10 Cool Meeting Spaces NYC Has To Offer (UPDATED 2024)

Jan 03, 2024

10 Cool Meeting Spaces NYC Has To Offer (UPDATED 2021)
By N.Huggins

10 Cool Meeting Spaces NYC Has To Offer (Updated 2024)

New York City’s legendary status of being a center of global business, a vacationer’s playground, and an urban jungle with something to offer everyone, attracts visitors from all over the world. What sets it apart as the perfect meeting venue is the balance between work and play (let's not forget the fun things to do in NYC) it offers to make it the most fascinating place on earth to host events!

Corporate Meeting Spaces NYC

Coming to NYC on business doesn’t mean you have to miss out on local charms. There are lots of cool rentable office spaces, Midtown East hotels, plenty of the city’s café’s, parks, and other shops that also make for great spaces to meet and talk numbers and ideas. Here are our picks for 10 cool meeting spaces in NYC that are sure to make your workday a memorable one.

1 | Westgate New York Grand Central | If you are looking for a meeting spot to impress your audience or make a lasting impression, this is one of the best hotels near Grand Central Station and a gift that keeps giving! As if the prime location just steps from Grand Central Station, Empire State Building and other iconic landmarks weren’t enough, this elegant venue radiates luxury with a historical twist. Recently renovated to the tune of $20 million dollars, Westgate New York Grand Central sits in Tudor City, the peaceful side of New York City set against the backdrop of 16th-century architecture.

The meeting space is outfitted with triple pane windows for the perfect balance between natural lighting and noise elimination from the outside world. Mahogany furniture and classy room décor add to the atmosphere of sophistication that makes this venue top our list!

If your attendees are from out-of-town and need a place to stay, the luxurious rooms at this swanky hotel offer more than enough space for comfort and convenience. And speaking of swank, the Tudor City Tavern is an experience in and of itself. The Stella Artois-themed lounge is the perfect spot to network, catch up with colleagues or enjoy a nightcap before retiring for the evening.

Bottomline! If you’re looking for a meeting venue with everything you need for work and play, check out this precious gem!

Where: 304 E 42nd St. New York, NY 10017 | Who: (212) 986-8800


2 | Meet in Place | Slick, modern, and in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Meet in Place is a favorite of tech startups and forward-thinking companies. Expansive windows offer views of Grand Central Station and the gorgeous New York City skyline. It’s no wonder that industry titans like Spotify, Facebook, and Amazon use the space.

Whatever your needs are, Meet in Place likely has an ideal set up for you. The space offers everything from small, intimate conference tables to giant salon-style rooms for big presentations. Ergonomically designed seating and sound isolation will keep everyone comfortable and happy for hours.

Where: 675 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017 | Who: (646) 960-7184


3 | The Farm | Located in the Soho neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, The Farm offers a rustic aesthetic deep in the big city. If you’re tired of working in sterile, plain environments, this might be the perfect change of pace. Wood topped tables, brick walls, and industrial décor make this one of the most unique meeting spaces NYC has to offer.

Smaller rooms can host between six and sixteen people, but The Farm also offers larger spaces like their Main Event Venue or The Farm Industrial, which can also host small wedding receptions or more casual meetings. For a glorious view of the skyline, their Soho East location features a 2300 square foot rooftop option.

Where: 447 Broadway 2nd floor, New York, NY 10013 | Who: (917) 475-0274


4 | Offsite | A few minutes’ walk from Bryant Park is OffSite, one of the most interesting and diverse meeting spaces New York City has to offer. When entering some of the hosting rooms here, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered an art museum. Ultra-modern décor and funky floor plans characterize its charms. One room, The Underground, even features AstroTurf-like floors for a natural feel.

Offsite’s Main Room seats between ten and eighty-five guests, while their mezzanine and underground comfortably seat about thirty. The loft hosts up to forty.

Where: 52 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018 | Who: (212) 366-1828


5 | Industrious Union Square | Just beside Union Square Park, along Park Avenue, is Industrious Union Square, a premium workspace with gorgeous views of the city skyline and elegant interiors. This workspace is versatile. Members can choose basic memberships in which they only pay for days they use, get dedicated desks ready for them anytime, or opt for enclosed, private offices where teams can work behind closed doors. The simple but comfortable decor makes it a great place to get work done in peace.

Where: 215 Park Ave S 11th floor, New York, NY | Who: (646) 776-2823


6 | Congregate | Minimalistic and elegant, Congregate is a great choice for those who want a sophisticated meeting. This space is located in the same building as Offsite, so check them both out while you’re in the area.

