The Ultimate 5-Day Branson Family Vacation Itinerary

Jul 09, 2024

branson family vacation
By Westgate Resorts

Get Ready for 5-Days of Unforgettable Fun With Our Ultimate Branson Family Vacation Itinerary

No place in America does family vacations like Branson, Missouri! Whether you're visiting alone or with kids, the area offers numerous activities and attractions that will make your Branson family vacation truly memorable.

This wonderful family getaway is perfect for admiring the Ozarks, dining like a local, enjoying fantastic live shows, and exploring amusement parks and aquariums.

Still, planning the ultimate Branson family vacation can be challenging if you only have five days at your disposal. This is why we've done the heavy lifting for you and created the only five-day itinerary you'll need to make the most of your family trip to Branson!

The Best Itinerary for a Family Vacation in Branson, MO

  1. Day 1: Visit Silver Dollar City
  2. Day 2: Go on a Shopping Spree
  3. Day 3: Admire the Wildlife at Branson's Wild World
  4. Day 4: Spend the Day by the Lake
  5. Day 5: Catch a Live Show

We've picked the best activities and attractions to pack the most fun into your five-day trip! Keep reading to learn more and discover amazing places to eat and relax each day of your stay.

Before the Trip

Before the trip, get the best accommodation for a carefree and pleasant stay in this exciting town. Westgate Woods Resort is an excellent option—it's nestled on 145 acres of serene woods in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, providing stunning views of the surrounding nature. 

You'll love the resort's spacious rooms and fun activities, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, miniature golf, hiking, shuffleboard, and horseshoes.

Upon arrival, take your time to unpack, unwind, and explore the premises. Request a schedule of the offered activities and engage in friendly competition with your family by playing arcade games and ping-pong.

Once you feel like grabbing a bite, share a delicious meal from Cordovano Joe's Pizza by ordering room service or dining in the Westgate Branson Woods Resort restaurant. 

WHERE: 2201 Roark Valley Road Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-334-2324


| Day 1: Visit Silver Dollar City | 

Conveniently located near the Westgate Branson Woods Resort, Silver Dollar City is the most popular theme park in Branson. This award-winning amusement park will entertain your entire family from sunrise to sunset, and yes—you can even dine on its premises!

With over 40 rides and attractions at your disposal, you'll get a chance to ride Time Traveler—the world's fastest, steepest, and tallest spinning coaster that includes a 95-foot tall vertical loop! 

If you're visiting during summer, you'll love splashy rides like Mystic River Falls—an epic rafting ride that takes you on an adventurous family exploration of the Ozark waterways! Plus, they've recently introduced an all-new indoor family roller coaster, Fire in the Hole, with three exciting drops and a water splashdown.

The theme park also features one of the best outdoor waterparks in America, with 13 acres of water rides. These include an exhilarating 75-foot free-fall slide, a Polynesian jungle-themed water attraction, and White Water's Ohana Falls—a fun raft adventure for the entire family!

WHERE: 399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy, Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-336-7100


| Day 2: Go Shopping & Sightseeing |

After a whole day of fun in the sun, grab a delicious bagel and freshly brewed coffee at Sugar Leaf Bakery & Cafe to start your day right. The bakery is located on the Grand Village premises—a perfect place for a leisurely family shopping experience.

The Grand Village is among Branson's greatest shopping destinations, beloved by adults and children alike. This shop complex features 20+ shops selling a wide array of goods, as well as unique products like handmade soap, premium-grade tea, and leatherwork. There's also a store that sells vintage toys—a favorite among parents and kids.

Besides shopping, visiting Grand Village is an excellent opportunity to take a family photo on an oversized rocking chair in the middle of the courtyard and share the biggest banana split in Branson at Mel's Hard Luck Diner. 

Day two is also a great time to get to know Branson by doing some sightseeing. Take a slow ride on a Branson Ferris Wheel located in the heart of Branson's Entertainment District. Then, head to historic downtown Branson and visit Branson Landing to admire a breathtaking fountain spectacle with 120-foot shooting geysers, fire cannons, and lively music!

WHERE: 2800 W 76 Country Blvd, Suite 211 Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-336-4300


| Day 3: Admire the Wildlife at Branson's Wild World |

Get a savory breakfast at one of the top Branson breakfast spots and get ready to turn your family trip to Branson, MO, into a tropical escapade by heading to Branson's Wild World! This zoo and aquarium features over 400 species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish spread out over  2 acres of outdoor zoo and 25,000 square feet of indoor exhibits!

You and your kids will love various opportunities to interact with animals, and you may get a chance to feed sharks and otters, pet stingrays, and play with lemurs! There's also a display of various types of insects and venomous snakes, as well as an outdoor area where you'll see lions, tigers, wolves, and kangaroos.

