10 Top Movie Theatres Near Branson MO Where Locals Catch Their Favorite Flicks

Jun 13, 2024

Top Movie Theatres Near Branson
By Westgate Resorts

10 Top Movie Theatres Near Branson, MO, Where Locals Catch Their Favorite Flicks

Wondering where to catch the latest blockbusters? We’ve got you covered! The best shows in Branson aren’t all on stage; they’re in movie theaters! Branson is home to a massive IMAX entertainment complex that includes the Elite III theater, as well as the smaller yet popular Branson Meadows Cinema.

While hiking, fishing, and horseback riding in Branson are major attractions, there are also exciting adventures to be had at one of these movie theaters.

Branson’s Top Movie Theaters

  1. Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex

  2. Elite III

  3. Branson Meadows 11

  4. B&B Theatres: Ozark/Nixa 12

  5. Golden Ticket Cinemas Harrison 8

  6. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Springfield

  7. AMC Springfield 11

  8. Ava TrueView Family Theater

  9. Moxie Cinema

  10. B&B Theatres Monett Plaza 8

Top Movie Theaters in Branson

After spending your day hiking Branson trails, exploring the town, or even stopping by one of the tattoo shops Branson locals recommend, wrap up any adventurous day in the Ozarks with a movie!

So, grab some popcorn and get ready to immerse yourself in some cinema magic with our top 10 picks for movie theaters near Branson, MO!

1 | Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex | The massive IMAX complex has consistently been rated the best movie theater in Branson.

It’s home to multiple theaters, a 17-store shopping mall with specialty stores, and restaurants that include live dinner shows. Just sit back and enjoy the wonders of the big screen in reclining seats while you enjoy a flick in stunning IMAX 3D.

WHERE: 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expy, Branson, MO 65616 | WHO: (417) 335-4832



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2 | Elite III | Located within the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex, Elite III is one of the best Branson movie theaters for kids and families.

The spacious stadium seats have plenty of room, and the extra-large screens are optimal for viewing. With a lineup of the top releases, you’ll be able to find a family-friendly flick that everyone loves.

WHERE: 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expy, Branson, MO 65616 | WHO: (417) 335-4832


3 | Branson Meadows 11 | After enjoying the shops at Branson Meadows, swing by the local cinema to enjoy buttery popcorn, your favorite candy, and a Hollywood movie on the big screen.

Branson Meadows 11 is considered one of the top Branson, MO, theaters for family-friendly cinema experiences. With all the latest releases and a good concession stand, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening relaxing with a good movie.

WHERE: 4740 Gretna Rd, Branson, MO 65616 | WHO: (417) 332-2884


4 | B&B Theatres: Ozark/Nixa 12 | Just 26 miles from Branson, B&B Theatres in Ozark, MO, shows all the major releases and mainstream films.

There are even marquee suites for adults 18+ to enjoy their films with delicious dishes like wraps and pizza and an extensive cocktail menu! Doesn’t this sound like the perfect date night idea?

WHERE: 620 N 25th St, Ozark, MO 65721 | WHO: (417) 485-4078


5 | Golden Ticket Cinemas Harrison 8 | Golden Ticket Cinemas feature jumbo screens, first-run films, opera productions, and sports events. Relax in a luxury recliner and enjoy concession classics like popcorn, hot dogs, and pretzel bites with your movie.

WHERE: 617 US-62 65 N, Harrison, AR 72601 | WHO: (870) 704-8070


6 | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Springfield | The gorgeous art nouveau design of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Springfield is a showstopper in and of itself!

Once you’re inside, you’ll love the stylish design of the cinema along with its big screens, comfy seating, and diverse food and drink menu. Alamo Drafthouse is famous for its award-winning cuisine which includes a multi-course meal made fresh, specialty cocktails, and craft beers.

WHERE: 4005 South Ave, Springfield, MO 65807 | WHO: (417) 708-9599


7 | AMC Springfield 11 | When you’re considering things to do around Branson, don’t rule out day trips! Springfield’s AMC Complex is a local favorite with comfy seats, fresh popcorn, and a good candy selection.

