What to Wear to a Rodeo: A Flirty, Dirty Fashion Roundup

Jun 21, 2021

What to Wear to a Rodeo: A Flirty, Dirty Fashion Roundup
By Westgate Resorts

What to Wear to a Rodeo: A Flirty, Dirty Fashion Roundup

What do you think of when you picture yourself at a rodeo? Are you a t-shirt and jeans type, or sundress and boots? How about that Stetson? What really matters is that you’re comfortable, but everyone wants to bring out their inner cowgirl or cowboy when they go to watch the bulls, horses and excitement at the rodeo!

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Rodeos offer lots of fantastic one-of-a-kind fun, like trick riding and bull riding, and is truly an all-American sport. Never mind the great food and drink, there’s also horseback riding, archery, mechanical bull riding, and much more to do at a rodeo. But to school you on the art of choosing rodeo fashion, let’s take a look at some of the best flirty, dirty fashion ideas so you can look cute having fun!

1 | Always bring the turquoise | The bigger, the better, in fact! Turquoise has been cherished and adored in the southwest for centuries, and while it’s a cherished stone to Native American Indian tribes for decorative and ceremonial purposes, there’s really no other gemstone that evokes the beauty of the ranch than turquoise.

Every country girl looks stunning in western chic, and turquoise is the ultimate cowgirl style. Pair it with a chocolatey brown top (or white, if you’re not planning to get dirty) for an earthy look, or even with a simple black tee and a huge statement piece featuring large, eye-catching stones and lots of silver.

2 | Snakeskin for the win! | It doesn’t have to be a ‘rattler’ and it doesn’t have to even be real, but snakeskin is where it’s at if you want to look like you just stepped off the ranch, for sure! Make sure you don’t overdo it, however. One single snakeskin item in a western fashion outfit is plenty, even if you limit it to boots or a bag.

But hey, if you really want to go “boho western”, check out this look that features bellbottom snakeskin pants that will keep you cool and lookin’ fine! Pair them with black cowboy boots and a little denim somewhere and you’re on your way to the rodeo, baby!

3 | Tassels, tassels, everywhere! | Especially on your ears! Long, dangly earrings that move when you do are part of that rodeo flow! Movement is what a rodeo is all about, so translating that feel to your look requires some serious movement with accessories.

Bring a feminine touch to your country girl fashion and don’t forget, you can tassel up on your bracelets, necklaces, even your hat, and boots! The softer and more fluid the better, but leather tassels work well to accent any leather items like bags and boots, too.

4 | Speaking of boots... | There are millions of choices between colors, patterns, caps, heels, and more. You can go silver and black, brass and brown, or even black and turquoise! There are also several different toe shapes to look at, from the square, traditional, snip (a flat tip, but pointier than square), and rounded.

If you want to be traditional, wear them with dark, close-fitted jeans. If you’re looking to get flirty, pick a dress that either stops slightly above the knee or is in a long, boho western chic style. No mid-calfs unless you want to look like you just got off the set of 1980’s Hee-Haw! The choice is yours, but make sure you try them on and walk around a bit, and break them in before you wear them too long. If you’re not used to pointy toes, you’ll need a little getting used to it first!

5 | Fringe, baby! | Whether it’s genuine or faux leather, you’re going to want to get some well-placed fringed pieces in that outfit. We love this fringe-backed jacket because again, it creates a sense of movement and action, without being too over the top.

If you’re doing fringed leather, and it’s not an accent piece of leather but rather a whole item like a jacket or boots - make sure your fringe color matches the leather and isn’t overpowering. Less is more with this stuff, for sure.

6 | Sleeveless dusters are where it’s at for looking and feeling cool. | Don’t go crazy in the Florida heat with too heavy a material, but long, flowy dusters over jeans and a tank or bandeau can do wonders for your look with minimal effort! Add some of those tassel earrings and a chunky, statement silver and turquoise necklace and you’re good to go even in sandals!

7 | Don’t forget the denim! | Ripped, faded, or bleached, light or dark, and loose or super tight - it’s all good! There’s no such thing as bad denim at the rodeo, and add in a cool tee, some long, beaded necklaces, and some chunky silver bangles and you’re good to go!

Sometimes you’ll find people in head-to-toe denim at the rodeo, and while we’re loving that they’re having a blast and being true to what they like, there is such a thing as too much. Remember, country girls wear denim because it’s durable and rugged. You’ll be wearing it to show off your flirty country girl style!

Most important to remember when dressing up for the rodeo...

You can easily overdo your rodeo outfit if you’re not careful, and wind up looking like a total novice. That’s fine if that’s what you’re going for, but to get that flirty rodeo look, stick to basic key pieces and jazz it up with one or two standout accessories. But whatever you do, make sure to have a great time at the rodeo!


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