8 Great Shark Tooth Beaches in Florida That Don't Bite!

Sep 15, 2020

By Erik Sandberg

8 Great Shark Tooth Beaches in Florida That Don't Bite!

Thinking of visiting the beaches in Florida? Well, if you are, you’re probably thinking of laying out, working on your tan, relaxing, and taking the occasional dip in the ocean to cool off. You also might be thinking about going on a relaxing stroll down the shore, stopping and looking at the occasional shell that catches your eye, “Oooh, that’s a pretty one”, but what if I told you among all of those pretty seashells there are remnants of the most lethal hunters in the entire animal kingdom…(Cue the Jaws theme music) Sharks! That’s right, sharks, and it’s not their bones that are hidden amongst the sand and shells, because sharks are mostly made of cartilage, not bone, and cartilage decomposes in the ocean rather quickly. Instead, what is left behind by these great hunters of the ocean is their favorite weapon of choice, razor-sharp teeth! Amazingly, a single shark can produce anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 teeth in its lifetime (that's a lot of chompers!), multiply that by a billion sharks in the ocean around the world at any given moment, multiplied by the thousands of years sharks have existed and you’ve got your self a ton of shark teeth out there to find!

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A List of Shark Tooth Beaches in Florida

No matter your age, there is something extremely gratifying about finding a shark tooth after combing the beach and hunting for hours on end, the sense of accomplishment just keeps you coming back for more, once you find a shark tooth you’re hooked! To help you on your own Shark Tooth Hunting Adventure, I offer three tips to make hunting for shark teeth a little easier. Tip number one, you are not looking for nice white, newly lost shark teeth from the shark dentist, no, you are looking near the shore for fossilized shark teeth from ancient prehistoric sharks, like the Snaggle Tooth, prehistoric Mako, or most notably the Megabus eating “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” Megalodon, that have turned brown to black over the last few thousand centuries. Tip number two, I can’t recommend highly enough using a sand flea rake or Shark Tooth Sifter, these sand sifting tools really speed up hunting for shark teeth and they also save your back from bending over and digging through sand.

THE BEST SHARK TOOTH HUNTING TOOL AROUND | The Original Shark Tooth Sifter | If you are serious about Shark Tooth Hunting, you need to get yourself The Original Shark Tooth Sifter, they are the absolute best! The Original Shark Tooth Sifter is also available instore at Shark Frenzy located in Venice, FL, so if you are in the area make sure to stop by and stock up on beachcombing/shark tooth hunting equipment, as well as receive tips and advice from their fossil hunting experts. Remember, The Original Shark Tooth Sifter will not only save you time hunting down shark teeth, it will also save you from a sore back! | SHARK FRENZY | WHERE: 262 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34285 | WHO: 941-800-4281

Tip number three, and this is the most important tip of all, Location, Location, and I’ll say it one more time, Location. So, without any further delay here are 8 Great Shark Tooth Beaches in Florida That Don't Bite!

1 | Caspersen Beach | Seasoned shark tooth hunters in the know, know Caspersen Beach is the unofficial Mecca for shark tooth hunting. Located within the Shark Tooth Capital of the World, Venice Island, Caspersen Beach is a rustic, quiet secluded beach with tons of free, wide open space, away from the crowded action you might find on Venice Beach (FYI, also a great shark tooth spot). At Caspersen Beach, there is a good chance you could have the entire beach to yourself depending on the time of year you visit, making it the ideal place to get down to business shark tooth hunting without any distractions.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Sharky’s On The Pier | Located at nearby Venice Beach, Sharky’s On The Pier is the perfect spot to feed your shark sized hunger after a long day of shark tooth hunting at Caspersen Beach. I recommend Captain Sharky’s Platter, it’s a tour de ocean that is sure to fill you up!

WHERE: 4100 Harbor Dr, Venice, FL 34285


2 | Casey Key | Located south of Siesta Key in Nokomis Florida, is Casey Key. Nokomis Beach and Jetty Park are the only two locations for public access. Casey Key is a great spot to hunt for shark teeth in Florida and the crystal-clear waters that kiss the beach make it even more enjoyable. The southern portion near the beach access points can be a little busy with beach goers, luckily it just takes a few minutes stroll north up the beach to find secluded spots that are full of shark teeth just waiting to be found.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Pelican Alley Restaurant | Located at Nokomis Public Beach on the southern portion of Casey Key on Albee Road, Pelican Alley is my go-to for delicious grub after a day of shark tooth hunting. No matter what you get, make sure you get the Alley’s Seafood Chowder, it’s so good! Nom! Nom!

WHERE: Casey Key, Florida, Florida 34275


3 | Manasota Key | Known as the quiet neighbor to Venice and Sarasota, Manasota Key located just South of Caspersen Beach is another fantastic spot on Florida’s west coast to hunt down those elusive shark teeth. Take advantage of the fact that Manasota Key is secluded and rarely is filled with beach goers, because of this, there is a bounty of shark teeth just waiting to be discovered. While hunting shark teeth on Manasota Key you will be surrounded by so much natural beauty, with the Keys most beautiful spots located in Stump Pass Beach State Park. Located at the southern point of Manasota Key, Stump Pass Beach State Park is a can’t miss while out shark tooth hunting!

