3 Ways to Write a More Effective Job Description

Sep 10, 2018

3 Ways to Write a More Effective Job Description | Job Descriptions For Hotels | Westgate Careers
By Jade Martin

3 Ways to Write a More Effective Job Description

Struggling to make a job description that’s appealing, truthful to the role, and that covers all your bases? You aren’t alone! More than 1/3 of all hiring managers have a hard time crafting a job description that can tell the candidate what the job is as well as attracting the right candidate. There is no such thing as a perfect job description, but you can write an effective one that’ll get the right candidate to come through your door. By determining the job description deal breaker, experimenting with job titles, and personalizing the actual description headline itself, you will be able to have a job description people will actually be compelled to read and apply for. Join us today as we dive across the aisle into the world of hiring managers, for some helpful hints on how to write a great job description that attracts and 'magnetizes' the best possible candidates for your open positions!

Deal Or No Deal?

While many things in a job description are “nice to have's”, few are the deal breakers that are the “must have's”. In many instances I’ve seen hiring managers so caught up with things that would be nice to have that they ignore someone who has the must haves, but not all the qualifications they would personally like. We are entering a much more competitive market where we can’t afford to keep searching for what people call a “unicorn”. A unicorn is a candidate that has all the boxes checked off, every qualification, and is perfect in every way. If you're on my side of the fence when dealing with prospects and potentially 'perfect' candidates, the one thing you'll quickly comes to realize is these two truths: 1) No such candidate exists,... and 2) If they do exist, they're probably not working for a single company because their level of combined experience and expertise places them in an unaffordable category to most companies, ergo they're probably a really well-paid freelance consultant in their field,... OR they have their own firm that does what they do. That being said, it always surprises me how many hiring managers will still try to find them. But don't worry, there is a way to close this 'candidacy gap' and tune your efforts! Instead, focus on the deal breakers that make up the core piece of the job. If you are looking for a restaurant manager, the must haves would be food handling experience and management experience. While it would be nice if they knew social media, had 10+ years of experience, and had every restaurant certification possible, it just isn’t as realistic. Focus on what is truly crucial to doing the job, and you can open up more candidates who are qualified and have the skills you need.

The Right Title Is Everything

The sad truth about job applications is that most people are very busy, so they see the title and apply and not even read what is in the actual description, which makes getting the title right off the bat very important. We had an issue where we posted a job for a Front Office Manager, and the description read for a Front Desk Manager. I had recruiters asking why no one had front desk experience, and I instantly saw the issue. By posting a misleading title, we attract a completely different job audience. I’m personally guilty of this too, as it's hard to read every description and sometimes the title alone is enough to sell me and I’ll apply to something. Knowing that people are busy, it's important that even if they don’t read your description they have a description in mind to ponder it for themselves, because nothing is worse than candidates and hiring managers wasting both of their times! You want to reflect the most accurate title of your positions or you could miss out on that candidate who sees it and is either confused by it or applied to the wrong one. Bottom line, in the world of job descriptions, make that headline title count!

Make It Worth Reading

Too many times do I see similar jobs with the same cookie cutter descriptions. If everyone has a job description for front desk, what will make them decide to apply to you? You want to entice them with a job, not bore them to death and make your job seem like just another 9-5. You can create a job description that doesn’t feel boring by: cutting out trendy buzz words, eliminating paragraphs of redundant information, and listing out what they could gain from being a part of your company. Buzz words are generally meaningless, and just become more tired and dated every time they are used. The average person may not know what “blue sky thinking” is, so just say “open-minded” and you will still get the point across. By crafting a job description that directly involves them and how they will impact the company, you create a buy-in that they feel is worth their time. You can talk about what the role is responsible for, what your day will look like, and what benefits you receive by being a part of this. People read the same descriptions over and over, to subvert their expectations and they just might choose you over something very similar.

Practice Makes Polished

Writing a great job description takes time and I still have difficulty trying to get everything about the job across in a way that attracts the right candidate. Some jobs are just boring, so use that to your advantage. You can sell them on your culture, name recognition, the impact of the applicant in the position, and benefits. The main goal of the job description is to get that right candidate to apply to job, so try putting yourself in their shoes and thinking what would attract you if you were in their position. You only have one shot at getting someone’s attention; the right description gives the right person the urgency to stop and read, and hopefully - take your team to new heights.

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