Where to Find the Best Helicopter Rides in Branson: 5 Spots Locals Recommend

Mar 13, 2024

Where to Find the Best Helicopter Rides in Branson
By Westgate Resorts

Where to Find the Best Helicopter Rides in Branson: 5 Spots Locals Recommend

Known for its breathtaking landscapes and lively entertainment, Branson, Missouri, also offers visitors an opportunity to experience the Ozarks from a bird’s-eye view.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Branson for adults, including taking a helicopter ride. Seeing the city from above while staying at fabulous Branson resorts sets the stage for a perfect and unique getaway.

The Best Helicopter Rides in Branson

From rolling hillsides and vibrant forests to crystal clear lakes for fishing, Branson has plenty to offer visitors and locals looking for adventure.

If you’re someone who's itching for adventure, then this guide is for you! Read on to learn about the best helicopter rides in Branson!

1 | Chopper Charter Branson | As Branson's premier provider of helicopter tours, Chopper Charter in Branson offers a wide array of flight options to suit every visitors' preference.

From exciting aerial tours over Table Rock Lake to scenic flights highlighting all the lights of the Branson Strip, Chopper Charter Branson features experienced pilots and modern helicopters that offer guests a guaranteed safe and unforgettable experience.

WHERE: 2941 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616 | WHO: (417) 332-1545



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2 | Branson Helicopter Tours | With a commitment to always delivering top-of-the-line service paired with breathtaking scenic views, Branson Helicopter Tours offers visitors a wide array of tour packages, designed to highlight the beauty of the Ozarks from high above.

Whether you're looking for a quick tour of Downtown Branson or want to take a leisurely flight of the majestic Ozark Mountains, Branson Helicopter Tours’ friendly and knowledgeable staff makes sure every flight is one to remember.

WHERE: 3309 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616 | WHO: (417) 593-0149


3 | Lake Ozark Helicopter | Lake Ozark Helicopters provides all passengers with panoramic views of Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and even Silver Dollar City.

The aerial views from Branson Landing make this helicopter tour company one you should definitely check out.

WHERE: 2101 Bagnell Dam Blvd, Lake Ozark, MO 65049 | WHO: (573) 302-0022


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4 | Branson Jet Center | If you're looking to elevate your Branson experience, then look no further than the Branson Jet Center!

You can opt for a luxurious tour where you can take an exclusive sunset flight or a romantic after-dinner tour in one of the company’s premium helicopters.

WHERE: 130 Wright Brothers Rd, Hollister, MO 65672 | WHO: (417) 334-8234


5 | Tour 2 Sky | Tour 2 Sky is another well known, not to mention reputable, helicopter tour company based out of Branson, MO. It offers exciting aerial adventures for visitors and locals, showcasing the stunning landscapes and attractions the Ozarks have to offer.

You can choose between a scenic tour, which will take you over Table Rock Lake, the White River and the Ozark Mountains, or if you're looking to customize your experience, Tour 2 Sky can make it happen, too!

WHERE: N/A | WHO: info@tour2sky.com


BONUS | Fly ARH | Fly your family or friends from the Springdale airport in Arkansas directly to the famous entertainment district on the 76 Strip in Branson. The flight availability begins at 10 a.m. and takes roughly 30 minutes to arrive in Branson.

Availability to return starts at 7 p.m., which will give you plenty of time to eat lunch, dinner and enjoy several fun activities or a show within walking distance from Fly ARH’s helicopter landing pad right on the 76 Strip in Branson. This option is only available on Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

WHERE: 802 Airport Ave, Springdale, AR 72764 | WHO: (479) 365-3640


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Frequently Asked Questions About Helicopter Tours in Branson, MO

The best helicopter tours in Branson often depend on personal preferences, including the length of the tour, specific sights you want to see, and your budget. Popular options usually include tours that offer aerial views of the Ozark Mountains, Table Rock Lake and the Branson Strip.

Prices for helicopter tours in Branson vary based on the duration of the flight and the route. Typically, you can expect short tours to start at around $30-$50 per person for a basic city tour, while more extensive tours that cover more ground and offer more in-depth experiences can cost several hundred dollars per person.

Yes, most helicopter tours have weight and age restrictions for safety reasons. Weight limits are usually per seat and for the total weight of all passengers. Age restrictions may vary; some operators allow young children to fly if accompanied by an adult, while others have a minimum age requirement. Always check with the tour operator before booking.

Expect a safety briefing before taking off, where you'll learn about the helicopter's safety features and communication procedures during the flight. During the tour, you'll wear a headset to communicate with the pilot and hear commentary about the sights below. The flight itself is usually smooth, offering unique aerial views of Branson's landscapes and attractions.

The duration of helicopter tours in Branson can vary, ranging from quick 5-10-minute flights to more extensive tours that last up to an hour. The length of the tour often depends on the flight route and the sights included in the itinerary.

Yes, taking photos and videos is generally encouraged during helicopter tours. However, it's important to listen to the pilot's instructions regarding when it's safe to use electronic devices, and flash photography might be restricted for safety reasons.

While some operators may accommodate walk-ins, it's highly recommended to book your tour in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Booking in advance ensures you secure a spot and helps in planning the tour according to your schedule.

Safety is paramount, so if the weather is deemed unsafe for flying, your tour will likely be rescheduled or canceled with an option for a refund. Always check the tour operator's weather policy when booking your flight.

There is a 300 lbs. weight limit per seat. There's also a combined weight of no more than 550 lbs. for all passengers in a Robinson R44 and 850 lbs. in the Robinson R66 aircrafts.

Many pilots find that the winds are at their calmest during morning and evening hours. But these hours — particularly in the morning — might also allow for fog or cloudy conditions over the ocean. Keep these factors in mind as you schedule your appointment.

This constitutes a separate job from simply flying the aircraft. Unfortunately, most people's perceptions are incorrect about tipping the pilot. By all means, if your pilot gives you a great tour you should tip at the very least $10 per person.

The usual circuit height is 800 ft. (1,000 or fixed wing) and they tend to stay either 200 ft. or 300 ft. below the fixed wing altitudes. So, 1,300 ft where we'd be at 1,500 ft. They tend to like to stay at 1,300 ft. or 1,700 ft. where we go higher. It depends on how long your flight is.

While turbulence affects all aircraft to some extent, helicopters are particularly susceptible due to their unique design and flight characteristics. Several factors contribute to the creation of turbulence. One primary cause is wind shear, variations in wind speed or direction over short distances.

Top Branson Helicopter Tours

Regardless of which helicopter company you choose in Branson, you’re sure to be treated to an unforgettable aerial experience.

Whether you’re looking to soar high above the Ozarks or just looking to glide over Lake Taneycomo, you’ll definitely leave with a whole new perspective about the city.

And while you’re in town, check out the best shows in Branson or a couples massage Branson locals can’t get enough of!

For more Branson travel tips, visit our Westgate Resorts Travel Blog.


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