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Lock ‘N Key Restaurant & Pub | Located at the southern point of Manasota Key in Englewood, Lock 'N Key offers the most laid back beach ambience around. I recommend their Pan seared Gulf Grouper, you know what they say, "When in the Florida Gulf Coast eat what the Sharks eat!"

WHERE: 8570 Manasota Key Rd, Englewood, FL 34223


4 | Amelia Island | The gulf coast Sarasota/Venice Beach area might historically be home to the best spots in Florida for shark tooth hunting, but let’s not discount the fact that you can still haul in quite the mother lode of shark teeth on a successful outing scouring Florida’s east coast beaches. Amelia Island has just the perfect spot, located at the southern tip of the island is Fort Clinch State Park. The beaches at Fort Clinch offer an abundance of shark teeth to be found, thanks to the occasional dredging of the nearby shipping channel, untouched sand is dumped on the beach just waiting to be sifted through.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Wicked Bao | Located near the Amelia River side of the island on the corner of 2nd and Calhoun Street, Wicked Bao is the spot to feed your inner megalodon. Featuring the best Bao Buns in Florida, I recommend their Braised Pork Belly or Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bao Buns, to keep your nonstop shark tooth motor running.

WHERE: Amelia Island, Florida 32034


5 | Mickler’s Landing Beach | Another east coast beach on the list here in Florida is Mickler’s Landing (Pronounced “Mike-Lers”). Mickler’s Landing is a secluded spot located on Ponte Vedra Beach with a great track record of having shark teeth aplenty available to be found. Mickler’s Landing offers beautiful pink, coquina sand beaches that will make your shark tooth adventure even more memorable. I recommend getting to Mickler’s Landing early on a clear day, so you can enjoy a beautiful Florida sunrise before you set off on your shark tooth hunt.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | McFlamingo | Located just north of Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra, McFlamingo offers the tastiest health conscious menu in the area. Get their Sandwich Fishin Pickles extra spicy for a flavor explosion that is sure to satisfy.

WHERE: Mickler's Landing Beach Park, USA, County Rd 203, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082


6 | Jupiter Beach | Ah lovely Jupiter Beach, with its warm & cozy 78 degree average temperature waters, you can see why you might find a lot of shark teeth here. I mean if I was a shark I would absolutely warm my ocean chilled cartilage here at Jupiter Beach. Shark experts agree, the warm waters offshore of Jupiter Beach are part of a major migration route for many types of sharks, making Jupiter Beach one of the best beaches on the east coast to find shark teeth.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Lazy Loggerhead Café | Serving breakfast and lunch on Jupiter Beach since 1998, Lazy Loggerhead Café is must visit while in the area hunting for shark teeth. I recommend either any of their omelets or a tall stack of pancakes for breakfast if you’re extra hungry.

WHERE: 2050 Florida A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477


7 | St. Augustine Beach | Located on Anastasia Island just south of the historical city of St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach is a chomptastic spot to get your shark tooth hunt on. The best time to comb the beach is after a storm, since the crashing waves and extra churning of the sea awakens shark teeth from their fossilized slumber underneath the layers of sand. With the proximity to St. Augustine being very close, do not miss the opportunity to visit the oldest city in North America and experience all this Florida gem has to offer.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar | Serving the most delicious waffles and Milkshakes around, I never miss the opportunity to grab a sweet bite at Cousteau’s when I am in the St. Augustine area. No recommendations needed; you can’t go wrong!

WHERE: St Augustine Beach, FL 32080


8 | Palm Beach Island | Now if you are on the hunt for those lighter hued shark teeth, I recommend heading to Palm Beach Island. Here at Palm Beach Island you will be able to sift and find white to cream, or even the occasional orange hued shark tooth to add to your collection. The best spot to sift for shark teeth at Palm Beach Island is a little further out at the beach sand drop off, here you will be sure to hit shark tooth pay dirt.

LOCAL FEEDING FRENZY FAVORITE! | Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House | Located in Downtown West Palm Beach, Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House serves some of the best coffee around along with Swedish Pancakes (my personal fav) for breakfast, or you can always grab their delicious Swedish Meatballs (way better than IKEA!) to keep you energized for a full day of shark tooth hunting!

WHERE: 201-291 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480


Check out our Trusty Shark Tooth Beach Map!

Now get moving! There be Treasure to be Found!

No matter if you’re heading to Florida’s West Coast or East Coast, if you know the right beaches, there is a good chance you could find a shark tooth. So, whether you’re visiting Florida while on vacation or a Florida local looking to enjoy a long weekend at the beach, with a millennia worth of shark teeth hidden amongst the sand and shores, just a little hard work, a good eye and you’ll be well on your way to finding that elusive shark tooth treasure.

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