Congregate is known for their top-notch catering, unique lighting, and modern art collection. The largest room is just as ideal for a wedding reception or launch party as it is for a formal business meeting.

Where: 25 W 39th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10018 | Who: (212) 922-1002


7 | Canoe Studios | Looking for a customizable blank canvas? Canoe Studios offers an open-planned studio space that can be used for everything from wedding receptions to business meetings. Giant windows offer stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River. The rest is up to you. The space’s sleek aesthetics lend itself to everything from classy minimalism to decadent luxuriousness.

Where: 601 W 26th St, New York, NY | Who: (212) 924-9020


8 | Guastavino’s | Guastavino’s is probably more suitable to a fancy corporate event than an everyday business meeting, but it’s on the city’s finest spots to celebrate a launch or have a holiday party. It’s located beneath the Queensboro bridge and designed by renowned architect Rafael Guastavino. Vaulted ceilings, an elegant garden, and gorgeous arches will leave employees and clients impressed.

Where: 409 E 59th St, New York, NY | Who: (212) 980-2711


9 | McNally Jackson Books | There’s no place like a bookstore to kick back with a cup of coffee and get some laptop work done. McNally Jackson is one of the most beloved independent bookstores in New York, and the atmosphere is a big part of its appeal. The scent of roasting coffee and brand-new books are the perfect backdrop to a small business meeting. Grab some reading material for relaxation afterward.

We’ve linked the popular Soho location, but McNally Jackson also has locations in Brooklyn and Williamsburg should those be more convenient for you.

Where: 52 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012 | Who: (212) 274-1160


10 | Meet on Chrystie | Meet Hospitality has a few locations throughout the city, but our pick is the downtown Manhattan location. Minimalist aesthetics combine with an almost nightclub lounge-like feeling for a space that feels both comfortable and luxurious.

The Bee Room provides warm, bright colors and a view of Soho’s unique architecture. The Salon features luxurious velvet couches and bookshelves full of art and design books. It’s a pleasant and fun spot for companies to meet and do business.

Where: 195 Chrystie St. Ste 200, New York, NY 10002 | Who: (212) 966-1550



Tavern on the Green | This legendary venue is the host of some of the most beautiful weddings and elegant corporate events in the country. While we don’t necessarily recommend it for a casual meeting, it just may be the perfect spot for a huge launch party or fundraising event. If you’ve only got a small team, there are plenty of smaller spaces available too. This just might be the most iconic meeting space NYC has to offer.

Where: W 67th St, New York, NW 10023 | Who: (212) 877-8684


The New Work Project. Let’s move away from Manhattan for a little while. Just across the water in Brooklyn is The New Work Project, a membership-based meeting space with three different price tiers. Members can gain lounge access for $295 per month, with access to soft seating, conference rooms, and communal tables. Upgrade to the $675 per month gallery option for those plus additional access to beautifully windowed gallery. Private studios for up to nine people are also available from $2100 per month.

The New Work Project is perfect for those that want a comfortable, modern place to do recurring work or meetings. We think it is an especially good choice for emerging or independent businesses who want to do small-scale meetings. A month of lounge access is the price of just a couple hours in some of these other venues. The best part is that this venue doesn’t sacrifice style and comfort for the cheaper price tag.

Where: 97 N 10th St. #2A, Brooklyn, NY 11249 | Who: (718) 963-3968

BKLYN Commons. In our opinion, the BKLYN Commons are one of the best value choices on this list. Like the New Work Project, this workspace offers customizable membership-based access to its various spaces. Private offices are available for teams of up to eleven people starting at $750 monthly. Dedicated private desks start at $500, while an open desk plan is only $300 per month. Meeting rooms can also be rented for an impressive $55 per hour and up.

The space itself is elegant too, with modern sensibilities that blend with quirky details. If you aren’t sure about it, you can also grab a day pass and see if it’s a good fit.

Where: 495 Flatbush Ave | Who: (718) 989-5700

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Last Tips On Other Things To Do in New York City

Even if you’re in NYC for business, don’t forget to check out the landmarks that make it so special. There’s no better way to end a productive workday than a stroll through Central Park or an afternoon spent perusing the Met Museum. In the evenings, grab dinner in Little Italy or Chinatown. New York City is a vibrant, exciting, and wonderful place. We hope you enjoy your trip.


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