As a bonus feature, you can order food and drinks on your phone using the app and pick them up at the concession counter.

WHERE: 3200 E Montclair St, Springfield, MO 65804 | WHO: (417) 319-2260


8 | Ava TrueView Family Theater | You won’t find blockbusters at this small theater, but that’s part of its charm!

The Ava TrueView Family Theater is run by a local Christian ministry and offers free independent movies that are family-friendly with positive messages.

The owners are friendly, welcoming, and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Although it’s small, the theater offers a laid-back atmosphere that many find enjoyable.

WHERE: 209 S Jefferson St, Ava, MO 65608 | WHO: (417) 683-2999


9 | Moxie Cinema | In addition to independent theaters in Branson, there are also local ones in nearby Springfield worth checking out.

Moxie Cinema is an arthouse theater that specializes in independent movies, foreign films, and classic showings. In addition to typical movie snacks, it also offers a selection of wine and beer for adults to enjoy.

WHERE: 305 S Campbell Ave #101, Springfield, MO 65806 | WHO: (417) 429-0800


10 | B&B Theatres Monett Plaza 8 | Blockbusters and big releases are always showing at this movie theater in Monett, MO.

Enjoy relaxing reclining seats, jumbo screens, and special discounts if you sign up for the free Backstage Pass loyalty program. Once you do, you can enjoy a free combo coupon on your birthday, free same-day refills on popcorn and drinks, and 50% off popcorn every Treat Yourself Tuesday!

WHERE: 507 Plaza Dr, Monett, MO 65708 | WHO: (417) 235-0900


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Frequently Asked Questions About Top Movie Theatres Near Branson

Yes, several movie theatres in the area are perfect for family outings. The Ava TrueView Family Theater offers a wholesome movie experience suitable for all ages, with comfortable seating and a welcoming atmosphere that families love.

If you're looking for wallet-friendly movie options, consider checking out B&B Theatres Monett Plaza 8 or Golden Ticket Cinemas Harrison 8. These theatres offer competitive ticket prices and concession deals, making them ideal for budget-conscious moviegoers.

While most movie theatres near Branson are indoors, you can still enjoy outdoor cinema magic at select venues. Keep an eye out for special events or screenings at locations like Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex, which occasionally hosts outdoor movie nights during the warmer months.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Springfield offers a unique moviegoing experience with its dine-in service, where you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks delivered right to your seat during the film. This cinema also hosts special events like themed movie nights and interactive screenings, adding an extra layer of entertainment for movie enthusiasts.

Look no further than Elite III and Branson Meadows 11 for the ultimate moviegoing comfort. These theatres boast state-of-the-art amenities, including plush reclining seats, ample legroom, and crystal-clear digital projection, ensuring a top-notch cinematic experience for all movie buffs.

Moxie Cinema is the go-to destination for cinephiles seeking independent and foreign films near Branson. With its curated selection of thought-provoking movies from around the world, Moxie Cinema offers a refreshing alternative to mainstream blockbusters.

Locals in Branson often flock to Branson Meadows Cinema and B&B Theatres: Ozark/Nixa 12 for their movie fix. With their convenient locations, diverse movie selections, and comfortable amenities, these theatres have become staples in the local entertainment scene.

AMC Springfield 11 rewards movie buffs with special discounts and perks through its loyalty program. By joining the AMC Stubs program, you can enjoy benefits like discounted tickets, concession upgrades, and exclusive screenings at this popular theatre near Branson.

For a cinematic experience like no other, check out the immersive screenings at the Elite III theatre. With its cutting-edge technology and themed auditoriums, Elite III transports moviegoers into the heart of the action, whether they're watching a thrilling blockbuster or a heartwarming family film.

Branson Entertainment for the Whole Family

We know the feeling of stepping into a cinema, settling into your seat, and letting a movie whisk you away for a few hours. The beauty of movie magic is still thriving in our streaming era, and these cinemas are helping keep that feeling alive.

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