Tips to Turn your Vacation Week into a Gift for Family and Friends

Sep 14, 2018

Tips to Turn your Vacation Week into a Gift for Family and Friends | Westgate Resorts
By N. Huggins

Tips to Turn your Vacation Week into a Gift for Family and Friends

Mom’s celebrating a milestone birthday! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you need the perfect gift! Your best friend needs some time away! Luckily, you are a Westgate Owner with the benefit of gifting your Vacation Week at an amazing resort to family and friends. Keep reading these tips to turn your Vacation Week into a gift for the special people in your life.

Unique Resorts: Start by identifying your guest’s interests and vacation goals. Westgate has unique resorts in remarkable destinations, each offering something for every preference and interest. Beach getaway, mountain retreat, nightlife, culture, outdoors, pet-friendly - you name it, there’s a resort and destination that offers it! In addition, through our partnership with Westgate Cruise & Travel3, your guests can also access savings on cruises and special pricing to international destinations with your Exchange Week.

Making the Reservation: You may make a reservation on behalf of your guest or authorize1 them to do this independently. With both options, we will accept the reservation as much as 11 months in advance of the visit. Simply call ahead and provide the name, phone number, mailing and email address for your guest. He or she must be at least 18 years old to check in.

Checking In: When your guests arrive, they will be checked in at the Front Desk. For security reasons, a photo ID will be required, and a credit card placed on file. A security deposit of $50 will be charged to the credit card or $200 in cash held as an alternative. These will be released at checkout based on the terms of the stay.

Whether you give a few days or the entire week, the gift of travel is an extraordinary gesture that loved ones will surely appreciate.

If you are a Westgate Owner, log into your Owner Account to learn more. Non-Owners, call 407-992-7827 about becoming a Westgate Owner.

1 Verbal authorization is valid for 24 hours. Permanent authorization must be submitted in writing.

2 Resort Fees will be waived to reservations made exclusively by Owner.

3 Separate membership for Westgate Cruise & Travel is required.

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