free, while the price for older kids and seniors (62+) is around $10.

The prices for a game of 18-hole mini-golf in Branson are usually around $12 or up for adults and $10 or up for children over four or five. Some courses provide free passes for children under five, while others cost around $3. As for 36-hole courses, the prices range from $6 for kids to $19 and up for adults.

Branson boasts around 12 popular mini golf courses with different themes and sizes. Some of these are geared towards kids, like the Great Adventures Mini Golf. Others, like the miniature golf course at the Westgate Branson Woods Resort, are great for both adults and children.

Yes, the best indoor mini-golf course in Branson is Coral Reef Mini-Golf. At affordable rates, you can play a game of putt-putt regardless of the weather. This course is beach-themed and has 18 holes, providing hours of entertainment for your entire family or group of friends.

The Greatest Adventures Mini Golf is known for its delicious food. On the Scooter's Grill menu, you'll find traditional favorites like onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and bacon cheese fries. They also offer salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Plus, there's a kid's menu with kid favorites like mini corn dogs and grilled cheese.

Branson mini golf courses have diverse themes, so the best one depends on your personal preference. Still, the most popular ones are the Greatest Adventures Mini Golf and Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf. The former transports you to medieval times or ancient Egypt (there are two courses to choose from), while the latter will take you to a treasure-hunting adventure.

The best place for a classic game of putt-putt is at the Westgate Branson Woods Resort. The resort includes a nine-hole miniature golf course, perfect for a fun and simple afternoon activity. No props needed—only you, fellow players, and a bit of friendly competition!

Branson—A Great Place for Relaxation & Recreation

Branson is a fantastic getaway if you want to enjoy breathtaking views of the Ozarks, tasty food, amazing live entertainment, and numerous unusual activities with your friends and family. 

Whether you're looking forward to a relaxing spa weekend or recreational fun like mini golf, Branson's got you covered. For more information on Branson hotels and attractions, visit the Westgate Resorts Travel blog.


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