The 10 Best Greek Restaurants in Orlando

Oct 28, 2020

10 Best Greek Restaurants in Orlando
By Sydney Kleckner

The 10 Best Greek Restaurants in Orlando

Opa! When most visitors think of Orlando, FL, they picture its abundance of theme parks, adventure, and well, delicious food! While it might not jump out as a cultural mecca, Orlando is a hub of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. The main staples of Greek food, like olive oil, olives, Feta cheese, yogurt, fish, and seafood, can be found behind every corner you turn in Orlando. But the true question is this: which Orlando Greek restaurant is the best in town? Whether you’re in search of late night food in Orlando or on the hunt for romantic places in Orlando, these local favorite finds will not disappoint.

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Greek Restaurants Orlando Locals Love

Picture this— you’re enjoying a salty, freshly made gyro fit for lounging at a café in Athens when in reality you’re just minutes outside of Disney World! That is the joy of visiting Orlando, FL. And because we know everyone has their own opinion of Greek food, we’ve narrowed down our favorite Greek restaurants in Orlando to show you the top ten local favorites! Consider this our olive branch.

1 | Taverna Opa Orlando | Possibly the best Greek restaurant Orlando has to offer, the experience at Taverna Opa is like no other! The warm and welcoming taverna celebrates the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean with dishes of such epic proportions, they could feed your entire family, including all your cousins and distant relatives! Located on Orlando’s busiest street, International Drive Orlando restaurants, offer guests an exciting Graeco-inspired atmosphere filled with dazzling lights and colorful décor. The best way to begin your upbeat dining experience is with their Cold Meze Appetizer Platter, an array of tangy Tzatziki, briny Tarama and Dolmades, citrus spiced Melitzansosalata, and of course, olives. As guests enjoy their entrees like Pork Loin and Mousaka, alluring belly dancers fill the restaurant with electric moves, and diners can even take part in the Zorba dance! Taverna Opa is filled with the scents of exotic spices and enchanting energy that will transcend your expectations! And if you find yourself enjoying the cozy accommodations at any of your favorite themed resort hotels in Orlando Florida, they will bring their Greek feast to your doorstep!

WHERE: 9101 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819 | WHO: 407-351-8660


2 | Little Greek Fresh Grill | Are you a newbie to Greek food or have no idea where to start in your exploration of Mediterranean flavors? Little Greek Fresh Grill is a fast-casual concept that pairs the freshest ingredients with simple, fresh Greek dishes, that are perfect for a quick bite or for guests who are new to Greek cuisine! Consider Little Greek Fresh Grill as the training wheels to some of the more adventurous menus at other Greek restaurants. The menu is filled with light and healthy adaptions to authentic Greek dishes, like the Greek Chicken Pita and Spanakopita. Because Little Greek Fresh Grill is a booming franchise, there are over 10 locations in the Central Florida area alone. No matter where you go in Orlando, there will always be a familiar, friendly Greek restaurant waiting to greet you.

WHERE: 3123 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806 | WHO: 407-704-4480


3 | Mediterranean Blue | When you finally stop by to try Mediterranean Blue, you will fall back in love with Baklava! Crispy, flaky, sticky, and sweet, the Baklava at Mediterranean Blue will be your family’s new favorite treat. Inspired by the flavors and regional ingredients from Thessaloniki, Greece, the family-owned dining establishment aims to heighten and enlighten the taste buds of its customers. And there’s no denying who’s the king of Greek cuisine when you try their juicy Gyro King, toasted pita bread with roasted beef and lamb, topped with onion, tomato, freshly made tzatziki, and overflowing with feta cheese.

WHERE: 435 E Michigan St, Orlando 32806 | WHO: 407-422-2583


4 | The Greek Corner | For Orlando’s best authentic Greek cheese dish, you must stop by the Greek Corner and try their Baked Feta! Locals and Orlando tourists alike have raved over this seemingly innocent meze appetizer. Before you even notice the rich and aromatic scent of the baked feta dish or the ooey-gooey goodness of the melting herbed infused cheese, it is the popping and sizzling of the hot frying pan it is served on that will first catch your attention. The casual Greek eatery has figured out a way to make a dish loud, not only with flavor but also with noise! Prepare to be whisked away to Mykonos by the authentic blue and white architecture, and diverse menu options. If cheese isn’t your thing, the Chicken Francaise is the zesty, chicken pasta dish you’ve been searching for your whole life!

