4 Reasons You Should Book Your Holiday Vacation Early and Save!

Oct 18, 2017

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By N. Huggins

The Holiday Season is one of Westgate’s most popular vacation times of the year. Rooms may become scarce as owners and guests flock to their favorite destinations having preplanned escapades months in advance - whether they are heading to enjoy world-famous things to do in Orlando, relaxing on warm, sandy beaches in Miami or Myrtle Beach, hiking the spectacular Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, skiing down the powdery slopes of Park City, horseback riding at an authentic Florida dude ranch, testing their luck in Las Vegas or visiting one of Westgate's other premier travel destinations.

Here are 4 top reasons you should be booking a vacation early and get a head start on your holiday travel plans.

Easier to Secure Reservation: Since reservations are based on availability, using your Westgate owner perk to book your week up to 11 months in advance will give you the best chance to secure your getaway at a time that fits your schedule. We strongly advise that you book early to guarantee that your vacation will be waiting for you.

Travel Deals: Since the average consumer books travel within a week or so of the desired flight date, getting a head start will allow you to take advantage of the best priced air fares when demand is low. With this strategy, you may even score incentives to travel, save dollars on refundable tickets and for add-ons such as rental cars and event tickets.

Flexibility: Whether using your entire week, splitting it into two vacations, or taking advantage of your owner discount of up to 30% off the best available rate, booking early will give you the best opportunity to plan ahead and get the most out of these options.

Time to Save: By booking a vacation early, a clearer picture of your vacation budget will emerge, making it easier to save for entertainment expenses like attraction tickets and more.

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