10 Reasons To Stay at a Conestoga Wagon Resort

Mar 03, 2021

10 Reasons To Stay at a Conestoga Wagon Resort
By Erik Sandberg

10 Reasons To Stay at a Conestoga Wagon Resort

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to get away and escape to wide open spaces, filled with freedom, fresh air, sunshine, friends, and family; right now, for some of us, those are some serious luxuries that we once took for granted. Unfortunately, now a days, finding anywhere with ample “wide open space” is hard to come by, even the National Parks have been seeing larger then normal attendance, with long lines to get into the parks, those who thought they would be getting away from large crowds end up rubbing shoulders with fellow site seers. Not to say the National Parks are not great, because they are, but if you’re looking for a Resort that offers a VIP treatment away from the crowds, chock-full of wide open space, fresh air, and the shiniest of sunshine, then this Conestoga Wagon Resort is for you… (insert record scratch noise)… “Wait, hold your horses, did you just say “Conestoga Wagon Resort?!?” Yes, yes, I did.

Smores and Pours

Conestoga Wagon

Located just south of all the fun things to do in Orlando and Kissimmee in Central Florida is Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo, a place where the past meets the present in a wonderful mix of rustic beauty and modern luxury all on 1,700 acres of a real working Florida Dude Ranch. New to Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo, are the fanciest, most luxurious, Conestoga Wagons you’ve ever laid eyes on, and if you’ve never laid eyes on a Conestoga Wagon, think the classic computer game “Oregon Trail” and those super cool covered wagons your younger virtual self would adventure in. Back to the real thing… these 495 square foot beauties are brand-new, custom made, comfortably sleep 6, and furnished with the most luxurious, bespoke amenities you could ever imagine, offering you a VIP experience that will never be forgotten. However, there’s more, and I am going to share with you 10 Reasons to Stay at a Conestoga Wagon Resort.

1 | Space | Now I know I already mentioned this, but the # 1 reason to stay at a Conestoga Wagon Resort is Space. With so many acres of wide open space, you’ll be able to unwind and be free from the urban sprawl that you’ve grown so accustomed to. At night is when you’ll really be able to take notice, the added calm and silence, along with the lack of light pollution has the moon and stars shimmering extra bright. Soon you’ll realize that just being away from the city, any worry and stress you had will just wash away, it’s really the darnedest thing.

2 | Luxury | You might be thinking, “Well, isn’t all of this extra, natural space to roam luxury enough?”, and yes part of me agrees with you, but when you add a little luxury to a rustic retreat, what you get in return is pure magic. Just imagine waking up in your Luxe Conestoga Wagon, you have a hand delivered coffee and breakfast roll, you take a nice hot shower, get ready for the day, and then hop into your golf cart that is waiting to take you where ever your heart desires throughout River Ranch. Whether it’s horseback riding, clay shooting, cheering at the Rodeo, grabbing a delicious bite to eat, or flying around on an Airboat ride, the Ranch is your oyster.

3 | Status | Get Your Inner Influencer on and make all your Social Media friends and followers uber jelly with epic pics of your adventure on the Ranch. Be the very first to experience an unforgettable stay in a Luxe Conestoga Wagon, and share each and every moment here at the Ranch. From your thrilling time on an Airboat to relaxing and telling stories around the fire at night, your getaway will be talked about by your friends for years to come.

4 | Detox | Chances are you’ve probably been doing a lot of sitting in front of a computer lately, cooped up indoors, connected to Wi-Fi, Zoom Calls, Teams Meetings, surrounded by digital electronics, blue light, “gamma rays”, and who knows what else. This is not good, and it calls for a Digital Detox! Here on the Ranch while staying in your Luxe Conestoga Wagon, you will be sure to get the Digital Detox that you need. You’ll be able to unwind and disconnect, there will be no need to sit in front of a computer screen, and the only Hot Spot you’ll have to think about is the campfire at night to help you reconnect with what is most important, your friends and family.

5 | Health | After your Digital Detox, you will be able to focus on your health, both physical and mental, while staying on the Ranch. Everyday is available to you to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and wide open space here at the Ranch. Feel free to go on a jog, try our challenging rock climbing wall, go fishing, ride a bike, and with so much space available, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted crowds or crowded spaces.

6 | Wildlife | Another great reason to stay here on the Ranch, is our wonderful wildlife. Draw inspiration from all the different animals that call River Ranch home, get primal with nature and soul search your inner animal. From the American Bison grazing just outside your Luxe Conestoga Wagon, the alligators that you are sure to see zipping along on your Airboat ride, to the eagles that fill the sky, you’ll be closer than ever to wildlife in their natural habitat here on the Ranch.

7 | Fresh Air | Fresh air is all around you at River Ranch! Since most of your time at River Ranch will be outside, you will have access to the freshest air this side of the Choctawhatchee River. Take deep breathes and relish the prized commodity along with your time away from stale indoor air. I don’t care what those air purifier companies say, they are no replacement for the real deal. Fresh outdoor country air for the win!

8 | Romance | There is absolutely nothing more romantic than a getaway to a Conestoga Wagon Resort! If you are looking to impress your special someone, book a stay in a Luxe Conestoga Wagon and watch the fireworks ignite. To add to the romance, be sure to go on a romantic horseback ride and get cozy under the stars while relaxing around the campfire at night.

9 | History | Get back to the basics and travel back in time when things were a bit simpler, when you visit our Conestoga Wagon Resort. Here at the Ranch, you and your family will get the opportunity to rough it as much as you want and experience a little bit of what it was like in Florida’s past, when rugged ranchers worked hard day in and day out.

10 | The Rodeo | I would be lying if I told you to feel free and skip the Rodeo, because the Rodeo at Westgate River Ranch is epic! If you are lucky enough to visit River Ranch over the weekend you 100% cannot miss the Saturday Night Rodeo! From daring Bull Riders showing off their skills, horse riders racing around barrels, to lasso professionals, you will be in for Star Spangled, proud to be an American, mind blowing entertainment that you and your family will never forget.

So Many Reasons!

There is no shortage of reasons to visit a Conestoga Wagon Resort, so the next time you’re feeling a little claustrophobic, stuck indoors, in front of a computer screen, and all wired up, think of Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo, and book an unforgettable adventure in one of our brand-new Luxe Conestoga Wagons, your future self will thank you.


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