WHERE: 1600 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804 | WHO: 407-228-0303


5 | Theo’s Kitchen | First opened in 1989, Theo’s Kitchen offers a family dining experience that’s not always easy to come by in the fast-paced city of Orlando. Serving up carefully curated Mediterranean and Middle Eastern family recipes, guests can feast their eyes on homemade sauces, dishes, and desserts. And if you’re looking to spice up your Greek food experience, Theo’s Kitchen offers some of the most crispy, juicy, seasoned to perfection fried chicken! Now we know what you must be thinking, fried chicken at a Greek restaurant seems strange and not at all what you’d expect from authentic Greek cuisine. But trust us, this scrumptious Southern and Greek-inspired fried chicken will exceed all your expectations!

WHERE: 2952 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806 | WHO: 407-849-0810


6 | Mediterranean Deli | If you are searching for a healthier option to fast food, but a meal that still gives you the best bang for your buck, the Mediterranean Deli is the perfect substitution for fast food and even offers competitive prices you won’t find anywhere else! Their menu offers huge slabs of Spinach Pie, or Spanakopita, a salad bar with traditional Greek salads like Tabbouleh and Mediterranean Salad, and even has combo meals for those who want to try a little bit of everything. If you like your Greek food to be quick and casual, then the Mediterranean Deli should be your next stop for the top Greek food in Orlando.

WHERE: 981 W Fairbanks Ave, Orlando, FL 32804 | WHO: 407-539-2650


7 | Olympia Restaurant | Set with a backdrop of ancient Greece, this authentic Greek taverna has been serving up some of Orlando’s finest Greek cuisine since 1979. Decorated with Greek paintings and even Grecian columns, Olympia Restaurant will teleport you back to Byzantium with its lively atmosphere and intoxicating aromatics. The expansive menu covers every Greek dish and snack your hungry heart could desire - from Souvlaki to Moutabel. If you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything, the Hercules Platter, stacked with Roasted Lamb, Gyro, Dolmas, rich Spanakopita and Mousaka, Tzatziki, and Pita is so huge, it’s enough to feed, well, Hercules!

WHERE: 8505 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32817 | WHO: 407-273-7836


8 | Athena Roasted Chicken & Deli | Named after the Goddess of War, Athena Roasted Chicken & Deli’s menu offers up fierce flavors and some of Orlando’s best rotisserie chicken. And we know, those are fighting words! Locally sourced and hormone-free, the Greek deli’s poultry is fall-off-the-bone tender and marinated in a simple herb and lemon mixture. If you need a vegetarian option, the Taboule Wrap is the perfect balance between healthy and carb-heavy. The fresh ingredients in the Taboule Salad give the right amount of crunch and zest to the warm, grilled pita beneath it. Athena Roasted Chicken & Deli also offers a range of vegan and gluten-free options so that no dietary restrictions are excluded and that guests with all needs and preferences can experience the bold Athena.

WHERE: 487 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751 | WHO: 321-422-1896


9 | Olives | When you first think of Greek cuisine, ‘healthy’ might not be the first word that comes to mind. At Olives, they prove that with fresh, simple ingredients, Greek cuisine can be healthy and filling at the same time! Olives operates as a fast-casual concept that doesn’t skip out on providing excellent care to their fresh ingredients and loyal customers. For fans of “Build Your Own” menu options, the on-the-go styled Mediterranean restaurant offers it's own “Build Your Own Gyro Bowl”, which includes a base, protein, vegetables, and sauce! Chipotle, step back.

WHERE: 165 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801 | WHO: 407-286-7797


10 | The Mediterranean Spot Deli & Gyros | Operating as a quick-service restaurant, the Mediterranean Spot is a crowd-pleaser for anyone who is passionate about the Greek delicacy, Shawarma! Upon entering the establishment, you will be greeted by smiling faces, smells of griddled meat, and huge vertical spits rotating with delicate slices of various spiced meats, or better known, as Shawarma. There’s no denying that Greek people know their meat! The fast-food, counter-service restaurant is the go-to place for fresh Lamb Gyros, as well as Halal and vegetarian options for those with diet restrictions and preferences.

WHERE: 9430 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32817 | WHO: 407-864-6702


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Last Tips

Whether you’re looking forward to lively things to do in Orlando for adults like belly dancing and planet-sized platters at Taverna Opa, or a quick pre-theme park bite at one of Orlando’s Greek delis, the listed top 10 Greek restaurants are some of Orlando’s locals best-kept secrets! But everyone knows secrets are for sharing…right?


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