10 Things to do in Park City, Utah in Winter Without Spending a Dime

Jan 28, 2021

10 Things to do in Park City Utah in Winter Without Spending a Dime
By Sydney Kleckner

10 Things to do in Park City Utah in Winter Without Spending a Dime

Ski, snowboard, slide, and glide into winter wonderland fun during your next trip to Park City, Utah for prices you won’t believe! For a destination that is known for its lavish lifestyle and big-price tagged activities, there are countless winter activities to explore that won’t chip away at your wallet. After visiting your favorite Park City coffee shop or enjoying a meal at one of the best restaurants in Park City, discover why Park City is the perfect destination for an affordable winter getaway and for crossing some items off your vacation bucket list!

Best Things to do in Park City Winter

Making priceless memories has never been so easy! From endless epic views of the Park City mountain range to exploring the artistic side of your favorite Wasatch mountain town, there a lot of hidden opportunities for free fun in Park City and great ways to pinch every penny, especially when you discover the Park City, Utah hotel deals of your dreams. Everyone knows sticking to a budget while on vacation feels close to impossible, and it gets even harder when pricey winter activities are added to the itinerary! But what if we told you that not only is it possible, but it’s easy thanks to these incredible (and of course—FREE) things to do in Park City!

1 | Utah Olympic Park | Bring home the gold without having to spend any! Built in Park City for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the Utah Olympic Park is a dazzling 400-acre display of exciting Olympic attractions, like a sliding track (one of four in the entirety of North America), a 2002 Winter Games Museum, six Nordic ski jumps (one which leads into a pool!), and several exciting activities fit for the entire family. Ready to relive the adventure of the Olympics?

WHERE: 3419 Olympic Pkwy, Park City, Utah 84098 | WHO: 435-658-4200


2 | Alf Engen Ski Museum | Once you’re done brushing up on your Olympic knowledge at the George Eccles 2002 Winter Olympic Games Museum, be sure to continue your winter sports education and check out the inspiring Alf Engen Ski Museum. Located in the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center, the museum was created to preserve Utah’s rich ski history and highlight the winter sport’s Intermountain Region heritage.

WHERE: 3419 Olympic Pkwy, Park City, Utah 84098 | WHO: 435-658-4240


3 | Cabriolet Ski Lift | Located at the bottom of Canyon Village, the Cabriolet Ski Lift (or nicknamed “The Cab”) is the best, and cheapest, way to get a gorgeous view overlooking Park City. Whether you’re not a fan of skiing, or it’s hefty price-tag, the ski lift is the perfect activity for the entire family to enjoy at nature’s expense.

WHERE: 4000 Canyons Resort Dr, Park City, UT 84098 | WHO: 435-615-8035


4 | Park City Trolley | Unleash the winter within when you take a spin on Park City’s Trolley! Instead of worrying about renting a car, get to know the wintery town by utilizing Summit County’s free transit system. From Kimball Junction to Deer Valley, you can explore Park City from the comfort of a warm bus that will take you wherever you want to go in town! With full winter service in effect from early-December through mid-April, leave your snowshoes with your wallet back at your hotel room.

WHO: 435-615-5301


5 | Historic Main Street in Historic Park City | If the transit system isn’t your preferred method of exploring, strolling through historic Main Street in Historic Park City during winter is a beloved pastime of visitors and locals alike. All you need are your feet! Thought of as the heart and soul of Park City, Historic Main Street boasts over 200 businesses and a unique history that runs back to Park City’s discovery in 1868. So, whether you’re in the market to window shop or learn more about the upbringing of Park City, there’s a little something for everybody to find while wandering Main Street.

WHERE: Main St, Park City, UT 84060


6 | Swaner Preserve Wetland Discovery Trail | While some trails and hikes propose unsavory walking conditions during the winter, the Swaner Preserve Wetland Discovery Trail is an ideal adventure every season! Located at the EcoCenter, the raised, half-mile trail follows the Park City Railway and is marked with 8 trail posts that mirror the wetland information located on the brochures available at the EcoCenter. Visitors can learn about interesting history and facts about the urban wetland and can discover Park City’s best-kept secret.

WHERE: 1258 Center Dr, Park City, Utah 84098 | WHO: 435-649-1767


7 | Willow Creek Park | If you’re looking for a great place to spend the day with the entire family, including the dog, the Will Creek Park is a cute recreation area set with two playgrounds, several sports courts, and a dog park that is turned into an ice-skating area during winter. From summer to winter, this park is a one-stop-shop for free fun!

WHERE: 1388 Center Dr, Park City, Utah 84098 | WHO: 435-655-0999


8 | Mountain Town Music | Did someone say free concerts? Mountain Town Music, a Park City nonprofit organization, is known for its weekend afternoon concerts located at various venues throughout the town. From Canyons Village to the Park City Library, there’s no limit to free live entertainment in Park City!

WHO: 435-901-7664


9 | Last Friday Gallery Strolls | Presented by the Park City Gallery Association, the Last Friday Gallery Strolls are a unique way to explore Park City’s vibrant art scene, and they are just as inspiring as they are free! The community event showcases artists, ranging from local, state, and even international, and special exhibits at 19+ galleries located throughout the town. While enjoying light refreshments and unreplaceable company, you can admire nature’s alpine art as the backdrop to the unforgettable art installations.

WHERE: 1388 Center Dr, Park City, Utah 84098 | WHO: 435-655-0999


10 | Kimball Art Center | While you’re still on your art kick, stop by the Kimball Art Center and discover the cornerstone of Park City’s culture! With a mission to inspire and connect through art, the art center is accessible and free to the public all year long. Classes and workshops, free gallery exhibitions, and art education are just a few examples of the ways you can freely enjoy and express yourself at the Kimball Art Center.

WHERE: 1401 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060 | WHO: 435-649-8882


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Last Tips for Free Park City Winter Adventures

Fun and free are the most iconic duo in Park City! From wandering Historic Main Street to gawking in awe at Olympics gold medals, there are no limits to the memories your family can make while visiting Park City without spending a dime! Whether you’re looking for winter activities outside of staying at your favorite Park City resort or a hidden adventure that won’t derail your vacation budget, these 10 free things to do in Park City during winter will leave you relaxed and with peace of mind, instead of checking your bank account every two seconds! And if you’re in need of some more winter itinerary inspiration, our Travel Blog is a great way to prepare for your Park City stay.


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