Branson's Wild World also features a spectacular dinosaur exhibit! Have fun taking pictures with life-size dinosaur models and explore real fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs.

If you decide to visit the zoo for your kid's birthday, their ticket will be free as long as they're under 12 years old!

Extra tip: Feast like a beast by ordering phenomenal Ozarks-style BBQ at Gettin' Basted or stop by Big D's BBQ to try mouthwatering Texas-style briskets!

WHERE: 2020 W 76 Country Blvd., Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-239-0854


| Day 4: Spend the Day in Nature |

What better way to spice up your stay in Branson than by exploring the Doogwood Canyon Nature Park and its natural beauty? This 10,000-acre paradise allows you to truly experience the magnificence of the Ozarks, offering family activities like biking, hiking, wildlife tours, and horseback riding.

Start your day with a filling breakfast in the Mill & Canyon Grill restaurant so you're fully energized for the adventures ahead. Then, enjoy family time by taking your kids fishing by the stream or exploring breathtaking views of the Ozarks on horseback.

If you're in the mood for an educational experience, take a wildlife tour on a tram or in a jeep to see nature up close and learn more about the area. You can even take a private educational guided tour to explore the canyon and all its secrets!

End the day with a delicious dinner in the Mill & Canyon Grill while enjoying a stunning view of the creek, cascading waterfalls, and the surrounding nature.

WHERE: 2038 State Hwy 86, Lampe, MO 65681WHO: 800-456-4812


| Day 5: See a Live Show |

Branson is famous for its incredible family-friendly live shows. From music and dance to acrobatics and magic tricks, there are plenty of live entertainment options to choose from!

Still, Dolly Parton's Stampede Dinner Attraction is a favorite among locals and tourists. This phenomenal show features 32 majestic horses, upbeat music, aerial acrobatics, and a delicious feast for the whole family!

Watch in awe as entertainers perform horseback riding stunts accompanied by special effects and music while you feast on a mouthwatering four-course meal. Plus, if you get to the venue before the show starts, you can meet the horses and enjoy pre-show entertainment, which includes live bluegrass and country music.

WHERE: 1525 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616WHO: 417-336-3000



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Frequently Asked Questions About the Branson, MO, Family Vacation Spots

Is Branson a Good Family Vacation Destination?

Yes, Branson is a fantastic vacation spot for a family trip. The area offers numerous activities suitable for families with or without kids. This includes amusement parks, zoos, golf courses, nature parks, waterparks, and various fantastic eateries.

Is Branson a Good Place To Vacation With Kids?

Yes, Branson is a great place for a family trip. The city offers plenty of attractions your kids will love, including roller coasters, waterparks, themed mini-golf courses, aquariums, and swimming pools. Plus, there are various family-friendly live shows like Re-Vibe and Dolly Parton's Stampede Dinner attractions your kids will love.

What Are the Best Things To Do in Branson With Kids?

There are numerous things to do with kids in Branson, but the two places they'll definitely love are Branson's Wild World and Silver Dollar City. The former is fantastic for animal lovers as it allows your kids to interact with various animals. The latter is an amusement and water park with over 40 rides that provide hours of fun.

What Are the Best Restaurants To Visit on a Family Trip to Branson, MO?

Mel's Hard Luck Diner is a great place to eat with your family, especially if you have kids. They serve traditional American food, and their staff consists of professional singers who will perform your favorite songs while you enjoy your food. 

What's the Best Place To Stay During Our Family Vacation in Branson?

The best place to stay on your Branson family vacation is one of our wonderful Westgate Resorts. You can opt for the Westgate Branson Woods Resort and relax in a spacious room surrounded by trees. If you prefer a room overlooking the beautiful Table Rock Lake, book a room at Westgate Branson Lakes Resort.

Which Family-Friendly Live Shows Can We See on Our Family Vacation to Branson, MO?

While in Branson with your family, get a ticket for the best live music performances by Re-Vibe or The Haygoods. If you love the circus, Acrobats of Shanghai is a must-see. To add some magic to your stay, don't miss out on Reza's latest show, Edge of Illusion.

Which Museums Should We Visit on Our Family Trip to Branson?

If you want to explore Branson's best museums, you should visit the Titanic Museum for a one-of-a-kind exploration of the ship and its artifacts. We'd also recommend visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum, where you can take selfies with your favorite celebrities.

Branson—A Beautiful Getaway Your Family Will Love

Whether you prefer a slow, relaxing vacation or an exciting adventure, you'll fall in love with Branson! From its incredible natural beauty and fun recreational activities to unique shopping spots and fine dining, you're bound to have a great time. For more information on Branson hotels and attractions, visit the Westgate Resorts Travel blog.


15 Top Things to Do Inside in Branson

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